Thursday, September 29, 2022

‘Put Down The Guns!’

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Police Commissioner Milton Desir has called on criminals to either lay down their weapons or have the police cause them to do so.

On Friday, Desir was addressing a ceremony to hand over 11 new vehicles to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

“Put down the guns. If you cannot do it willingly I could assure you the police officers will cause you to do it and I make no bones about it. To you officers, once you are acting within the ambit of the law you will be supported right through,” the Police Commissioner declared to applause from the gathering.

Desir said the eleven patrol vehicle provided by the government give hope to many citizens who call law enforcement officers for help but have to wait for hours because transportation is unavailable.

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“As Commissioner of Police I submit that this escapade by a minority of cowardly un-stately, non law abiding citizens has to stop. It must stop and therefore it is critical that we have the necessary tools to continue to mount the fight against these criminals to restore peace and tranquility among our citizens,” Desir expressed.

Since the beginning of the year, Saint Lucia has recorded thirteen homicides.

They include a double-homicide at La Toc, Castries, in which a man and a woman succumbed to gunshot wounds and the fatal shooting of three individuals at Coolie Town.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre described the crime situation in Saint Lucia as alarming.

And he expressed that the police must have pride in their work.

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  1. Desir is really a joker, with his purrpurrtraitors of crime that he is after. Really Desir don’t you know who they are, you eat, drink and party with them all the time. Maybe if you were looking for perpetrators you would have been doing a better job. Now tell us how 11 new vehicles will help you get the guns? You want St Lucia to support Ukraine, take all your gun friends and their gangs with the sophisticated weapons and send them to safeguard Ukraine. That will help the crime situation cause none of them will come back.

  2. Same shit different Day approach. The vehicles are like having a gun without bullets or having bullets without a gun. Desire has once more refused to talk about the Root causes of the Police force. I would suggest Desire gives a speech in front of a mirror. Part if the problem would be whatever he sees in the mirror. We need change in slu and that change starts with Desir. His time had expired. We are craving for new ideas, leadership, accountability, record keeping and the list goes on. The police need a plan and part of the plan is to get ahead of the criminals – proactive. I am tired of seeing the police show up after the fact. We need an intelligence system so police can intercept- Is that asking for too much ?

  3. I wont believe unless you tell us how a murderer slipped out of Jail in Babonneau and no one is held responsible; no report on the matter, who gave the order, why is the policeman on duty is still on the job, has he been questioned, tell us what happened man?
    Are the two Saga-boys still in Dubai eating and drinking and having a damn good time, while the criminals are laughing and doing their thing at will. I’m tired of asking the Lord to help, so you do it

    • There are enough crimes the police force did themselves. Accepting bribe money from criminals is a must especially in these times thats how the guy escaped. Now they saying there is an investigation but with no conclusion cause the force doesn’t want to admit the truth .

  4. The police can’t do it alone. It will take a village. We should not be allowing our beautiful island become a haven for criminals. The illegal guns need to be taken off the streets by any means necessary. Prosecution, strict law enforcement and consequences are needed as deterrents. However, crime prevention and reduction need to be in the forefront of national safety and security policy.

  5. 13 Homocides in less than 2 months. The PM and his cabinet should be ashamed. Like seriously. Btw I hope you sound a warning to the criminals in the House too. That’s where the real bosses are.

  6. Ooooh! The crooks are really scared. I could see them quaking in their boots. They just can’t get a decent night’s rest after this proclamation. Sigh!

  7. Blah blah blah, the sounds of a tooth less tiger. Truly a lame duck Police Commissioner. Sir, I feel your pain and feel sorry for you. It’s very painful to work in a position when you know you are no longer desired or have your bosses support. I honestly believe that you have bitten more than you could chew. My problem with your statement is that it gives the criminals time to react. Is that what you want sir – for them to hide the guns before your men get there. I honestly hope not. The police operations should be based on an element of surprise. When that is done, both the criminals and the public will know that you and your men are serious. But as it stands, I see you as a bunch of jokers. Maybe you should learn a thing or two from the criminals since they never forewarn us of their criminal activities. And a note of caution; such pronouncements do nothing to show how powerful or effective a commissioner is. His or her action tells the story.

  8. Baytese. The hierarchy of the police force is shit. All talk. The criminals just laughing at them. Looks like we gonna have 85 homicides in 2022. The police force is lost, no sense of direction. Headless chickens.

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