‘Ras Ipa’ Says Blackout Day Not Racist

Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac has defended Blackout Day against criticism that it has racist overtones and supports the idea of black people spending their money at black-owned businesses.

Isaac is a strong and vocal supporter of Saint Lucia’s Black Lives Matter movement.

Tuesday is Blackout Day in the United States.

Organisers of the initiative have been calling on Black Americans to only spend their money at Black-owned businesses.

US media reports indicate that the day is getting increased visibility amid nationwide protests against police brutality and racial injustice launched by the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and others.

According to Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac, the Blackout Day concept should be imitated in Saint Lucia.

“We have noticed over the years that a number of other people from other races and other creeds have been supporting their own,” Isaac told St Lucia Times.

“We are the only race that has not really been supporting our own – we are always getting involved in other people’s business, making their business work,” he asserted.

Isaac expressed the view that if someone who is not Black establishes a business and it begins to thrive, black owned businesses begin to fail.

“We’re always supporting others apart from our own and I think loving your race first, putting your race first is not racism,” he declared.

Isaac told St Lucia Times that doing something to advance one’s race has nothing to do with racism and should be encouraged.

As far as he is concerned, Black people should be encouraged to propel each other up to the highest level.

“That is not racism in any way,” Isaac asserted.

A push is on in Barbados for Blackout Day to be recognised there, local reports say.

But those in favour of the initiative have acknowledged that one of the areas in Black businesses which needs to be improved is customer service and worker training.


  1. Didn’t take you long to bring politics into it
    Why do everything have to be apolitical
    You think a black prime minister will make a damm difference in fact they would treat you worse because they think you are to stupid to to see what is going on.
    Please don’t reply because I will not stick around to read stupid comments

  2. you will never see a indian or chinese leave a shop owned by his people and go to a black owned business naver not even if he does not like that person he hates you more. hatred of oneself is what is holding us back, love what you see in the mirror not what you are told to love in the media. wake up while you still have a chance to live free of bondage be proud of who you are as you can’t that, work on changing what you can like the PM, poverty and violence.

  3. I read the first paragraph and all I WANT TO KNOW WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE who think something is wrong with Black People spending their monies amongst themselves ??? All other race profit off and build their wealth on the backs of Black People but some people have issue with US spending our monies amongst ourselves. The Syrians come here they get rich off Black People now you can’t even talk to them some of them look down on you in the very same country of your birth in which they came and found you, The Chiny Man come and peddle his wares China Town they become rich off Black People Oh but as soon we want to do the same it’s a problem ?? Gwan and do your thing Ras I am one thousand percent behind you……..I can’t stand Illiterate St Lucians

  4. White people should withhold their tourist money too, and only visit white majority destinations lol. Also white owned pharmaceutical companies should refuse sale to black nations lol. Black people sure know how to make them selves look like incompetent subhumans to the rest of the world, what happened?

    • they would have too much to loose….you are too far gone for me to reel you back in. Maybe Black People should stop using their drugs and go back to what we use to do considering modern day medicine is based on what we Black People discovered first. We should stop eating KFC for a month, don’t buy one pair of sneakers, designer shirts, bags, no weave, braids, and brand liquor, keep our monies under our mattress and out of their banks and only use susu and see who crumble. Why do you think so many corporate entities are suddenly giving support to Black Lives Matter Movement ?? They understand BLACK MONEY MATTERS TO THEM, but you are so stupid and far gone you can’t even see that Shabbin.

  5. Well if it was the other way around black people would still be calling white people racist. I guess IPA if white people decide not to come here cause we are black you would not be out of business.
    Vendors like taxi drivers love to target white people for a sale or tours. BLM is or suppose to be about inequality, but it seems some other black people have other ideas. Carry on though.

  6. That is so silly. What about the thousands of white who marched alone side the blacks during protest. Don’t they have business too. I know its for one day. What are they hoping to accomplish.

    • ……..stick a pin right there !!! It should not be for one day it should be for everyday then we would not need them. This is “our” tourism and we control nothing of it. How many black hotels or local owned do we have here guess houses don’t count ??

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  8. I agree with IPA all blacks should buy from blacks and all whites and Indians shoul buy from their own. I guess the blacks will buy from the vendors he claim to represent. I hope the tourists are made aware of that

  9. What the hell is wrong with Blacks supporting Black businesses. Recently in the USA Blacks were encourage to move their monies from non black Banks, since then many have done so because it is so dam difficult to get a Loan from a non Black Bank. There is not a Dam thing Racist in that.

  10. Ipa you need to be careful what you say. What if white tourist say they will only buy from white people what will happen to you and the other vendors you represent. See how much you all are crying since white people have not been coming since Covid. You all have to depend on government now to survive.

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