PWA Urges Cops To Disregard Fake News About Salary Talks

The President of the Police Welfare Association (PWA), Travis Cicot, has urged members of the organisation to disregard fake news that was posted on social media regarding salary talks with the government.

“It was conveyed that there was a meeting held via zoom with the minister and it was confirmed that the 50% cash and 50% in bonds is expected to be paid for 3 months, starting in May at interest rate of 3%, ” the ‘fake’ item announced.

“The bonds mature in April 2021. Asked whether it will be taxed they were unable to confirm. Please inform your men of the imminent implementation in other to prepare themselves mentally,” the message that was exposed as fake by the PWA President read.

Chicot made it clear that the note does not originate from and is not the position of the PWA.

“We, therefore, request that members disregard this message,” Chicot noted Thursday.

He reminded members of the PWA that no decisions have been taken by  the association.

Chicot urged members to treat the document and any other not emanating from the PWA as a hoax and to delete it with immediate effect.


  1. I wouldn’t classify that as a hoax since a zoom meeting was actually held by mangild with the members of the police hierarchy and the exact information was conveyed to them. One of the Deputies subsequently convened a meeting with senior managers and appraised them of the government’s position and requested the those managers prepare their subordinates for the disaster which is to follow. Those senior managers have complied and have began a series of meetings at their stations.

    I must say that the acton of those suckers can be described as treasonous and only seeks to undermine the PWA, the sole bargaining agent for the police. But anyway this is the police – always prepared to sell out each other for $2 more. NO matter what the outcome of the UNIONS’ discussion with Government, the police hierarchy should stay away. That is not their role.

    For empty promises they have become oblivious to the fact that at a time when Government is asking them to risk their lives and that of their families the government’s first response is to cut their pay – putting their mortgages and other debts at risk.

    That have failed to realize they are in no way responsible for the lavish spending by this government.

    That this government, upon assuming office increased the size of the public service by giving out several top paying contractual positions to their cronies.

    I think this sellout of a hierarchy would be better served by concentrating on the next general elections and focus on voting this corrupt government out of office. Enough is enough. Public servants are willing to contribute but not to the extent that it cripples them while those thieves hold on to their loot.

  2. You must be one of those undercover party hacks and a police officer at that,you alone cannot remove a government,i thought it was the RSLPF and not a flambo or labour police force .you are one of those sell outs bringing down da police force

    • Yeeee Realist, had he/she lied and said that the meeting never took place; or had said that it was great news; and/or had that the bonds are a great idea; you would have said he/she is an angel and loves the RSLPF and loves St.Lucia. You see Realist, the only thing real about you is that you believe that everybody must toe you party’s line. That makes you the party hack. So don’t come here accusing people of being what you are – that makes you a hypocrite. Now crawl pack into your self imposed isolation/quarantine from sense. Please keep your thoughts curfewed in your stupid mind.

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