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Updated on June 1, 2020 11:24 am
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Updated on June 1, 2020 11:24 am

PWA Lauds Cops After Charges In Murder Of Trini, Venezuelan

The Police Welfare Association (PWA) has praised the police one day after the cops laid charges against Fernel Sexius, alias ‘Cookie’, for the murder here of a Trinidadian and a Venezuelan.
The fatal shootings occurred on Old Year’s Day last year.
PWA President, Travis Chicot, told St Lucia Times that the case demonstrated the tenacity of  the police.
“When you really look at some of those cases, some people stay on the outside and say “I know who. I know who,’ but the police must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. So it is indeed commendable that after a year the police officers would have amassed all the evidence and were confident that they could have laid charges,” Chicot stated.
“We have somebody who is going to be brought before the court and we expect successful prosecution,” he told St Lucia Times.
Chicot said the work of the police was commendable, especially in light of the fact that law enforcers have been constantly criticised ‘from all angles.’
“Sometimes people just have to be a little patient and work with the police, ” Chicot explained.
Fernel Sexius, alias ‘Cookie’  was charged Thursday afternoon with the fatal shooting of Trinidadian national Richie Ramdass, 24, and Venezuelan Vincente Jose Mendoza Pacheco, 26, in a suspected drug-related incident in Vieux Fort.

On December 31, 2017, Ramdass was found shot dead minutes after the bullet-riddled body of  the Venezuelan national was found in a rental vehicle.

An undisclosed amount of US currency and a firearm were  recovered.


  1. Isn’t that y’all jobs? You mean standards are so low you need to be praised when you actually do what you get paid to do. Other breaking news: Teller gets praised for accepting a customer deposit.

  2. I think we need to have civilians,in the police stations,comunicating every day what goes on with our police force.Because the news we get is all screwed up,and conflicting,we are not getting the truth,and facts are covered up and distorted

  3. Shut you all faces…..suetwez… all ppl like u all that knowing the facts u all family doing shate and saying nothing…god eh sleeping… go reach u all doors….good for nothing comments.ì

  4. When it comes to the work of the police there are many stereotypical, albeit ill conceived notions that need to be debunked. We cannot expect the police to work miracles. Crime and criminality in this land of ours have assumed a level of sophistication and ” lethalness ” that seems to be baffling and overwhelming society globally. Our law enforcement agencies,despite their best intents and purposes and their diligence and professionalism are constrained in their efforts by limitations in the resources that are put at their disposal, and constraints imposed on them by the very laws that they are mandated to enforce and uphold. The perpetrators on the other always have a free , unhindered hand in the “resources” that they can procure and deploy as their stock in trade.My thinking is that the police need to have our support, praise and “societal empowerment” for want of a better phrase. Our collective stance must be to demonstrate that we abhor crime and criminality and that we support,irrevocably,our law enforcement agencies especially the POLICE FORCE. To do otherwise would in effect be a sad indictment on society for giving EMPOWERMENT to the perpetrators of crime and criminality.

  5. Nobody is empowering criminality. I am not praising officers for arresting and charging somebody for murder, that is their job. Praise is for something extra and outstanding. To the officers recalled from vacation who left their families and plans behind to make sure we are safer, I say great job and thank you.

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