‘Ras Ipa’ Supports Gabby’s Controversial Poem About The Queen

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The President of the Imperial Ethiopian World Federation Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac says Barbados Cultural Ambassador Anthony ‘Gabby’ Carter deserves applause over a controversial poem about the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The poem circulated on social media after the Queen’s death on September 8.

Among other things, it referred to the late monarch as ‘a quiet wicked woman’ who inherited millions of pounds from the gains of slavery yet allowed each colony to wallow in poverty. 

Entitled ‘Good Riddance To Rubbish’ the work has become the subject of controversy.

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Former Barbados High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Guy Hewitt strongly condemned it.

According to Barbados Today, Hewitt said it was in poor taste and had brought ‘dishonour’ to Barbados.

The publication also quoted the former diplomat as saying that the poem displayed Gabbys ignorance of the role of a constitutional monarchy, the history of the Commonwealth of Nations, and the late Queen’s role in it.

But Saint Lucia’s Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac has a different view.

“I must agree that Gabby is on point as a Barbados Cultural Ambassador,” Isaac told St Lucia Times.

He declared that the Royal family had benefitted from the African slave trade and had not given up the wealth gained as a result of the suffering of Africans.

According to Isaac, Gabby deserves loud applause for the stand he took in his poem.

“I feel proud of persons like Gabby,” he declared, adding that the Barbadian Calypsonian had exposed the wickedness of slavery and colonialism.

“(The Queen)directly enjoyed the fruits of our labour, the wealth of Africa that she inherited, and the riches of our ancestors,” Isaac declared, adding that there has been no formal apology forthcoming.

And he described the region’s mourning over her death as ‘an extreme form of hypocrisy.’

Gabby has been quoted as saying that he would give up his cultural ambassador designation before he apologises for the poem about Queen Elizabeth II.


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Editorial Staff
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  1. Nearly 60 years after this speech, to which I will link, below, the status of the black man in the western hemisphere has not improved; even more so, it has sharply degraded during & after the presidency of Barack Obama. How is that possible? Genuine, progressive black leaders were all assassinated, and replaced with house slaves (chief of which was Obama, himself), by the white police state!

    Here is Malcolm X’s Legendary Speech – “The Ballot or the Bullet”:

      • yes uh, so much for his comment of “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” and he put a link, the jackass, a miracle he a tell people go and do research.

  2. Here is the poem for those asking


    She was over there in Africa
    When she get de news
    She father dead
    She’ll be de British Head
    No hesitation
    No excuse !
    There she was
    Age twenty one
    In the prime of her health
    Flying home
    Not to roam
    But to Queen of the Commonwealth !
    Queen of all of India
    And New Zealand too
    Canada and Australia
    Mixed up in de brew
    The English – speaking Caribbean
    Will now become her tool
    Over all these places
    Young Lizzy will Rule !
    All their natural resources
    She hoarded
    With an Iron Fist
    Britania kept on rolling
    Lizzy did see to this!
    This quiet
    Wicked Woman
    Never lifted a hand
    To help bring Reparations
    To any Caribbean land

    She stood in silence
    ( And full support )
    When one Winston Churchill
    Killed millions of poor Indians
    Oh what a bitter pill !
    She never uttered a single word
    Against that Peta Botha
    Whose Apartheid Regime
    Unleashed its killer Beam
    On the Blacks of South Africa
    She inherited millions of pounds
    From the gains of slavery
    Yet she allowed each colony
    To wallow in poverty
    Seventy five
    Long hard years
    This Monarch Liz did Reign
    She made sure her colonies
    Made no economic gain
    A few hours ago
    We got the news
    No lies
    Fakes news or tricks
    That Lizzy
    Queen of England died
    At the age of ninety six
    I can’t offer no sympathy
    I’ve never been a hypocrite
    Her son Charlie
    Is sure to be

    Sitting where she did sit
    At last !
    He will become the Monarch
    The British Ruler
    The King !
    If he brings us Reparations
    Then I will support him !
    Written September 8th 2022.
    From 5.01 pm to 5.23 pm.
    Dr. The Most Honorable Anthony Gabby Carter
    ( Chief Omowale ).

    • Gabby is a sore loser, who needs to get his facts before chastising anyone. If generations of mine acquired wealth wrongfully, am I supposed to find the people that were wronged generations and give it back to them. We trying to insist that slavery was a British phenomena. Slavery existed in Egypt long before Christ. Isn’t Egypt an African country. Slavery has it’s roots embedded in Africa. Continue to do your research and you would learn that it was Africans who sold Africans to the British to bring in as slaves to the West Indies. Shouldn’t we be seeking reparations from Africa as well.

      • What! I don’t think the argument is about whether Great Britain invented or created slavery.

        Fact is and it is a FACT they benefited tremendously from Slavery which means they actively took part in it.

        No we shouldn’t be seeking reparations from Africa (we should partner up) as Europe plundered quite alot from them as well.

        Just visit the British Museum (and other European ones) or do some research as to number cases where African and other countries are demanding they STOLEN artefacts the Benin collection being more prolific.

  3. was queen Elizabeth really to be blamed for personally for our ancestors during her reign as queen? correct me if i am wrong but i saw that slavery started in 1619 and was abolished in 1834. the queen was born in 1926 and was crowned queen in 1953 so if i am correct she was barely around during the slavery years and even the time she became queen it was way after slavery was abolished so if anyone has to be blamed it would maybe be her father and fore fathers and not her personally

    • @ma malay: You haven’t being paying attention! Or, perhaps I missed the part where she renounced ALL her wealth, and ceded it to the general reparations fund! Every penny she has amassed, up to her death (and which will now be passed on to her heirs), is derived from proceeds of the slave trade – your willful ignorance of this fact can be inferred from your ‘nom de plume!’

      • ok a question to you , if she gave her wealth to the general reparations fund how is it that people are still calling for reparations for slavery? is this something different? cause if the queen can do what she wants and she has diplomatic immunity or what ever you call it then we will see those reparations for slavery

      • @g.w at 2:02 pm: Are you living in an alternate universe? Or, are you having issues expressing your thoughts in words that make sense? Try again!

      • oye the guy asked you a simple question if you cant answer to it then just say so instead of giving that smart mouth response

  4. Gabby’s ode is rather tepid! It is a “t-abc” critique of a centuries-long oppression of black & brown people of the world, and, reparations are not defined!

    Yes, reparations are not defined! The piddling amounts of money which SIR Beckles of Barbados is willing to settle for, cannot repair even one hair that was harmed on a single ancestor of ours! (Why do you think this house slave was chosen to represent us at the negotiation table?)

    The whole western world is aware that every penny they own now is derived from proceeds of the slave trade. As merely a start to full reparations, every asset of every westerner, and every western institution must be transferred into the global account of all whose ancestors were slaves. And then, we must decide among ourselves how far in the future our oppressors must work without profit (being paid just a subsistence wage) to atone for the non-financial, intangible (to them) hurt caused upon us.

    Even if that score can be settled amicably, the western ruling class would then have to contend with reparations for the African & Asian countries that have been pillaged after the end of “slavery”, of their natural resources, culture, and personal development. How will the reparations be calculated, then?

    The western oligarchy does not ever want to be called to account; that’s the reason they have embarked on a severe program of eugenics, so that there will be no one left to pay reparations to. They have started to buy up all the arable land in order to plant poisonous GMO crops, and to buy up water rights, as well. Those who cannot afford to buy food and water at the prices they set will be allowed to starve to death.

    Too late, they have started to badger Russia & China into war; to forestall any challenge to their plans of hegemony and enslavement for the entire planet’s population. With the spate of bunker-building in New Zealand & Patagonia, they’ve even considered the option of nuking the world to achieve their ends.

    As you can see, Gabby’s ode, though well-meaning, is merely undeserved civility towards our oppressors – the level of civility they have engendered in house slaves, past and present!

    • ….Nudge BIG UP YOURSELF ……….Of course you have these Uncle Tom House Niggers who don’t get it, will never get it, even in these informative years and when it’s blatantly clear, they will make every single excuse for it they could find under God’s sun to express their inability views to any crimes against Black people objectively. Flip the script and ask them about genocide against Jews and they will quickly rubber stamp it. They are beyond mental enslaved and so programed you cannot hold reasoning with them.

      • @The Most Honorable Lucian Highgrade: Thanks for your kind words of encouragement! I concur with the truth you have expounded!

        On the matter of reparations for so-called Jews: Immediately after the Nuremburg Trials reparation payments were immediately released to any one who self-identified as having suffered under the Nazis, usually with a tattoo recieved at a concentration camp (a method ripe for fraudulent claims abuse & a boon to tattoo artists).

        More significantly though is that when these initial reparation recipients died years later, the payments were automatically transferred to their heirs!

        And here in this forum, we have self-hating blacks taking the position that current whites should not be responsible for reparations for us, even though they continue to profit from slavery, to this day! Even more galling is to transfer their self-hate to anyone looking out for blacks today.


  6. Hear a.bunch of haters and failure we.cant.decide how some one.spend what.they inherits.ask your self if you would let someone do that for you.

  7. BIG UP GABBY. BIG UP UJU ANYA. Thank you for telling it like it is, Gil Nobel would have been so proud, Nanny of The Maroons would be so proud. Malcom X would have been so proud. Nelson Mandela would have been so proud. Bob Marley would have been so proud. Marcus Garvey would have been so proud. Martin Luther King would have ben proud. Shaka Zulu would have been proud. Frederick Douglass would have been proud. Harriet Tubman would have been proud. Dutty Bookman would have been so proud. All freedom Black Fighters would have proud.

  8. Politicians and people in High Positions are afraid to castigate the Queen, who benefitting from our ancestors Hard labor. And for person to be saddened by the death of a person who exploited their people is nothing short of suffering from the Stockholm syndrome, where persons were sympathetic with their Oppressors and forgiving of their oppressors.

  9. Some of the people acting like is Jesus Christ they CRUCIFY and not a Wretch that was the head of an empire that is responsible for the death and under development of millions of Africans, like she restore us. My mother is my Queen, some people are so mentally enslaved they can’t even step out the box for a minute and reflect on themselves.

  10. Yes Rass Blessings my Bredrin Fire Pon Rome , bun out Babylon. Rass did you see Uju Anya tweet ?? Fire me a tell yuh Bredrin. You know what kills me ?? Some of these Clowns acting like it’s a LIE, the man a say AND IF TO SAY we should hush, hush, “this not the time for it” we should be good quiet Niggers. LET THEM MOVE THEMSELVES….Black People been quiet for two long, The Wretch got off easy she died and was not charged and hanged for all The ATROCITIES she has done to Black People.

      • Monarchs (and in particular, British monarchs) have, can, and will commit any crime they choose without fear of lawful reprisals; because it literally is the monarch’s government, military, police (even to the Royal St. Lucia Police Force), law courts, money, etc. To what authority would you bring charges of royal crime? The royal authority is unimpeachable! You think the monarch would ever rule against crimes committed by, or in the name of the crown?

        In the UK, In order to shield from close scrutiny of their criminal activity (according to statutes of law, to which we, mere mortals are accountable to), the crown uses the entity of the City of London, a legal corporation which occupies the one-square-mile area (The City of London boundaries stretch from Temple to the Tower of London, on the River Thames including, from west to east Chancery Lane and Liverpool Street) in metropolitan London. By law, they can commit any crime, as a proxy for the crown, without legal reprisals!

      • ……it would be hard but not IMPOSSIBLE. The evidence is overwhelming they can’t deny it. A report stated 90 percent of the world’s population as known this woman as their queen so the mental slavery is entrenched in our DNA her crimes are deemed nothing to bitch about…..as if it’s normal. I can’t imagine any black man/woman getting away with this Edie Amen didn’t , Hitler didn’t and she has killed more combined. Their Colonial psychological philosophy on mankind is everlasting millions are mourning for her even with all the atrocities levy against her. A body of various people from across the globe would need to establish an investigative tribunal similar to that of the Hauge and bring charges against her. This would come with huge condemnation even from our own political leaders out of fear. It’s the fear factor that would get her off……the devaluation of our dollar in particular. So in earnest, she has created and enjoy the perfect crime for decades and died with out been charged .

      • @nudge wow so at nudge you telling me these people can do anything they want to and nobody can stop them or take them to court or anything? if yes then no wonder some of our ministers act the way they do when they in government. by the way how did you know this information it was really interesting to read

      • @g.w here is a link you can read and others as well, i hate when people ask where they can get information and others want to be so stingy about sharing it and want to be like “do your own research” people can do their own research for true but nothing wrong in giving a little direction on how and where you should start the research. so here is a start

      • ma malay is telling us that up to this point in his/her life, the following sentence has never come up for discussion: “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

      • That nudge in his arrogance will respond to a genuine question by telling the person go do your research. That idiot reads every bit of sh6t on the net to come here regurgitate and play bright.

      • @Keep Discovering: I am no Johnny-come-lately to research of my interests. By the age of six and a half, I had already exhausted the children’s section of the Castries Central Library. I then got a special dispensation from the head librarian to move upstairs and begin borrowing adult books. I can state, quite unabashedly, that between the age of 7 and 13, I spent at least 2 hours every week-day, at the library, devouring books with relish; then took home my allotted 3 book rentals, to consume at home, while using a flashlight, since I was supposed to be asleep by 9:00 P.M. And, I still found time to buy bread from Amur, play cricket & football with my friends, and finish my home-work!

        Let me ask you a couple of questions: What is the point of your visits to this forum? Is is to put your willful ignorance, of your professed interests, on public display?


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