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Updated on July 6, 2020 3:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 3:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 3:47 am

RCI Fires Timothy Poleon

Radio Caribbean International (RCI) has fired award-winning Journalist, Timothy Poleon, reliable sources have confirmed.

Poleon’s letter of dismissal was received Friday, according to reports.

Sources told St Lucia Times the document was signed by Managing Director, Tamara Gibson.

According to information, Poleon and the management of RCI fell out over his application for a radio broadcast license.

The veteran broadcast Journalist is reportedly planning to set up his own radio station.

Poleon, a two-time Journalist of the Year, worked at RCI for 28 years and is credited with starting the station’s Midday News Edition and the popular Newsspin call in talk show.

In addition to working at RCI, he also anchored the nightly news on DBS Television between 1993 and 2011, when he moved to Choice Television as anchor and News Director.

In 2016 Poleon moved back to DBS.



  1. With Mr Poleon’s integrity and popularity, RCI should really have shook Mr Poleon’s hand and offered him their well wishes. Their mediocre action speaks of jealousy and ill-will. Imagine that!!! Shame on RCI!! Dismissal?? They should compliment Mr Poleon and wish him well. I will be following Mr Poleon, and ban listening to RCI.

    Anyway, GOOD LUCK to Mr Poleon, he deserves to move on! Why didn’t they lash the same ill will on Pringles and Mr Williams when they left RCI to open Vybe Radio?? Double standards??

    • Lyn get your facts right about pringles and Mr.Willims they got worst. Much worst the fact is though they started their radio station after leaving Rci license and all check the facts.

  2. Can’t keep a good man down for heavens sake 28 yrs of a man’s life be happy for him wish him well give him support geezzzz
    Good luck Tim 👍

  3. You see how greedy they had so much of his time.The man wants to work for himself instead you support him you ******* him up.Dont worry Tim just like you worked had to see yourself with your own it will come.I will have no reason to listen to them again.

  4. Typical St. Lucian gutter behaviour from those”higher up” the ladder. They cut you down when you even attempt to improve. Mentally enslaved even without the physical shackles. Timothy will outpace them for sure. Let me guess cause of dismissal “conflict of interest”????

  5. Goodness, Timothy God’s got you, he is in control. That’s the Saint Lucia we live in now, your own people try to keep you down. Wish you great success in your endeavours. You just can keep a good man caged!

  6. RCI be prepared for the backlash. Advertisements which is required to sustain the radio station will be wipped off! Corporate St. Lucia, STAND UP!!!!!
    You’ll will NOT keep him down. He has sustained your radio station can’t he do something for himself?

    And this Tamara Gibson…you should be locked up with all the garbage you carry…no credibility

  7. Timothy now is your time to SHINE AND INDEED YOU WILL SHINE!!!! While you watch RCI crumble

  8. So is it ethical to be at the station while setting up your own? Why not resign to pursue your goal?

    • If he resigns then he would lose all his years of service. It’s better for him to get fired duh.

  9. All the news and issues that we face or we are facing as a nation, not once he has highlighted any! So glaring is the difference from the last seated government. We as a country deserve factual and unbiased information from media personnel not reports to favour any government and have their pockets filled. I wish him well but won’t miss him on Newsspin

  10. All the news and issues that we face or we are facing as a nation, not once he has highlighted any! So glaring is the difference from the last seated government. We as a country deserve factual and unbiased information from media personnel not reports to favour any government and have their pockets filled. I wish him well but won’t miss him on Newsspin

    • Very true! 2014-2016 Mr. Poleon was always on the air-waves blasting the former administration performance on everythting. Now, 2016- Current…. nothing, anybody critiques to current administration he brings up the past administration faults. You have to keep the same energy no matter who is in office. He criticized La Corbinere performance as security minister while the current one just had the high murder rate in our history and not a word.

  11. This is incredible Mr Poleon a self made man,street savy,smart and centered,keeping it clean and unbiased.Timothy I have been listening to you for more than twenty years,and I know how to apreciate all the knoledge that you have mustered in all these years,I still cant believe that a radio station for whom you have worked for so many years could treat you in such a way.That is the end of RCI for me.You are by far the best in the bussines,and you have thousands of followers,you will be so succesfull once you get into your own radio station.Listening to RCI today made me sick,I cant wait to hear you again on the waves.Sorrofully we St Lucians cant recognize and apreciate those within us,that have special qualities and stimulate them to be the light that shines bright in all this darkness of mediocraty


    • So they brought another has been and a conman (Grynberg) and SLP stooge to replace him? And of course con knows con. Birds of a feather flock together. Disbarred.

  13. Tim got his own Station why are we putting RCI Down. His time to shine is now. RCI needed a new voice live goes on

  14. Tim please do not bite the hand that feed you……. It was John Oldum and Gibson that help you a long the way….. Now you want to promote Chastanet and his gang…..

  15. What a big blunder. My advice , you should have called Tim aside and convince him to resign and pay him his full benefits. But now not only will you have to pay him you will also lose the ads which are the backbone of your company. Tim has a huge following didn’t you guys know that or is it because you think he’s UWP?

  16. The last thing u had to do was apply for the license on your way out.yall suppose to be the smart ones.u wanted to stay there working getting their money access to all contact,clients plus all future plans locally regionally and internationally all whiles setting up as they competition or really u don’t see the need to remove him from a business point.u go in to business to make a profit simple n the end it’s numbers that matters.nit love n friendship u have family n friends for that. Mind u this can only happen for certain type of u can bring in a 40 feet container of the same product with ur rival or rvials split cost save money then sell how u want mark up or down.not for radio

    • What your feeble brain jettisons out of your uncharitable self – a false pretense of a knowledgeable persona-is much more detestable that what you say is the (reason) “y” (you ) don’t watch his programs. My take , even with the knowledge and information that he so diligently imparts,you remain bogged down in the pit of ignorance. And to think that the age old maxim says that “ignorance is bliss”. Take it from me my unlearned friend, Sheldon , falls way short in suggesting that you are merely an idiot. You are a JACKASS.

    • Yup! Facts! I appreciate everyone has the preferred party but when you are a journalist it must not affect your work. Mr. Poleon changes the amount of pressure he puts on government based on which party in power and that is a FACT!

  17. Tim I was listening to news spin for your sake. News spin ratings will go down, I wish you well wherever you roam,keep up the good work.

  18. in st lucia good workers are hardly recognized or complimented.ive been listenining to mr poleon for decades now and this gentleman is of internatinal standards,he s very professional gas an excellent command of the english language,excellent intonation and delivery.many claim that he is politically slanted but honestly ive not seen any sign of that in his professional approach to his work.ive already started missing him on rcis flagship programme;newspinn.anyways life goes on and im wishing him all the best.its high time we in st luciia learn to appreciate our own icons whlie theyre alive and kicking and appreciate professionl persons like mr tim.he is defineltly of bbc standards

  19. In St. Lucia, the scums of the earth keep rising while the push others down; the politicians – all of them -are not interested in progress and what’s beneficial for the country/masses.

  20. Tamara not ashame.???? Walling aaw round st.lucia like people dont remember the crumbs she committed. Ur day will come wretch

  21. Timy you great they fired you,you got your money what else thats just what you needed.Keep it going,small town big talk,you fine we all behind you

  22. This woman goes from stealing money to firing people. Why does she even have any type of authority in any business place.

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