Prudent criticises PM over SLMDA meeting controversy

The leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent, has criticised Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet over a meeting with the Saint Lucia Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA), which did not take place as scheduled recently.

He declared that the PM has shown disrespect for the association and needs to ‘get a grip on himself.’

“For me, as long as Mr. Chastanet continues with this silly behaviour we will always have political conflicts and misunderstandings in this country,” Prudent stated.

The SLMDA’s President, Doctor Alphonsus St Rose, accused Chastanet of disrespect in calling off a scheduled meeting at very short notice, while the PM’s office declared that the meeting was intended to be, not with the SLMDA executive, but its membership.

The PM’s office also announced that Chastanet was ready to meet with the membership, having already held talks with the association’s executive to discuss health care issues.

“You don’t just cancel a meeting 20 minutes before it was supposed to convene,” LPM leader, Therold Prudent told St Lucia Times.

According to Prudent, the issue demonstrated disrespect for the SLMDA.

“It shows a lack of respect for health care issues by extension,” he asserted.

“Just because you disagree or you do not want to see certain persons as being part of the meeting, that does not necessarily mean that you should not attend,” the LPM leader stated.

He said the impasse shows that Chastanet wants to dialogue with persons whom he believes are in agreement with him and not necessarily those who disagree.




  1. Mr. Prudent; many at times when people make a comment, others will judge them, according to what the said. You are right in every-way, that is an insult; What is taking place in this country is: when you are in power you can do and say what ever pleases you. is like the people that voted for you are Jamaicans, Trinidadians or Europeans. Insults, that’s what we get in return. I say shame on our prime minister.

    • Exactly Zabo! These politicians, immediately after attaining power, show their true character traits. They are arrogant, uncaring and believe that they are not to be criticized. Mr. Chastanet’s objective is to divide the executive and the general membership of SLMDA. Divide and Rule strategy they use to maintain power. The present PM is like an albatross on the country’s future. He has caused the country to further descend into tribalism and dysfunction. For his lack of leadership skills , his administration does not deserve more than one term. At the next general elections they should be dismissed.

  2. Mr prudent you are a bright man and I respect you. This piece is well said. I agree with you totally.

  3. On the money, Prudent! This behavior is expected of people in puberty. How sad. Is this ignorance or arrogance? Maybe both.

  4. Keep speaking out against the ills of the country and do not ever be discouraged. I enjoy listening to you Mr Prudent because you are a voice of reason. St Licia needs a big awakening from the sh.t which is currently going on.

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