PWA President: Mayor should retract statement about police

Police Welfare Association (PWA), Travis Chicot, has responded to scathing criticism this week of police officers by Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, by calling on Francis to retract comments he made.

Chicot made specific reference to the Mayor’s assertion that moonlighting officers would not respond to offences committed a stone’s throw away from locations where they engage in off duty employment.

The PWA President told St Lucia Times that although he does not engage in ‘specials’, he is aware that off duty officers are sometimes the ones who respond before their colleagues who are on duty.

“For the Mayor to say that, I think he needs to retract the latter part of his statement,” Chicot declared.

“We believe as a welfare association that this is an attack against us,” Chicot said.

The PWA official told St Lucia Times that off duty employment for police officers does not take priority over their regular work.

He explained that since an officer who engages in such employment is on his ‘free time’, he is entitled to do whatever he wants with that time.

According to Chicot, the procedure for police ‘special duty’ includes filling out a form and submitting it to the Inspector in charge three days before the intended duty.

“The form is very comprehensive – it speaks to how many times the person is late, how many times the person has reported sick and the persons you see on special duty are persons who have kept a certain standard of work,” he said, adding that they are authorised to engage in off duty employment.

“If one is financially constrained and he needs some extra finances and is of duty and engages in part time employment, we should not chastise people for these things,” Chicot stated.

He asserted that some persons have become ‘fly by night’ consultants on matters of national security.

But he noted that the PWA is concerned about the level of productivity in the organisation and will do its best to mobilise officers.

Chicot stated that officers would love to come out an patrol but the numbers are down.

“Day by day police officers are retiring, police officers are leaving for greener pastures – so we would love to see a better police force and a greater police presence on the road,” the PWA President told St Lucia Times.

“When last did we have a batch of police officers coming from the training school? It’s been almost four years. We are down by almost a hundred police officers,” Chicot observed.

The PWA President said citizens are within their right to ask why they are not seeing more police patrols.

But he said he was surprised to learn that the traffic department issued 144 tickets in a week.

“That tells you that the police are out,” Chicot stated.

He spoke, among other things, of the success of the police patrol team in seizing illegal firearms, the CID which he said was solving almost 75 percent of crimes despite challenges, and the Traffic Department which is performing despite challenges including a ‘mess’ of a building and lack of resources.

“We are working and we are present in the City,” the PWA President asserted.

However, he acknowledged that there is need to police the City more.

Chicot urged the Mayor to seek to create greater collaboration between the police force and City Police.

The PWA official said his organisation would like to see greater collaboration with the City Police, the Fire Service and Correctional Officers.



    • Mayor spoke truth about what? The mayor himself don’t know he said but one can defend him. If at all what he said during his verbal diarrhea was happening, as mayor and his brother being the minister responsible for the police, why he could not arrange a meeting with the commissioner and other heads to deal with the issue.

    • Yes he did, because there are police officers who ditch their job to do specials and and alot of corruption is running through that welfare system,the evidence there to prove such actions.

      • Don’t speak on matters you know nothing about. Approval has to be given by any official wanting to engage in special duties by a senior officer. That approval is very detail and deliberate. If you have official duty you will not to allowed to do “special”. If your “special” will in any way interfere with your official duty you will not be allowed. And if you do not meet certain high working standard then you will not be allowed to do special duties.

    • I love the police 100% in as much people may say all types of stuff about them like it or not they are the ones holding down the peace .They can do it much better but we are not yet at the stage of crime in neighbouring countries but the Mayor is right to a great extent.The respect and police culture and duties has been somewhat inefficient to the general public .There are times none are to be seen.Especially in the Lastic Hill Area ,Conway Area and so on. The police should have monthly meetings to boost staff also more incentives. Especially for those officers at CID that work long hard tiring twelve hour shifts and still having to attend court.Lots of land should be allocated for these but for true we need more patrols esp they should probably consider having a solely 11-7 shift in the police force , strictly that time to see police presence at night time. More patrol and police presence is needed not on a special duty basis.The Mayor should withdraw no comments.It is what it is.

  1. Boy it looks like some people get real offended by the truth.chico I think you should take criticism positive and make a difference.i know the police force needs to restrictor.too many corrupt police officers just collecting a salary for nothing.go get you’ll act together.

  2. I didn’t even need to read further. Chiquot I support you on that. We nibbling at the crumbs but not seeing the bigger cracker. This Francis man has something up his sleeve. He needs to seat, be quiet and hear the about the struggles of the officers. Not forgetting their défoe.

  3. Police not fit enough to be on the beat anymore but only have stamina to do Press conferences, town hall meetings, drug raids, check and chat woman, issue traffic tickets and to respond quickly to homicide scenes. To Protect and to Serve means to protect and serve their own interests like moonlighting.

  4. There are officers who wuk tiredlessly and some jus.Don’t care some do it.for the love of the wuk an others do jus because they gettin a salary some of our officers need to take pride in their uniform it goes for the women to.and they hair bravo to the good cops

  5. Fatso have the audacity to show his face on tv to respond to something which everyone know is true. I really wish we could send all of you packing and hire real policemen

  6. First of all to be a policeman you should be relatively fit you have no business being called policeman. You need to be sent on leave without pay to take care of yourself

  7. I agree with the mayor with what he said, police officers now take the moonlighing job more seriously than their actual job. I honestly feel that the government should look into it and should put a stop to it NONSENCE ….you being paid with the tax payers money and so that is why u should keep them safe

  8. talking like a police.youll too lazy.police is for when you’ll can’t get a job you’ll join the force and forget who paying you’ll salary.serve and protect the people that paying you’ll salary.

    • Hahaha. true . Then they want promotion and will do whatever it take to get the acting {well some of the women }. So sad.

  9. So yes. What Chico don’t realize is that all what the Mayor said is already well known by people. Its not news. So Chico any attack on the truth the Mayor spoke is an insult to our intelligence and so your best bet would have been to refrain from comment.

    But I suppose you are only doing what you think you must do. Defend at all costs.

  10. Too many people seem to get superlative pleasure from demeaning and denigrating police officers. Their comments are meant to demoralized and destroy instead of helping to inspire positive changes. What the PWA President stated was very revealing. The Police Force is severely undermanned, police officers are underpaid, working conditions are deplorable and all of this contribute to low morale. Put the blame squarely where it belongs. Security & Safety of all citizens should be the main concern of the relevant authorities. When there is no training of new recruits for over four (4) years, no salary increases, workplaces in appalling conditions, why should we expect exceptionalism from our police officers? Give them the manpower, the training, the requisite resources and tools, an appropriate salary commensurate with their line of duty so they would not have to seek additional employment. Let’s stop these venomous attacks on the police for these are unhelpful and only serve to wound and devastate.

    • Ok Velon John a speech well said and we’ll put together, since you know so much why don’t you and Chicot put you’ll acts together and seek attention for all the faults of the force that you indicated above, you’ll are a bunch of hypocrites . Sit there, entertain the conditions and say nothing about because what ? I think Chicot should of brush his teeth before he tried to ask Mr Francis retract any statements. IDIOT

    • So Mr. Officer answer this question. Who receives the cheque for special duties? Is the cheque written to the Accountant General or Commissioner of police and paid to officers through the voucher system? or is the qheque written in the name of the high ranking police officer who owns the business.

  11. The Mayor’s comments are well in order. The PWA is on the defensive and has a right to do so, but the public knows better. The Police Force needs a complete overhaul. We understand there are constraints but the level of performance for the past years have been dismal and disappointing. Of course there are a few hard – working and dedicated officers but the majority ….. awa!

  12. Chico u know all what the Mayor said is true but u would rather run and hold meeting with Pierre rather than u put yr house in other……..after all this is the same man and his conspirators who has the police in this predicament today………

  13. So disgusted at these comments.. half of you do not have what it takes to be a police officer…and if u were to become one, you would be labelled exactly as you have labelled.. …. Some of you really don’t know how the system works….. There are overt as well as covert reasons for all what is happening within the police force…… Ignorant to the covert reasons, you lucians jump to all sorts of conclusions about police officers…. Making it seem like the vast majority of police are bad…. If you have the solution, get to working but if it’s only criticize u want to criticize… Your one cent is utterly irrelevant. if you believe the police alone can police the city, all of you have brothers and sisters and family members who have at one time or another been arrested…. Once a person gets arrested, it’s because all of you have failed…. So be your own critic and stop judging the lawmen…most of them are genuine police officers with good intentions but have limited resources…. And don’t even comment on resources or the lack thereof if you are not remotely familiar with what law enforcement entails.. #myopinion

    • I agree with you Breton and Cheddar, I’m not a police officer but I value the work of a police officer. The problem with those in agreement with the mayor’s ill directed comments and those writting the negative comments is because they believe police officers are getting a huge salary. Since when one size matters as a police officer. I believe the issue is not the mayor’s comments but it more of the now envy nature of st Lucians towards hard working people salaries.

      • Oh so is only Police officers that are UNDERPAID in this country. That’s your justification for conflict of interest? choooops!!!

  14. It is so sad to read some of these comments. When one understand policing then they will know exactly what the work entails. It’s not just about the money it’s about commitment and love for the job.

  15. Come on ppl this has nothing to do with salaries nor the hard work of some of our policeofficers………to me only small minded ppl think like u do……….there must come a point when we come to the realization that we can’t do the things the same way we used to do thing and expect a different result………all of us have to put prrssure on our workforce if we want to develop st Lucia……..this is the 21century and we must be better prepared if we are going to b successful.

    • I agree. They have been blaming the police only for years upon years.. you hear the same reasons all the time….some of them work in the private sector and mind you do not have much zeal for their job… Some go to work late, browse social media whilst at work, make calls and gossip not even aware of the attendant consequences…. But are so quick to judge the police…. The police are lazy…. Well have your private firm fund them a gym, the police this and the police that…. They need to realize that all institutions need to work together… If all is left to the police I’m pretty sure 20 years later they will be saying the same thing and singing the same songs. Ah well that’s a typical Lucian…. #neverfosteringpositivechange #shallowmindedcriticism #onesayanotherrepeat

  16. After reading many of these comments, I feel compelled to be brutally frank. From most of these comments, one can easily conclude that St. Lucia is an intellectual desert. A place where intelligence is frowned upon, empathy is non-existent, ignorance is applauded, and the most scathing personal attacks are visited on you for a genuine difference of opinion. The logical conclusion is too many people with unhealthy minds reside in St. Lucia. Too many minds are soiled and tarnished with hatred, ignorance, animus, evil, envy, selfishness, crudity, and vengeance. A healthy mind does not consistently speak ill of people. The foul comments give one a clear insight into your mindset. No wonder the murder tally is 44 and counting. Stop cursing! Do you have no sense of decency and decorum?

  17. Its sad to see/hear the names the public calls the police officers yet demand a level of respect and service from them. How would you feel if you were in a position to protect a people and that very same people demoralize you on a daily. Lets just say that the public is the boss of a police officer (they do work for you) and imagine you come to work every day only to hear your boss tell you that you are useless. How many of you would want to work under such conditions? Lets not even talk about the wellfare of these office, lack of resources, working conditions etc.. people fail to realize that police officers are flesh and blood like any other, they face the s.ame problems as the average individual. Financial constraints, stress, pain, depression, and all the other we conplain about yet we expect them to be our heros. POLICE OFFICERS NEED LOVE TO!!!

    • If my boss treated me like this I would leave! Lets see what happens if the entire force goes on sick out for a week. Lucians would would be begging for them.
      On the flip side there is a bunch of lazy, no good cops who do nothing but collect a salary. These should be fired!

  18. Imagine a country without a police force. It is said that civilians are not supposed to speak on social media with reference to their work and working conditions. Only when one retires from the said institute then we hear of the ills encounter by them at their work places. Luciana, watch your country well open your eyes and see the cause of all this. It’s some of us. I know for a fact that the police are trying their authors best.

  19. When one trying to do or say something good for the benefit Of the nation you’ll always find an A$$ Opposed. Idiot.

  20. All those who witness officers stand by when a crime occurs go and report the officers. If you see something say something. You stand by idly and watch and complain but nothing can be done because you say nothing, what do you expect. I don’t mean go on the media that does not solve the problem it causes further conflict. That is what complaints unit is for. Make a positive difference. This force is ours we can make it better. The officers are from our society so if they are corrupt and untrustworthy, that is a reflection of our society. What are we doing to make it better?

  21. Poor Chiquot he has to say something . But it’s probably best to just leave that PWA job because you’re forced to comment on something you clearly shouldn’t

  22. I wanted to shake the Mayor”s hand through my TV screen when I heard his remarks. In this country, many employees are being paid for doing no work… Bondiuex bon!! Nothing last forever, yes Lord…

  23. Yesterday afternoon Traffic Motorcycle Escort for Popcaan from Vigie airport to a Hotel up North is that not special Duty .So how can the Mayor be wrong .Too much Special Duty.

  24. Most police officers perform Special Duty Day time and night time when they report in for Duty is to rest for another tour of special duties next day.The Commissioner of Police Should put an immediate stop into that Foolishness

  25. Fat-boy, what the Mayor said is true. You hardly find Regular Police Officers in Castries. You think if the city was well policed by COP, there would so many lawless behaviours there? I there are no patrol cars in the city NO foot patrol apart from City Police.
    You are the one who needs to apologize to the public. And explain to us the reasons why there are NO RSLPF doing patrols in the city.
    Why? Fat-Boy.

  26. Lol CID solves 75% of their cases? Really are we in the same country? Are you sure you’re speaking about St Lucia? Because the last time I checked u guys have more unsolved cases than solved ones, after reading this I think he should be the one rettract his statement. Because we have more unsolved cases than solved ones. How many murders have u guys solved so far out of the forty something so far this year? Answer that and then come and speak about 75% of crimes being solved. Smh. And all st Lucians know the quickest police response is to a drug burst, because apparently all of them in a rush to steal some for their self profit.

  27. No one speaks of the plain cloth officers that patrol the streets, also a man tried to rob a male individual, only to find out it was an officer. Most St Lucian don’t like law and order, and this means they don’t like police officers and will critics them for the right and wrong. One core thing I’ve noticed, most writers have been doing alot of name calling. Its really not nice, after all the officer’ name is Chicot. OK, get it right

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