Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Raymond Speaks After Leaked Tapes, Says His Wife ‘Devastated’

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Public Service Minister, Doctor Ubaldus Raymond, has spoken publicly for the first time after recordings of him and a woman with a distinct Trinidadian accent were leaked.

The recordings at times contained salacious conversation and talk about Saint Lucia government business.

Raymond told Talk Show Host, Rick Wayne, on Thursday that his wife was ‘devastated.’

However Raymond described his spouse as being a very strong spiritual woman.

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“She is dealing with this from a very spiritual perspective,” the Senator, who is reported to be a member of the Seventh Day Adventist faith explained.

“She is a mighty woman of God and I told my wife sometimes I don’t deserve her, because of certain things,” Raymond said in excerpts of the Talk Show replayed Friday night on HTS Television.

Nevertheless, Raymond said he has received “100 percent support” from his female friends.

He also defended his performance in government.

“I have not faltered in any way when it comes to my work. I believe that have given my full support to the Prime Minister,” Raymond declared.

But he said he would not be surprised of the Prime Minister did not return him to office.

“As I said to him – the prerogative is his. He determines that,” Raymond stated.

“The person they are trying t portray me to be, they can get a couple dozen who are worse than who they are trying to portray me to be,” he explained.

He said he told his wife recently that he has been under tremendous pressure from women.

“A lot of pressure and I have done a very good job in resisting them Rick,” he told the Talk Show Host.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet said that contrary to media reports, Doctor Ubaldus Raymond had not, in fact, resigned from the Senate and as Minister of Public Service.

The denial came several days after several media organisations carried the story.

The prime minister told reporters that an investigation into the the situation is ongoing and that he would prefer to comment only after ascertaining the facts.

Doctor Raymond is currently on leave, according to an April 11, 2019 statement from the Attorney General’s Chambers.

Raymond had earlier been embroiled in a blackmail case involving two 18-year-old women concerning purported nude photos of himself in 2017.

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