PWA Says Arrest Of Cop For Illegal Gun Impacts Image Of The Police Force

The Police Welfare Association (PWA) believes the arrest last weekend of a special police constable for possession of an illegal firearm will negatively impact the image of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

The organisation’s Public Relations Officer said in an interview Monday morning with MBC Prime that the PWA received ‘word of mouth’ information that one of its members is in custody.

Stanislaus Albert said at the time of the interview that the PWA had very little information about the person in custody.

Police later issued a statement indicating that Special Police Constable Jayvan John was granted bail in connection with an llegal gun charge.

John, who resides in La Clery and Lathony Blanchard of Corinth were  both charged for possession of firearm and possession of ammunition without a valid licence contrary to section 22 of the firearms act on Sunday 29th Sept 2019, according to a police press release.

The release said both appeared before the second district court on Monday 30th 2019 where they were granted bail in the sum of $5000 cash or suitable surety on each count.

They were also ordered to surrender travel documents to the court and report once weekly to a police station.

Both men were charged in connection with a a firearm recovered from a search of a vehicle they were occupying on Friday Sept 27th 2019 in Vieux Fort.

“Like anything else it is always a sad occasion when we have a member of ours who have found themselves on the other side of the law,” the PWA official stated.

He explained that such developments can affect other members of the PWA.

“Very likely when persons find themselves on the other side of the law the public would look at all the rest of us in the same image,” Albert observed.

He echoed the admonition of the PWA President, Travis Chicot, who has in the past urged police officers to stay on the side of the law.

“At the end of the day we all take the blame,” Albert noted.


A third male was also held by police for hurling insulting words at the officers, it was reported.




  1. Actually it doesn’t. The public already knows that most of y’all exist in a combination of corrupt, lazy and incompetent. The reputation of the few good ones have already been tarnished.

  2. Yes this is a disgrace to all the police force,and that is why it has to be punished in the most severe way.All these constables participated in a ceremony were you swear over the bible to be honest and serve the country. Is this part of our 43% problem,so they make a mockery of the swearing ceremony.In the old days ,guys that wore uniform and broke the law,were put against the wall. We have to work more improving the force,most of our police come from humble homes,small towns ,farmers country side. Lets see how we can elevate the intelectual segment,and put them above the AVERAGE,Lets give them the weapons to empower them so they can feel proud of their achivements and their profesion.Money flows in the elegal world,and its a big temptation to our youth,lets create the weapons to combat this virus.

  3. Mr. President, just remember this: The men and women of our police force were choosen from our society which is not a too good one! NO SUPPRISE

  4. Concerned you pup every day do you ever stop to think something worth talking about or are you all pup

  5. Well, I don’t expect a fitting punishment will be meted to these guys, especially since Latony Blanchard is the son of ex-SSU officer Blanchard. These cops, ex or active, protect each other. They’re more corrupt than the criminals they swear to protect us from.

    Actually, there should be zero tolerance on the possession of illegal guns, and zero bail policy.

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