Prudent Says Charrandas Persaud Did ‘The Right Thing’

Charrandas Persaud, who voted with Guyana’s opposition in support of a no-confidence motion against the coalition government of which he was part, has the backing of the leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement(LPM).

Therold Prudent believes that Persaud did ‘the right thing’ on December 21, 2018 when the motion was debated.

“It shows that democracy is a good thing and political independence is also a very good and virtuous thing when you are talking about the interests of your country,” Prudent told St Lucia Times.

The LMP leader expressed the view that Charrandas Persaud voted as he did because he understood that the administration in Guyana was a “den of corruption’and had become a “big boy and big girl club of perks for persons who were supposed to be serving the people.”

“I believe he did the right thing and I believe the people of Guyana will validate this in the next elections and we will find out if this is what they thought of his actions,” Prudent declared.

Barbara Patricia Pilgrim of  Guyana’s A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) has since been sworn in to replace the recently recalled Charrandas Persaud.

The APNU and the Alliance for Change (AFC) coalition holds a one seat majority in the Guyana national assembly.

Since the shock vote by  Charrandas Persaud, the drama has continued.

The High Court was asked Friday to quash the no-confidence motion against the Government on the grounds that  Charrandas Persaud had falsely declared that he was a Guyanese citizen, but has in reality been a Canadian citizen since 1998, according to local news reports.

Demerara Waves said the complaint was filed by Compton Herbert Reid, through Senior Counsel Rex McKay’s Chambers.

A date has to be fixed for the case to commence, in which  House Speaker Dr. Barton Scotland, Charrandas Persaud and Attorney General Basil Williams were named as respondents.

Dr. Barton Scotland on Thursday declined to reverse his ruling that the motion had been passed and instead said the issues challenging its validity should be settled by the Court, according to Demerara Waves.

In the meantime, Stabroek News reported last week that  Guyana’s Commissioner of Police Leslie James, confirmed that the police are actively investigating an allegation involving former government MP Charrandas Persaud.

But the newspaper said the top cop declined to disclose any details.



  1. You don’t vote agai your own party in matter like this regardless. U got an issue cuss it out within your party, dont do that public nonsense. Now he look like a fool because who will want you, a traitor in they team? Nonsense. He was never a team player, so im happy hes out because it could have been somthing much more serious than this no confidence move. we all know they are no grounds for it lol

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