Thursday, December 5, 2019

‘Ras Ipa’ Wins By Landslide In Secret Ballot

The outspoken Peter ‘Ras Ipa’ Isaac romped to victory Sunday night when vendors voted for the first time ever by secret ballot and reelected him as president of their association.

Isaac gained 57 votes to the 8 of his challenger Milton Gillette.

Gillette (l) & Isaac shake hands

There were three spoiled votes in the poll that was supervised by officials of the electoral department.

The vote took place during the biannual general meeting of the Vendors Association, which is celebrating its 27th anniversary.

The theme of the meeting, held at Sunbilt, Castries, was ‘Unity in Diversity In the Face Of Adversity.’

The newly elected Vendors Association President declared after his win that his first order of business is to ensure that his new executive works with him.

Isaac addresses vendors

He told St Lucia Times that for too many years he has been the voice of the association.

“We need a public relations officer that could talk out there and do certain things and say certain things on behalf of the association,” Isaac stated.

He expressed the view that too much pressure is placed on the Vendors’ Association President who almost has to do everything.

The newly reelected President told St Lucia Times that he wants to ensure there is shared responsibility.

Vendors at AGM

The other members of the new executive are: Geread ‘Scoobie’ Cherry, Vice President; Asha Weekes, Secretary; Adella James, Assistant Secretary; Sylvia Calderon, Treasurer and Linda Edward, Public Relations Officer.

Three trustees were also elected.

Peter Isaac’s reelection as Vendors Association President will obviously be seen as a vindication of his leadership in the face of criticism from  Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, with whom he has been at loggerheads for some time now.

Isaac’s reelection comes despite Francis having hinted in the past that vendors should dump him.

Earlier this year, the Mayor asserted that there was a lot that the Castries Constituency Council could do for vendors, but said they need an association that has a proper structure.

And last year the Mayor vowed that he would bypass Isaac and deal directly with the vendors.




  1. IPA has taken many unfair body punches from the general public and the Mayor of Castries. They tried to brutalize and dehumanize him. I hope by the overwhelming confidence that his fellow vendors have shown in him, he will now get the respect that he rightly deserves from the Mayor and the general public. Good always rise over evil. Want to wish the new executive of the Vendors Association well.

  2. I could only hope that’s not going to play politics as in the past and be nutral to the vendors he now has put himself in the public radar . the all seen eyes are on him . proceed my brother.

  3. “Biannual” do they have elections twice for the year or every two years? Which is “biennial”…

    Why have journalists gotten so lazy or is it laissez-faire

    • Why do readers not read to comprehend as opposed to reading to find fault? The article never said elections were biannual

  4. Bravo, Ras ipa and the vendors on you’ll election which took place yesterday. This is a clear indication that the vendor’s are satisfied in the representation that the gentleman is giving to them.Whenever you’re trying to tanish or destroy a man’s reputation, for political reasons, the opposite of it must be seen. Mr Ipa, I, urge you now to go out there and Carry out your mandate and don’t disappoint the vendors. Let your critic, Mr Mayor, See’s now the power is in your hands and not him. He’s been rejected totally and make sure you pressure him to meet the vendor’s needs and don’t victimized them, respect them for whom they are.

  5. Congrats

    We should lead by example. Why wear a jacket and tie in this hot climate. I always laugh at those idiots in parliament. Did you know the shirt jack was created by the British because it was so hot. Now we are wearing jackets to look formal.

  6. Big Up Yourself Rass yes Brethren Babylon try to bring down the I but the people decided to let the Rass lead them against dutty Castries Babylon. Don’t worry about that Batty Bway Francis his time is limited. May Jah bless the I Brethren and give the I guidance and strength in all your endeavors going forward Brethren to deal with wicked Babylon. Rastafari every time.

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