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Updated on June 5, 2020 8:29 am
Updated on June 5, 2020 8:29 am
Updated on June 5, 2020 8:29 am

PWA Says Saint Lucia Cops Being Made Scapegoats In IMPACS Matter

Saint Lucia police are at the end of their rope over the continued lack of closure to the so-called IMPACS matter involving allegations of extrajudicial police killings between 2010 and 2011.

The disclosure came Thursday from the President of the Police Welfare Association (PWA), Travis Chicot.

“The government and the necessary parties involved have not kept up to the promise of dealing with IMPACS,” Chicot asserted.

He explained that there are members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) who have continued to wait for more than eight years to see what will happen to them.

The PWA President noted that some police officers have been arrested  and released.

“But nothing has happened,” Chicot lamented.

“You could imagine the psychology of a police officer having been arrested; interviewed for the offence of murder and to now take him and send him back to work; how devastated he can be,” the PWA President observed.

He explained that members of the officer’s family would be affected.

Chicot described the IMPACS matter as having been a ‘sour point’ for the PWA.

“Because of IMPACS we have seen the hands of the police being really tied. We have not been able to get the proper training to serve the public and for some reason, everybody is trying to sweep IMPACS under the carpet,” he declared.

However Chicot declared that IMPACS cannot be swept under the carpet.

“What has to be done with IMPACS has to be done now,” he stated.

He reiterated the justice delayed is justice denied.

According to Chicot, everyone knows the content of the report that was prepared by Jamaican investigators who conducted a probe into the reports of the extrajudicial killings by police here.

“We are the scapegoats – the police; the police; the police,” he told reporters.

Chicot recalled that three investigations have been done.

He called for the outcome to be made available to the people of Saint Lucia.

“It cannot be that we continue to say ‘We are dealing with it’. There comes a time for less lip service as it pertains to IMPACS,’ the PWA official declared.

In 2015, the then Kenny Anthony government said it had received a report of an investigation carried out by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) into the alleged extra-judicial killings.

Excerpts of the report, which said among other things  that police here had a ‘death list’ were read on national television by Anthony

The document, known as the IMPACS (Implementation Agency for Crime and Security) report, followed the probe into allegations of 12 unlawful killings by the police.

In August 2013, the United States suspended all forms of assistance to the RSLPF, citing allegations of serious human rights violations.





  1. Politics suck..buh remember ORK? Operation Remove Kenny? Hope y’all realize now to leave politics to the politicians. ANY party would throw you guys under the bus to cover up for their rich mafia friends who REALLY call the shots. No mention of the “business owners” who allegedly ordered hits and catalyze the corruption..who nuff of the killers out of the street work for, but you blame it all on the police who were just puppets of corrupt elitists and business interests. While dem same fockas in their mansions cozy with their family. The puppets are now left to pay for the sins of the puppetmaster. Lucia eh real man. F**k it.

  2. The same set of officers brought down here to investigate all are now arrested in Jamaica why bring corrupt cops to investigate our officers

  3. IMPACS will never be resolved because it is not in the current government interest for it to be resolved. It was under their previous term that Operation Restore Confidence occured. So if policeman are arrested and interrogated then the dirty little secrets of who order the operation and which ministers was involved would come out.

  4. First off Jamaican Police should not and in my opinion cannot investigate nothing in saint Lucia. Two all officers involved should be vendicated even if they were wrong. Three all families that lost a member in that hit Especially their children should be compensated.

  5. Mr. President of the PWA, Sir, as you and i know that the ORC cops did nothing wrong, if not, our judges would have find fault in our officers work, but it was not so, it is only the US that have a problem with that; our legislation says otherwise concerning IMPACS; There was no wrong doing with ORC; and to make it look ugly, Kenny D. Anthony went the US way, he even did go on TV and radio saying: What? Putting the world against our hard working law enforcers, and so it is until now. I can recall of a petition launched by one Melinda Hopp in favour of the law enforcers. I do believe that K.D.A. wanted to bring down our law enforces, but instead, he went down by trying to please his allies; you know why? All of the people in high position are trying to protect their visas to these countries! To the PWA, i say: support your officers, don’t listen to those who wish to see them down! Remember you have these officers and their families in a stressful manner! Give them the maximum support!
    That is Zabo’s opinion, excuse me! And yours?


    From different perspectives, people often view things differently. Even so, ‘…All ideas shall contend.’

    However, unless people understand the role and function of a police Service, there will always be,
    (a) ‘…Misconception
    (b) …Misinterpretation; and
    (c) …Confusion;

    Those familiar with its ‘…Mantra,’ will know that the two most important role and function are,
    (i) …Protecting the citizenry; and

    (ii) …Serving the citizenry.

    Then there is the,
    (a) …Prevention of crime;
    (b) …Detection of crime.’

    Attendant to these are,
    (i) …Detention of suspects; and
    (ii) …Where prima facie evidence is available, ‘…arrest; …charge and prosecuted.’

    These shall not only be done within the realm of law, but also guided by, and respect for human dignity.

    Moreover, they shall respect the ‘…Fundamental Rights of the Individual’ as contained in the ‘…Supreme Law’ of the nation, ‘…The Constitution.’

    Consequently, Police officers, in the discharge of their duties shall exhibit inter alia, ‘…sound professional judgment and show justification for their action. Very often, they are found wanting.

    On your island, ‘…12 people were irrefutably killed.’ Those killed may have been ‘…menace to society.’ Even so, police cannot just say that to justify any killing, whether or not suspected of committing a crime.

    For their duty is to,
    (a) …apprehend and interrogate; and
    (b) …prosecute, by bringing them to justice through the judicial system.

    Not by any other way or that concluded in the ‘…IMPACS Report.’

    Police cannot justifiably act outside the Judiciary, as such will be called ‘…Extrajudicial.’

    In the first place ‘…all killings at the hands of the police require Coroner’s Inquisitions.

    Either the system had failed them or the police had failed themselves not to ensure that Coroner’s Inquests were held touching the death of those they may have killed in ‘…shootouts or of which they have been accused.’

    The passage of time would make it virtually impossible to find people who may have had knowledge of some of these killings.

    Moreover, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) would have ‘…grave difficulties,’ in putting prosecutable indictments before ‘…Judge and Jury.’

    With the authorities possibly holding onto the ‘…IMPACS Report,’ they might be too embarrassed to call upon the ‘DPP’ to take prosecutable action.

    The ‘…unavailability of witnesses’ would make prosecutions impossible.

    Even commenting all the way from Antigua and Barbuda, all in your Government and the DPP know this.

    As painful as it may be to the families of the deceased families, and as vexatious it might be to the United States, ‘…closure must be brought to the alleged extrajudicial killings.’

  7. No matter what the out come God Never Sleeps. And he is a just God . He never misses a thing in judgement

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