Purse Stolen From Sleeping VH Patient Found, Minus Cash

Victoria Hospital (VH) patient, Stella Joseph, says a purse that was stolen from her bag while she slept in the medical ward on Wednesday was found Friday morning, but the cash it contained was missing.

Joseph told St Lucia Times that the purse had been discarded on the hospital compound.

She disclosed that important documents and other personal items were still inside.

“I am happy I got the documents which are important to me,” she told St Lucia Times.

But Joseph lamented that she will now have to find some $600 which she had in the purse to pay her medical bills.

The VH patient expressed the opinion that there is need to beef up security at the medical institution, likely including the use of CCTV cameras on the hospital compound to monitor persons who enter and exit.

She said it was obvious that CCTV cameras would not be set up in the wards.

“They need to make patients feel safer,” the Desruisseaux resident asserted.

Joseph has earlier complained of being robbed of valuables while she she took a nap in the medical ward of the institution Wednesday afternoon.

Victoria Hospital officials have confirmed that they are investigating the matter.

A report was also made to the police.


  1. Lady, you said: ” Beef up security?” I said: “Some times we have to pay for our carelessness!” and leave the security alone, because we can’t put a security to every patient! Sorry, that’s my opinion!

    • @Zabo … yes, security needs to be “beefed up”! Also, I agree with you about the carelessness comment. CCTVs are definitely needed in ALL hospital wards and departments for the safety of patients and staff. In this day and age, potential criminals should be rendered helpless. Blame the Ministry and hospital administration for not implementing this helpful technology.

    • She never say put a security to every patient you need to understand the english language. You say that now till it happens to you.

  2. I tell you miss Jeanette Hugh does not tolerate these nonsense on her watch ! I pity I did not get the job chef security officer there!?

  3. You snoring and you leave your purse on the bed side table.Yes its terrible,that this should happen in our hospital.But hey,in these days,you tempted the devil,and he walked off with your cash.

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