Queen Elizabeth II Has Died, Buckingham Palace Announces

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Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s longest-serving monarch, has died at Balmoral aged 96, after reigning for 70 years.

Her family gathered at her Scottish estate after concerns grew about her health earlier on Thursday.

The Queen came to the throne in 1952 and witnessed enormous social change.

With her death, her eldest son Charles, the former Prince of Wales, will lead the country in mourning as the new King and head of state for 14 Commonwealth realms.

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In a statement, Buckingham Palace said: “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.

“The King and the Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow.”

All the Queen’s children travelled to Balmoral, near Aberdeen, after doctors placed the Queen under medical supervision.

Her grandson, Prince William, is also there, with his brother, Prince Harry, on his way.


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Editorial Staff
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  1. St..Lucia got its Independance from England 22nd February 1979 so St.Lucians Born Before 1979 Should be Qualify for a British Passport that never happen.These White English Used Black people as their Slaves to Acheive their Goal.I have No Respect for these Bambooklaat King .Queen .Prince and Princess

    • I agree with you Mr. Puting. However, we must blame Compton as well. A few years ago, I (being one who was born under the Monarchy) called the British Embassy regarding the point you raised. They did inform me that there was a period given, after independence, where Lucians born before 1979 could have applied for citizenship. However, that was not communicated to the populace. Compton and his gang knew of that but they didn’t do anything. Don’t get me wrong . . . I am 100% happy being Lucian and having a Lucian passport and no one else’s.

    • Because black ppl so damn that is why. Even today 2022 they are still damn. black ppl cannot even liVe with black ppl. soooooo.
      its like they have a chip on their shoulders constantly

  2. @Same Guy:- Agreed; there’s this life & there’s eternity. Indeed there is a judgement day, sadly some will not face that judgement, it will be straight down to the pit. The saved will reap what they sow. Don’t Judge the Queen because she was born rich, she will be judged according to one fact – did she accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour – undoubtedly i believe she must had, so let us not judge her or anyone else.
    Unfortunately, there are some of us who are quick in calling others racist, black this black that, we have this honourable fellow with a chip on his shoulder, and lots of azzes to grind, still fighting the last election.
    The St. Lucia I was brought up in was one with respect to each other, and love to one another; see what is happening now – I pray daily to the Almighty for a change, I can’t do it alone and I wonder why we have Churches. The Lord I know will help.

    • ….”chip on the shoulder”…..man get off your ass and go read, or research and open your mind House Negro. Apartheid in South Africa was just yesterday AND DURING YOUR ERA and who started it ?? Who refused to end it, if they were not pressured by world bodies and she was young ?? It’s very troubling but NOT SUPRISING when NARCISSIST can sit and penned their love for a notiable oppresive reigme such as The Britsh Monarchy. In the words of Malcom X “if you turn the other cheek, you can be enslaved for 1000 years, and if you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are been oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing”, case and damn point right here.

  3. Black People let’s celebrate this occasion and mark this day as a holiday as one of our oppressors as FINALLY, FINALLY, move off the face of the earth, I am happy to be alive to witness her demise this day September 8th 2022. To all my fellow Africans who have suffer during The Middle Passage, all who died on the high seas, in the Cane Fields, branded with hot irons like cattle at Texas Cattle Auction House, the many who died on plantations spread all over the world working in the hot sun to furnish The British Monarchy and their Lifestyle for centuries today we celebrate and I celebrate with you THE DEATH OF THEIR QUEEN. I hope she is Judged and cast to those that you have killed, rob, and rape. My Ancestors I will be beating drums all day for you to celebrate. For my great, great, grandmother Winfred Smith who was born into slavery at Balenbouche Estates and died there I celebrate you, the wretch is on her way. I hope you have a Cat O Nine on hand to greet her, give her licks everyday the same way you were flogged in the hot sun to make her dynasty flourish .

    • You are a truly disgusting thing. Not even a human being. Our queen was nothing to do with slavery. Go and get a proper education i hope you realise that you are no better than your Oppressers in celebrating her death, both things are inhumane. Our queen served us for 70 years i doubt you even work. Our Queen was also not a racist. You are very stupid and are moaning about a life that did not affect you but your ancestors which you had no control over but guess what? the queen had no control over slavery either as she was not queen back then you stupid fool. Grow up and check the chip on your shoulder. You come across racist and vile. How would you feel if you grandmother died and people said things as disgusting as what you have written here. I am white British btw and not a racist before you start that excuse. I am married to a Black Lucian with mixed children. May God strike you down for such evil comments.

      • ….when Black People speak out against their oppressors they will always be people calling you “racist and vile” so truly stated By Rev Martin Luther King. I don’t care who the hell you are married to, it does not change the price of tea in China.. The CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY SUPPORTED and FUNDED BY YOUR QUEEN CNNOT BE DENIED. How the hell do you think the Windsor’s got their wealth ?? Go read, research, and emancipate your freaking dunce mind.

      • If you remember your history some enslaved women had children by their colonial/slave masters.
        You’re not an exception. British white men are known bigots. Your wife married you for your money. And you still a racist.
        Learn to keep your mouth out of black people conversations when discussing colonialists…Boy

    • Lucian Highgrade: I applaud your honesty in acknowledging your field negro status on the St. Lucia plantation. Why then did you endorse Pip’s dishonesty in becoming the house negro in charge of the plantation? Is it because you are “all talk” and “no action,” or is it because you are really just a house negro sent to the field as a spy for your master?

  4. I sympathize with the family for their loss however, the monarchy is a symbol of oppression and genocide. I will not shed a tear for her and of course, she was quite racist.

    • if she was racist how is it she did so many visits to many countries that has so many different leaders of different races? she even meet with Nelson Mandela before he was even sworn in as president and he is black .

      • @trend…. u know ppl like u duz piss me?? ma malay was jus asking a question……no need to get on so…answer with ur great intelligence or go on smoking ur weed…chpzzz……u think after the queen died that we free from mental slavery?? think again??? smh

      • @smh don’t make excuses for ma malay. People need to educate themselves, read and research. Some of us to damn lazy to come in here to ask questions they can research themselves. @trend is on point because ma malay comment and question smh

  5. Well She has left to earth to answer to the real King – The Most High.
    This is where every tongue confess, every head shall bow and every knee shall bend. There will be no exception – every man will be treated equally.


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