Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Radio Station Burglarised

HITZ FM Radio Station has been targetted by burglars.

According to a statement issued on behalf of the  Sans Souci based radio station, on the morning of Sunday November 25,  Manager Cameron ‘Asylum’ Holder discovered that the station had been broken into and thieves had stolen all radio related equipment together with multiple technical devices such as computers, monitors, Amps and other equipment necessary to operate the station.

The station has managed to be back on air,  although not being able to operate at its full capacity, but will resume complete services in a few days,” the statement noted.

HITZ FM has appealed to anyone having information about the robbery, to please inform the Royal Saint Lucia Police or contact (758) 457-7488.

The media house has called on members of the public to be aware  that the stolen items may be offered to them for sale.

It said the public should refrain from buying them.

HITZ FM was established in Saint Lucia since 2014, and after a hiatus of about one year, resumed operations under new management as of Monday,  November 12, 2018, the statement observed.

“The station having everything in place with a new team of announcers and with  new and innovative programs, was to due to host its Re-Launch with two ‘Open Days’ at their new premises in Sans Souci, Castries on November 28 and 29,  to welcome clients and potential sponsors,” it noted.



  1. It’s a crying shame….I hate to say this honestly. Soon there will be nothing left in terms of businesses in St. Lucia …good for nothing thugs are apparently destroying companies one by one. Leave no stone unturned in your investigation. You need to look 👀 at every angle.

  2. i am appealing to the criminals ans thiefs stot stealing and go get a decent job to feed your families as God is watching what you are doing to hard working people

  3. wicked wicked wicked people!! After the people worked so hard to up their station urll go and vandalise the people hard work. This is just so sad!!!

  4. Sadly, everything has to have burglar bars, alarm and guard dogs for protection. Multilayer approach has to be the order of the day. Hopefully the maggots get caught and have to pay a heavy fine with jail time.

  5. If only the laws would permit the penalties that I would wish there would be no criminals. No thief’s no crooks. Am positively sure saint Lucia would simply beautiful.

  6. If only the laws would permit the penalties that I would wish am sure there would be no burglaries, no crooks no criminals.. Saint Lucia would simply beautiful..

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