Public assistance requested to determine suitability of proposed candidates for RSLPF 2018 enlistment

Press Release: The following list of police applicants is being processed for possible selection into the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

In an effort to determine the suitability of these persons, members of the public are requested to communicate any information they may possess, which may impinge on the applicants’ character and suitability for enlistment.

Any information communicated will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

Such information can be communicated to the Commissioner of Police, Police Headquarters, Upper Bridge Street, Castries at telephone number 456 3702 or email [email protected]

Please visit our Facebook page where this information is available.

Candidate Photos and Names Below:

RSLPF 2018 proposed enlistment candidates 1

RSLPF 2018 proposed enlistment candidates 2

RSLPF 2018 proposed enlistment candidates 3

RSLPF 2018 proposed enlistment candidates 4

RSLPF 2018 proposed enlistment candidates 5


  1. These positions call for extensive individual background checks as well as fairness in the execution of responsibilities. Of paramount importance; is their associates, their social networking sites as well as their psychological assessment. You need to be certain these individuals meet the criteria and are qualified without bias for the position as you are entrusting these individuals with handling citizens.

  2. R we surprised to select who we would like to brutalize disrespect and kill st lucians den all fail … on a serious note character upbringing and residence r factors but proper training in conflict resolution and stress management is needed instead of the norm where police curse u and expect u to respect dem cuz they got on a badge

  3. To the selected candidates: You have made a good choice,, policing is a very nice profession, but it may become ugly when you don’t respect the oath you made! always remember to be just in your actions. Listen: Speak the truth, and speak it ever, cost it what it will. And you will be respected and trusted by those you wish to serve! May the good Lord protect and guide you. king zabo.;

  4. This strategy is pure hypocrisy! The reason is that it is always the lower rank and lower class citizens that are scrutinized. I will never support this move UNLESS I see the faces of current RSLPF officers including high ranking ones on there. These yutes are not criminals…the real ones know the law very well and they sit in high places in the force. FaCT


    • excuse me…….u join then…leave my family alone if u have a problem then obviously go to the commissioner and address it..

  6. I have seen Yasmin Polious on the job. I think she is a well mannered individual. I believe that she could be given a chance to be a full fledged police officer.

  7. Some of these faces eh make it uh. And that camera eh doing them no justice. On a serious note some of them looking too old and some of look like little chidren

  8. One word of advice to all candidates
    It’s better to be needed in a job than you’re not needed it will not be very easy as you’ll may think
    If it was easy they would not call it work
    Their will be hard times good times .but at all times make your name clean .respect your self so that others will respect you always be justify. Measure four times before you cut won ten times before you act. and act with impunity. Your work will last for many years. Good luck to all.

  9. jerez n kimthur hope u will uphold the spiritual values in this time…..i wish you guys all the best…….treat everyone with fairness patience and uphold the good standards…you can do it!!!! all the best!!

  10. A country like st Lucia where many fools dont want to see others move forward you guys coming with that . All the best to each of you

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