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Updated on June 2, 2020 4:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 4:25 am
Updated on June 2, 2020 4:25 am

PWA President Says Little Given, But Much Expected From Cops

The President of the Police Welfare Association (PWA), Travis Chicot, has made it clear that the association will be fighting hard to ensure adequate financing for law enforcers next year.

“We know for sure that our police officers do not receive the recognition, reward and remuneration they deserve for the dangerous, stressful, life-changing jobs that they do,” Chicot told a news conference Wednesday morning.

He called on police officers to be brave and give a fair day’s work, since the government will be asked to cooperate in providing a fair day’s pay.

Chicot told the news conference that despite the challenges facing this country, police continue to deliver the best service they can.

“We all know the saying ‘To whom much is given, much is expected’ and we know that this has not been the case with the police as we have been given very little and much has been expected,” the PWA President told reporters.

He asserted that despite the circumstances, the police have produced much.

“The members continue to give, with the little that has been given. We continue to put country before self and family. No matter how volatile the environment, we give more with less,” he stated.

According to Chicot, the recent decision of the Police Commissioner to recall all officers  from ‘much needed’ vacation leave is testament to the fact that police officers sacrifice their lives, friends, families, health and peace of mind to ensure tourists and more importantly, citizens of the country, are safe.

He confirmed reports that the association has decided to part company with the umbrella Trade Union Federation (TUF).

“By way of a mandate from the membership of the Police Welfare Association, we have severed ties with TUF,” Chicot stated.

He observed that the move has been the subject of many discussions among members who decided that the time is right to recognise the PWA’s own autonomy.

According to Chicot,  at this time and in the current environment the PWA must agitate,articulate and negotiate for what is best for its members.


  1. The PM better give that 1500.00 tomorow because we putting his *** out…thats ridiculous…ppl have things to do , bills to pay, we want our bonus!!!!

  2. Isn’t there some rules regarding the fitness of cops? Is chicot reflecting the quality of cops in our country? This guy needs to resign and take up a job with KFC or some restaurant

    • These police officers getting me sick…the PM offering yawll 1500.00 yawl rejecting it??? What yawll wanted 5000.00??? Where he taking it…1500.00 is better than nothing…i will be so happy to take that 1500.00 if yawll don’t want it i will give yawll my bank account number for u to put it in my bank account, thank u

    • Like seriously!!! Why must we always resort to personal attacks? De man appearance, has nothing to do with the current issue being tabled.

  3. Many of us judge people by what we see. Dont be fooled I have seen Chicot outrun his slimmer colleagues and catch a suspect and not he out of breathe. Fitness is not always reflected in one’s size so before you judge and insult the officer who at times eats late, loses sleep, has to witness atrocities and listen to people problems all day long and be unfairly criticized, be quiet. Remember, officers were called from their earned and entitled vacation leave to protect you.

  4. If you are sick go to the hospital. That 1500 is for the last 3 years that is 40 dollars a month for 3 years or 2 dollars a day for the last three years. Some of you too small minded all you all seeing is 1500. That is why these officers have to work other jobs to pay their bills and feed their families.

  5. If you are sick go to the hospital. That 1500 is for the last 3 years that is 40 dollars a month for 3 years or 2 dollars a day for the last three years. Some of you too small minded all you all seeing is 1500. That is why these officers have to work other jobs to pay their bills and feed their families.

  6. Didn’t you’ll see the salaries when you’ll signed on? You accept a job knowing what it pays and complain when it gives you exactly what you signed on for. How about leaving the job?

    • This is negotiations and has nothing to do with what the salary was when they signed on. Negotiations are conducted for a three uear period. There is nothing wrong with that.

      • @Isaidit if you cant have a decent discussion and your aim is to be insultive then you are the backward thinker. This country is not backwards. Leave your small space and travel and you will appreciate and stop insulting my country. Chooops Tan

  7. I heard it was unanimus,you all decided,not to take it.Now you crying crocodile tears,your rice will be white this Christmas.PM really,you think this is money? for the police force?Shame,hope all you politicians choke on your turkey this season

  8. The PM and his negotiating team made a faux pas at least give civil servants a months pay for their bonuses any thing less is unacceptable, they can take the $1500 for themselves and all the permanent secretaries, the average CSA personel are the one doing all the donkey work to keep country afloat

    • At least one third of civil servants are redundant. The civil service is a bloated corpse hanging around the neck of the population and the economy, supported by political expediency. No government has been brave enough to do the right and efficient thing and hatchet the civil service and expect efficiency from the remaining section. It would save millions annually. Plough back some of that into higher salaries and bonuses to the remaining workers based on performance, increase the police force and save some money. The number of civil servants on Lucianmemes, and facebook everyday, listening to lettre la, and other radio programs. Inefficiency and substandard unprofessional service is the rule of the day. But I’ve said too much.

  9. The PWA met and rejected the 1500.00. Remember civil servants got 0 0 0 three years before. No negotiations were done for 2016 to 2019 that is another 0 0 0. Negotiations mist be conducted every three years for civil servants. It is not just the Police. The other civil servants cah say nothing their Association never met with them. The majority of civil servants not happy for 6 years nothing. Of the performance was so bad over the years there would be no country. Cost of everything increasing. Negotiations is a must. This is not the private sector.

  10. When they accepted 0 0 0. Not a word from anybody. Then there was no negotiations so is another 0 0 0. That is 6 years of zeros. Respect the civil servants and do better. Where the vat money going? Negotiations must be done. It is a must if have nothing to do with knowing their salary. The ppl work in mold, fall sick from the mold, working conditions are not the best. Telling them to leave the job is not the solution. Whilst some people dancing for Chirstmas others limping that is wrong.

  11. No consideration for our law enforcers, but they need them as body guards, even when they are asleep, still no regards for them. STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!

  12. If the civil servants take the $1500 bonus yall eh getting nothing for the 2016-19 triennium. So don’t let that amount fool you, the PWA is right

  13. the police has a huge responsibility in the work their do and that is maintaining law and order. and that encompasses a broad base of duties and responsibilities, we know that already. and the police themselves who has their boots on the ground best understands the risks involved.
    Better working conditions?
    some people might oppose their right to

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