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PWA Wants Body Cameras After Gun Incident Involving Female Cop

The President of the Police Welfare Association (PWA), Travis Chicot, has called on the authorities to make training and body cameras available to police officers.

His call follows a controversy over a recent incident in Dennery involving two female officers and a bus driver.

One of the officers was in uniform.

The other, said to be the sibling of the uniformed cop, is shown in one of several videos of the incident that went viral on social media, holding a lowered firearm.

“We contended and strongly postulate that if any of these officers were wearing a body camera, the stories would have been different,” the PWA President asserted in a statement to St Lucia Times.

Travis Chicot (File photo)

In commenting on the release of the videos of the incident, Deputy Police Commissioner Milton Desir had warned last week against drawing conclusions based on ‘selective’ recordings.

The PWA President echoed similar sentiments in his statement Tuesday to St Lucia Times.

“We call on members of the public to report an unbiased event against Police officers and the citizenry must not only record when Police take action but the entire incident,” Chicot declared.

“I have seen the videos as the President of the Police Welfare Association and I am of the perception that the video where the bus driver resisted the lawful arrest and was insulting the two females was not given any air play or much discussion,” he asserted.

However the PWA President noted that there was much talk in relation to the part where the female officer was holding a firearm.

Chicot said it was sad that Saint Lucia women activists did not stand against the “abuse” of the two ladies, but instead, women hurled insults at them calling them illiterate and describing them in derogatory terms.

“We are firm believers that our members at all times must hold a high standard but we understand the nature of life. We as a Welfare Association are aware that the matter is presently under investigations and we await an outcome in this matter,” the PWA President observed in his written statement to St Lucia Times.

“We again call on the authorities to make the training and the body cameras available as we seek to hold Police Officers and the citizens of this country to a high standard,” Chicot said.


  1. Chicot you are well aware that there are many corrupt police officer in the force. Now their defence is their government is in power. One said openly in Castries that if Guy cannot be arrested, nothing should happen to the corrupt police

    • My question would be what was the need to brandish the gun, there are no other mechanisms to handle such a matter. What happen to calling for back up, if she felt she was not taken seriously by the driver. What happen to taken the plate number and getting a police station along the route to pull the driver and arrest for not complying. My dad was a cop and the guns were the last resort for the older guys in the force. There are.lots of other moves that can get that same bus driver arrested at the time or later on. That is no excuse for her to use her gun as a means of getting her job done forcefully. Frances would never resort to such on time. I can name many officers who would never pull out the heir guns and get that bus driver arrested.

    • Yes, the PWA executive should have cameras for us to see how they sell out the other public servants.

  2. Corruption or not those officers were insulted, verbally abused and we talk about corruption. In what agency or profession is corruption absent. At least there is polygraph testing for the police. Which other profession subject themselves to such testing. I have heard the PWA call and condemn corrupt officers and to go further and speak of police Associating with undesirables.

    • That is understandable considering the power that they wield. What are the consequences of an officer failing a polygraph test? Who is informed when an officer fails a test? Who is accountable? There may be an appearance of accountability but accountability is nothing when there is no noticeable action.

  3. Please shut chicot. Police officers need training. 75% of them are just ignorant and u know it. And yes some need to go to the gym.

  4. We don’t even have cameras in the capital. And you want several hundred personal cameras for police.?

  5. What does this have to do with his size. You lucians don’t have half of his brains. Cause if yall did then half of the comments that you all make would be worth reading.

  6. Why don’t martin Simpson shut his trap and just read valuable contributions?(that’s if he can,I mean)……
    Travis I’m not sure but shouldn’t a firearm be drawn primarily when there is a possible threat? And you said “lowered firearm”, does that mean that it would not be used if needed. The abuse like you said was verbal. So if I have my personal firearm and someone is verbally abusing me,can I draw my firearm as long as its lowered? The conclusion is that this was a show of force .I would understand if she was being threatened, but verbally abused like you pointed out? There had to be other choices.

  7. How does Chicot know that the bus driver was resisting arrest? Is this an established fact or an after thought? Was the alleged arrest lawful? It is not officer Chiquot’s role (President of Police Welfare Assoc.) to reveal to the media any circumstances surrounding any case or arrest. The Police Welfare Association is a bargaining agent for the police in reference to their employment and only relevant to their employers. Police actions with respect to the public are handled by the police, and is relevant to the Commissioner or his delegated representative.

    It seems that the Police and many institutions in St. Lucia have an information governance issue and it due to the fact that while technological and other changes have created an environment of instantaneous information, many institutions try responding to that demand without the necessary knowledge, technology, legal and ethical frameworks. The fact that he proposes the use of body cams is a glaring example of these deficiencies. How would a Police service and the country as a whole respond to the impact of the use of such technology in an antiquated information infrastructure? Well the answer is right before us, just examine the whole story of the use of CCTV cams in Castries alone. We cannot take advantage of these technologies because we have antiquated systems and laws. To implement such technologies our whole Justice system needs an overhaul and that’s where nobody wants to go.

    A Justice system is an integrated system and each piece depends on the other. We cannot just go about changing little parts whilly nilly. Example if we implement body cams, who will be responsible for storing, managing and presenting data? Can that data be presented in a Court of Law? What are the parameters for disclosure to the public? What is the code of conduct to be implemented by the police. What are a citizen’s or officer’s rights concerning recording? How will records be preserved and for how long? etc. etc.

  8. She’s not fit for the role and needs to be rebadged immediately!!! And ensure to do proper background checks on individuals within the community and families reputation cause her family has a bad one. Don’t @ me!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop making excuses for this level of unprofessionalism; someone’s life could’ve been taken innocently after he was the victim. St. Lucia has no law. Period. If it was the other way around the poor guy would’ve been in custody right now!

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