PWA Warns Against Jumping to Conclusions When Cops Are Accused Of Brutality

The President of the Police Welfare Association (PWA), Travis Chicot, has cautioned members of the public against jumping to conclusions, following accusations of police brutality in the death of  a Marisule male.

Saint Lucia Police said this week that the cause of death of 33 year old Ali Smith was not consistent with physical violence.

Smith died on April 13, 2019  about 7:35 a.m .

Ali Smith – Deceased

He is alleged to have been beaten by the police during the first week of March.

Relatives of the deceased claimed that he was falsely accused of stealing a motor vehicle.

But according to a police statement earlier this week, the post mortem result states that Smith died from ‘left cerebral infarction due to Secondary Polycythemia as a result of COPD.

On the basis of the post mortem results, PWA President, Travis Chicot, told MBC Television that it  was important  to clear the image of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

“I have noticed a number of persons posting the officer’s picture – the alleged persons that they would have suspected and making a number of comments,” Chicot told the television channel.

He declared that the PWA would support the officer in taking action against those persons who posted his photo on social media.

“However, we still believe an investigation should be carried out in the matter. I do not have total details in terms of what would have transpired at the place, but we believe that persons must be very careful, especially when you hear allegations against police officers. Persons are very quick to jump and point fingers or to start the name calling when it pertains to police officers,” Chicot explained.

“I would call for an investigation into the matter as it pertains to whether or not the allegations of the abuse – whether it is true or not; but I support the officers at this point in terms of taking the necessary action against the persons who would have deemed them as criminals or murderers or what not,” the PWA President told MBC Television.

“So this is where as a welfare association we will throw our support with out police officers and ensure that they themselves can receive justice as it pertains to persons creating issues of libel against them,” he asserted.



  1. Mr. Chicot if you have not done your investigations like you rightly said. You should in the mean time shut your mouth. You know of the corruption of some of your men. What’s the lastest with Kimberly De Leon? Do your investigation because he was beaten badly by the officers. Will he bring every body to court. Smh

  2. What about that guy who was handcuffed and had his locks knocked off with that straight right from the bicycle police officer

  3. We John public don’t have to jump to conclusion we have Uncle Sam to do that for US as long as RSLPF keep doing what they are doing they will always have that black eye so as you were.

  4. Well Mr. president of the PWA, hope toy stand by your word! defend your men, just like Miss Mary is defending her criminals! let the public know a cop is a cop, no matter how small or big they maybe, be it male or female ; when you hear STOP OR POLICE, you freeze, if not, you will be treated as a criminal; so please respect our law enforcers!

  5. What about mr. Daniel the autopsy said he died as a result of him hanging himself. Even the doctors are part of the cover up. The system just corrupt. That’s why we cannot move forward

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