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Updated on July 9, 2020 4:51 am
Updated on July 9, 2020 4:51 am
Updated on July 9, 2020 4:51 am

Prudent Says Saint Lucia Manipulated By US In OAS Venezuela Vote

The leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent, says he is not surprised at the way Saint Lucia voted on a Venezuela resolution at the Organisation of American States (OAS).

Saint Lucia this week joined Jamaica, Haiti, the Bahamas, Guyana and 14 other members of the OAS in voting for the resolution denying the legitimacy of the second term of  Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro.

Dominica, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Suriname voted against while Trinidad and Tobago, St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, and Belize abstained.

“I believe the United States is manipulating the current Allen Chastanet administration’s vote,” Therold Prudent told St Lucia Times.

The LPM leader asserted that people have not realised how Chastanet has embraced the ‘crazy diplomacy’ of US President, Donald Trump.

He said long before Trump came to power, Chastanet was all over the world trying to seek alliances with “crazy right wing conservative groups’ that he wanted twinned with the current ruling United Workers Party (UWP) here.

Prudent expressed the view that Saint Lucia is out of place to talk about the issues within Venezuela.

“This is an issue that must be taken care of by the Venezuelan people and if they feel that the current government  does not represent their needs and their interests, then they have the right to be able to vote them out,” the LPM leader told St Lucia Times.

“I am not saying that Venezuela does not have any issues. I am not saying that the situation in Venezuela is not concerning,” he explained.

However Prudent said he does not believe it is Saint Lucia’s place, especially as a country that benefitted from Venezuelan aid during that country’s heyday, to simply abandon Caracas and adopt a “United States,Donald Trump type of crazy diplomacy which seeks regime change in Venezuela and other parts of the world.” .


  1. St. Lucia is out of place to interfere in another country’s affairs. Imagine if Jamaica influenced a vote of no confidence in this government.

  2. Such a vote needs no manipulation!!!? This is a very bold move by the following territoire`@∆®. So I estimate that more students will be visiting Venezuela

  3. That is what i have been advocating all the while; those leaders are protecting their VISAS TO THESE BIG COUNTRIES. only an embâcle that will follow these big countries. why did the former president run the Americans and their companies out of their country, including the U.S. tv. compagnies ? Why the U.S. are supporting the opposition? These are questions we need to ask our leaders; bias leaders! These big countries are very vicious and jaillous too! however the truth has never been told!

  4. I cant see why St Lucia cant put their vote,were the majority of sensible countries in the American continent voted.We have been backing all the wrong guys all the time in exchange,for their political propaganda,scolarships for students,medical aid in the case of Cuba.And Venezuela has sold us cheap fuel,donated a fence in Vigie,in exchange for our votes in all the world conventions.USA is the biggest buyer of Venezuelas oil,no matter what Trump or others say.Go to St Statious,and see what is going on.We also have relations with other South American countries,that help us in many ways,and dont inject any political propaganda into our brains.Lets keep it clean and true,Che Guevara was a murderer,like it or not very colourfull character,very educated came from a great Argentine family,he was brave,All is thereand all that were close to him loved the guy,he is a hero to many and makes tremendous sales of T shirts,,and Raul recieved the drugs from Pablo,got a comision and helped in the shipping to Florida.And that is in all the books if you care to imnvestigate.All is printed,difficult to find some times,but its there.Research POPEYE in you tube,have fun.

  5. Castries fisherman i must u are very dumb. First of all before u judge the current situation in venezuela try to figure out the source of the problem. Because if u did i sure you would have a better reply. But i guess u are like the majority who are quick to speak with no research. Did you kno the only reason people in venezuela are sufffering is because of the US? Do you kno how many embargos the US have placed on venezuela on food and medicine? Did you kno it is the US responsible for wrecking venezuelas economy by crippling its trade? So whilst the US is trying to potrait as the saviour, they are also the puppet masters behind all the problems in venezuela. And since they cant fool the people of venezuela to vote him out now they are looking for other tatics to support the invaision of venezuela to over throw its goverment and replace them with their own puppets. I believe st lucia had no right to vote in favour of the americans because we are the ones who will suffer from our decision. Why not abstain from voting like belieze etc. So mr fisherman stop judgin a situation u are ignorant about.

  6. No sides please think abit more.Venezuela is down because of the corruption with in the country,the millions of dollars that come in every day in to Venezuela,from the USA is astronomical.Not even other countries that produce oil in South America can,make that kind of money.Dont talk about embargo,that is all political shite.Venezuela dosent have to buy food,toilet papper,soap,tools,TVs,and all kind of house items in the USA,south america,produces everything you can think about,they dont have to go to Miami to be able to stock their supermarkets,and feed their people,they can buy what they want all around them.The embargo afects key,industries,specially the oil industry.But if you need parts,go to Brasil or Argentina,you get all you need,there is no reason,to subject your people,to such misery.This is the way socialist think and its the way they believe,that the world will reach Nirvana.Thank the powers that be there are just a few left,in this world.

  7. When South America says no to Maduro,they are sending a message to him.But Maduro thinks that he can follow Fidels example,of handling a country.With embargo or no embargo Cuba went back to the stone age.They did manage to elevate all their population,that had been neglected,with extensive social interaction.Im not goint to talk about Cuba.Venezuela needs to get rid of Maduro,and the country will fly,simple as that,dont try inventing things when you have no mental capacity to develop them,besides it has all failed allready,all over the world,Only place in South America were all is fine,Bolivia,coca is free,every body happy.Dont defend a ignorant taxi driver,that spends the countries money,in paying military men and drug dealers to protect him

    • If they wanted him out why did they re- elect him? Venezuela is already used to the plots and dirty tactics the US use to force everybody to do as they pleased. Its being going on since the time hugo chavez.

    • And how can u even compare a comunist country to a democratic country. Thats like totally dumb. And i would like to kno what will cause venezuela to fly if maduro is out of power? And i wonder who even made america the world police pushing their nose in everybody’s business and the have much more problems of their own. Smh

  8. Man if in St Lucia one day our PM got out of the wrong side of his bed and decided with no consultation,to expropiate all Hotels on breach front,prohibit the sale of foreign currency,obligue us all to require a permit to travel abroad,explain why we want to travel and with what money.Regulate all merchandise that is sold in supermarkets,exclude all food estimated to be extravagant.Limit and control,what we want to purchase.Close TV stations and radio stations,because they are transmiting the wrong tipe of programs.Eliminate golf clubs,because they set a wrong example of wealth and a leisured life,to the standard citizen Control all newspappers and what they publish,control all news that cdomes out.What a beautiffull country this would be right?

  9. Im so dum that Im going to explain why a country suffers an embargo Embargos are the consequence of you not behaving as a country,of braking the rules of law established by all countries in the United Nations.When you brake the law,the world comes crashing on you,and tries to bring you back to normality.The Americans take it on themselves,because after all they are the ones that lend money to all countries,so they close the tap.The elections in Venezuela the other day,were considered a fraud by Maduro who did not allow international supervicion of the election process,so most of South America voted against the recognicion of Maduros victory.Why St Lucia get in trouble with USA? because we stupid,and do dum things ORC for example.

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