Prudent Responds To PM’s ‘I Am A Product Of Canada’ Statement

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Former leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement, Therold Prudent, has responded to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s assertion that he is a product of Canada.

“I am a product of Canada – I did my high school in Canada; both my kids go to school in Canada,” Chastanet says in a brief excerpt from a recent television interview that was posted on social media.

The excerpt was also posted on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) with the caption – Allen Chastanet. I am Canadian!!!.

It was accompanied by a post from a Concerned Citizen, asserting that  Allen Chastanet recently proudly confirmed to a Canadian television station that he is a product of  Canada, where his personality and outlook was formed.

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“But we have long known that Allen Chastanet is not a Saint Lucian product. He lacks the sensitivities and sensibilities of one who derived their birth and nature from this land.
This has been evident by disregard for our patrimony, believing that it could be sold to the highest bidder or is equivalent to credit ratings,” the post from the Concerned Citizen stated.

Over thirty persons commented on the SLP Facebook page, with Sherma Henry asserting that persons who voted for Chastanet should be ashamed.

Christopher Norlay urged that the full video be played while Brass Gold asserted that Chastanet should go back to Canada.

“Frankly, I am not offended by what the Prime Minister has said,” former LPM Leader, Therold Prudent told St Lucia Times.

Prudent expressed the opinion that there seems to be an ongoing effort to try to delegitimise Chastanet as Prime Minister of this country.

According to Prudent, it borders on a little bit of racism by persons in this country who believe that only a black man can become Prime Minister of Saint Lucia.

The former LPM leader said there’s an effort to tell people to vote for individuals who are black and not support those who are white.

Prudent said he is sick and tired of the rubbish.

He declared that he wants to talk about the issues facing this country including jobs and what the opposition would do in this COVID-19 pandemic if they are to win an election.

“I am looking at it from the point of view of my own experience and for example even my children who were born in the United States, went to high school in the United States, did their college and university in the United States, but from an early age at 16 they wanted to become citizens of Saint Lucia,” he explained.

“This made my day when they told me that was what they wanted,” Prudent recalled.

“We applied for Saint Lucian citizenship under the Kenny Anthony administration and my children were granted Saint Lucian citizenship,” he told St Lucia Times.

“Now it would kill me if ever either one of my kids would return to this country and want to run for political office and we would feel in our narrow minded way that they are not qualified to run just because they went to high school in the US, or they  went to University in the US and are products of both the American and the Saint Lucian way,” Prudent declared.


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