Thursday, February 20, 2020

Prudent Concerned Over Saint Lucia PM’s Meeting With U.S President

The former leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement, Therold Prudent, has expressed concern over a meeting Friday between United States President, Donald Trump, and Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet.

Trump has invited  Chastanet and the leaders of the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Jamaica to his Florida resort to discuss Chinese “predatory economic practices” and the crisis in Venezuela.

Also to be discussed is security cooperation and potential opportunities for energy investment, the White House said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

Therold Prudent told St Lucia Times that Chastanet’s invitation to meet Trump came as no surprise.

He said the Saint Lucia PM has shown preference in the past for right wing ideologies.

“Whereas the rest of the world is looking at Mr. Trump with eyes of disgust, Mr. Chastanet seems to be one of those leaders who idolise Donald Trump in a lot of ways,” Prudent declared.

“I am not surprised that preference was given to persons like him to attend that meeting,” the former LPM leader told St Lucia Times.

He said he hopes Chastanet would be accompanied to the meeting by someone with a ‘level head’  who is acquainted with international diplomacy and international law, since he does not trust the Saint Lucia Prime Minister’s foreign policy decisions.

Prudent also expressed the hope that the Saint Lucia Prime Minister would not voice support for a regime change in Venezuela.

As far as he was concerned, Saint Lucia should have no part of any US plan for military intervention in Venezuela.

Prudent declared that Donald Trump does not want independent minded people at his meeting but ‘stooges’.

“Mr. Chastanet has proved and continues to prove that he is a stooge of the American government,” he stated.

Prudent expressed doubts that Chastanet would stand up to the U.S President if Trump wants support for a particular cause or policy.

The Trump administration openly and strongly supports Venezuela’s Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó in the on-going crisis in the South American country, where President Nicolas Maduro was sworn into office for a second consecutive term earlier this year.




  1. What bull**** Mr. Prudent. That release is so stupid. Really stupid. No justification but assumptions. Silly!

    • Wang Tao, your name suggest that you must be from some very very very remote part of China and it is sad that you come here and contribute to the 43% with pre school education. What then should account for that type of language on a serious issue like that? Also some of the comments below are so off base. While I agree with Mr. Prudent’s main point, I do not believe that the supporting points are really the points to be made. The reality is the meeting with only five Leaders undermines the approach that Caribbean has always used, which is to meet such powerful countries as a CARICOM Group. Unity is strength.

  2. Prudent nothing is perfect in this world,but if you believe that you can live better under a Comunist regime,fine.I call this Comunist dressed up as Socialism,the two are very similar,but one is a bit more extreme than the other.Course you are a sad ass hole that has never experienced a thing,never had to fight for your life,and the life of thousands.Drag your ass to Cuba,Cubans were finally allowed to own a house,or any property in these last ten years,so now its better there.Course if you want to learn what it was like after 1955 ? you will have to do a lot of reading and research.But just imagin St Lucia with just one political party,were you cant opose the oficial party candidate.What do you call that ? and no internet,,no world TV,your phone calls to the world are monitored,and you can be jailed for saying something bad against the Castro regime.Why dont you go and live there.They wont allow you to travel to certain parts of the country or talk freely with the country people,there will allways be a goverment guy following you were ever you go.Just shut your mouth,America,we can call them and get mad at them,but still,we can travel,we can enjoy our freedom,we can openly talk and criticize,we can live in peace.I spent half my life in hell,and gratefull to be alive and living in St Lucia.And I will not let you or anybody else drag St Lucia over the abis.I promise

  3. Meeting Trump should always be a matter of caution. His open support for White Nationalism definitely does not jibe with Lucian interest because the country is predominantly Black and Indian heritage. Trump has openly made known his thoughts about places like St. Lucia…shit hole countries. I am concerned that he will manipulate those poorer countries to act out his sinister plans. Ideas hatched out by Bolton who is a neoconservative.

  4. Prudent name me one world leader who refused to ha e a meeting with the American president .not even Russia Not even north Korea

  5. Prudent , you are precisely right. Only narrow minded, uneducated nincompoops will castigate you engage in vicious personal attacks on you for talking truth to power. Here is a racist idiot, Donald John Trump, who has referred to our countries as shut holes, who has said that every country governed by black people doesn’t amount to anything good, I’m paraphrasing. This is an individual who has told over 9 000 lies from since attaining the presidency but many of you hold him up on a pedestal. Our relationship with America should be one of mutual respect not one of servitude as some of you on this forum have insinuated . Slavery of our ancestors has been abolished well over 400 years but too many of you are still mentally enslaved. These simpletons lambasting Mr. Prudent for shedding light. Chastanet, as I have said numerous times previously, is the same as those right wing white Americans extremists. His trickle down economic policies, unconcern for the poor, hoarding of wealth are all part and parcel of his mindset.

  6. I assume prudent is speaking on behalf of the SLP since he has now merged with them let’s hear if PIP is in agreement. But again why am I talking about prudent isn’t he the same guy who lost his deposit?

  7. Mr. Prudent, with all due respect. It look as though you are privy of all what will be said at the meeting with Donald Trump and the St. Lucia Prime Minister. Therefore, could you formulate answers you think would be appropriate to give Mr. Trump, and kindly and politely ask the Prime Minister of St. Lucia to allow you to represent him on that trip. What do you think about the idea?

  8. Imprudent why should I waste my time to bash you when all before me have done the same. You are the worst political failure that we have seen in this country. The SLP has not even accepted your ass because you are so disastrous as a politician.
    I quote from you below:
    ““Whereas the rest of the world is looking at Mr. Trump with eyes of disgust, Mr. Chastanet seems to be one of those leaders who idolise Donald Trump in a lot of ways,” Prudent declared.

    Prudent says “he seems to idolize Trump” Where in the world did you get that. We are talking about international diplomacy here and not personal preferences or likings for Mr Trump. The PM is attending an official meeting with the Leader of the Free World and you speak of a personal idolatry for Mr Trump. I don’t get your logic but then again, who does?

    “I am not surprised that preference was given to persons like him to attend that meeting,” the former LPM leader told St Lucia Times.”
    Idiot the Man is the Prime Minister of a country that has expressed solidarity with the abused people of Venezuela and that doesn’t have to mean that he supports every action that the US may, including an invasion. Have you ever heard the PM say he supports a US invasion of Venezuela? You are such a fool but we all know that.

    Look here, there is nothing wrong with supporting regime change in a country like Venezuela because the people are suffering from real situations that are potentially fatal like hunger, starvation, death by violence, jail time, the killing or torture of self and families, the seizure of personal assets etc and you cry down the Pm for standing up against that. An invasion I don’t support but there must be change or things remain as is.

    Mr Prudent you do HAVE A PROBLEM IN YOUR HEAD

  9. I was just reading through some of the comments in here and I agree 100 percent with Prudent’s view of a meeting which does not include all Caribbean leaders.
    It appears that Tumo just handpicked other idiots in the caribbean who agree with his views
    Show me where he said that world leaders should not meet with idiotic American President?
    A feel so sad for those who do not wish broaden their minds. There’s a lot you all can learn from Prudent. Like him or hate him because he opposes Allen CHASTANET but the learned gentleman is on target.

  10. Meeting Donald, is always a matter of concern, because he is as smart as bear rabbit! he can use anybody to achieve his goal, including our PM, who is not too clever!

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