Thursday, January 23, 2020

Protesting Millet Bus Drivers Ponder Next Move

Millet bus drivers who last month decided to suspend service to two areas of the community, are considering their next move.

The drivers are expected to have a meeting with the umbrella body that represents bus drivers in Saint Lucia – the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) to discuss the way forward.

The bus drivers in early September quit serving Belair and Venus Estate, asserting that roads there are in a deplorable condition.

The President of the Millet Minibus Association, Cyprian Yarde told St Lucia Times that an inspection of remedial work on the Venus Estate road shows that it is not complete.

Yarde explained that as a result, the drivers will continue to stay away until the job is finished.

He also disclosed that there has been no action in Belair in terms of road repairs.

“The Ministry of Infrastructure  will be in a better position to indicate whether they have any plans at all because if you last heard the Minister of Transport, he  indicated that plans were at an advanced stage. But how far is that?  Advanced is a very relative word and can mean anything,” Yarde asserted.

“Saying to me that planning is advanced is relative and open to interpretation so I will not venture to interpret,” he declared.

Yarde disclosed that a planned meeting with the NCOPT would discuss the current situation and what the next course of action will be.


  1. How can the Government have a National Council on Public transportation when it doesn’t own a single bus and is not in a position to transport commuters to any destination. The government has not invested a single cent in the Transportation industry. Additionally, the roads are not maintained. Perhaps the government should place one vehicle on each route to have an uhderstanding of the cost of running a bus on these badly serviced roads.

    • There has been a lot of road works going on all over. Maybe they haven’t gotten to that location yet but don’t discount what has been done.

  2. About time they get rid of those disrespectful smelling of rum no regard for road safety bus drivers and its time for the government to take over transport and provide proper service and route times and bus stops

  3. Its time goverment fixed the roads .Lot of talk but nothing has been done ,the dwarf Fede is responsible for Venus roads and all the road from Vanard up to Millet.Guy is responsible of Belair,the village is a disaster and the acces roads that come from uper Belair that is Lacroix Maingot,and the road that comes from the high way Coolie Town,and the acces from Sarot in the other end.When you read the list of roads to be fixed these roads dont fogure anywere. People are getting fed up,and its building up for an explosion.

  4. What’s him being a dwarf have to do with the issue. At least he can contribute to our society other than posting negative comments about others. It’s time we grow out of that narrow mindedness. Hope the issue is resolved speedily

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