Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Prudent Warns US Venezuela Sanctions Will Negatively Affect Saint Lucia, Region

The former leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent, has described as ‘unfortunate’, the decision of the United States to impose sanctions on Venezuela.

Prudent has warned that given the current level of suffering in the South American state, criminal activity will only increase.

“This will reverberate to Islands and countries in the Caribbean, especially Saint Lucia where we already have issues in terms of criminal activities, drugs and these sorts of problems,” he told St Lucia Times.

“I believe it is a very destabilising measure taken by the United States and it is very sad that they would impose those sanctions, yet still those sanctions do not prohibit US companies from buying from Venezuela. The only thing that they want to ensure is  after they purchase the oil, they -the United States, can decide where the money is going to go,” Prudent stated.

He expressed the view that in Washington’s quest to remove President Nicolas Maduro, the Trump administration is exacerbating the suffering of the poor people of Venezuela.

“There is a better way for the United States to have handled this situation than to take the people of Venezuela hostage in a quest to remove a government from office,”  Prudent, who this week announced plans to dissolve the LPM and join the main opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), told St Lucia Times.

He recalled that his position has always been that the Venezuela issue is an internal one which must be settled by the people of the country and not outside forces.

Prudent also recalled having expressed the view that Saint Lucia’s vote not to recognise President Maduro was out of place.

Saint Lucia has held that the electoral process that saw Maduro winning a second term in office (2019 – 2025) was illegitimate.

“It was the place of the people of Venezuela to recognise their destiny,” Prudent asserted.

He felt that Saint Lucia’s position on Venezuela was ‘orchestrated’ by the United States.





  1. I like this man’s views. Prudent for Prime Minister. I only hope he does not change if and when he gets the position. As for Chastanet, this man thinks exactly like the white extremists in the US. He doesn’t look nor think like the majority of Caribbean people. He cannot relate to our culture, our history nor our suffering simply because he is not one of us. He came from the privileged set. His life experiences have been very different to those of the commoners. They have been different as night and day. The politics that he practises in St. Lucia is Plantation Politics. Instead of incentivizing local entrepreneurship, modernizing the educational system, providing the best health facilities , the man giving away the people’s patrimony and taxes collected to foreign business sharks. These foreigners did not bring their hotels and other businesses here because they want to give good paying jobs to locals. They are motivated strictly by profits. Chastanet provides misguided type of leadership for the country. He’s doing more damage than good. One term for him and his party. If the other political party happen to get in and they mess up, one term for them also.

    • Vibz use-a ass, everything prudent said is misleading. The USA did what they did because of actions in Venezuela. St.lucia did the only thing they could do given the circumstances. The USA exported oil and oil products for the first time in 75 years last month so there are surpluses in their reserves, so Venezuelan imports not necessary right now, and if they do need it all they will do is lift the sanction and Venezuela will happily oblige. About crime from Venezuela spilling into St Lucia, that visa requirements chas did will be the mitigating factor. You sound like a racist with your comments of similarities of white supremacists and chas, have you been exposed to or been around a white supremist. Leave the political rhetoric to the politicians, you’re not running for office stick to the facts.

  2. I love to listen to all these Socialist ex frustrated Comunists.Prudent please stop blaming the USA for Venezuelas issues,remember Maduro called elections and had them with out the oposition participating,he refused the Organization of the American States,wich normaly supervice all elections in the American Continent entrance to Venezuela to guarantee to all parties that the elections and counting of the votes was done in a clean and honest way As a result of this attitude the OAS called the results of the elections a fraud.This was put to vote,and all South America,Argentina Brasil,Colombia,Chile Ecuador,Peru,Paraguay,Uruguay voted against the goverment of Maduro,Bolivia was the only one that voted in favour So you see its not only the USA,in this world one has to start standing on the right side of the fence.We cant close our eyes and pretend that nothing happened,Venezuelans are running from their country,because of hunger lack of work terrorific inflation,USA has nothing to do with that,its the political policies of the socialist ideas of Chavez and then his puppy Maduro that has brought Venezuela down,they have been in power for 20 years,and Venezuela is the richest country in South America,something is wrong,After 20 years you cant show a positive thing for your people,you still believe you are taking the country in the right direction,sorry you are insane,Coming back to Prudent you have good ideas,but with Kenny around, in SLP you will not go very far,but I wish you luck,dont play cheap politics with St Lucians

  3. @Neutral
    Your puerile tantrum does nothing to convince me otherwise. The man not only looks but acts like the typical, full-blooded, white rightwing racist conservatives in the Us and Europe. I’m convinced that he gets his economic and political ideology from these political nuts who live on the periphery of society. It’s very conspicuous, the man has no core values of his own. He believes in trickle down economics, in bullying and invading vulnerable countries for regime change. Prudent will be a far superior choice to the Trump worshipper that presently is misleading St. Lucia.

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