RCI ‘Poised To Deliver’ On ‘New Brand’

Press Release:–  Radio Caribbean 1982 Limited announces the company’s initiative as part of an effort to align the existing brand with a new corporate identity.

The move serves to redirect the brand’s focus to become more in tune with current media trends, as well as with the satisfaction of its clients and listeners.

In identifying the best way forward, the company sought to improve the brand’s attributes while leaving the foundations of the business largely undisturbed.

As such, since January, 2018 the company has undergone a series of structural improvements to redirect its internal operations and onair content.

The initiative has further strengthened through the year with the introduction of redesigned programming including Youth Unplugged and She Speaks, both of which have enjoyed growing commitment from listeners and sponsors alike.

There has also been a movement away from some outmoded programs into a more contentfocused direction.

The station’s managing director Tamara Gibson remarks, “As the nation’s longest operating media provider, the time has come to improve our performance, perception and impact on a local and regional scale. The market is an ever-evolving climate and we fully intend to reassert our position as the number one choice in radio.”

According to Gibson, this “call for reinvention” is necessary to meet the demand to deliver the highest quality service in a digital age. Radio has transcended mere FM broadcasting to evolve into an experience that is multifaceted. The traditional audio-based programming that the station once offered has been expanded to include visual content, high quality news and talk shows by way of interactive media platforms.

Radio Caribbean International is poised to deliver on their new brand promise of creating avenues to add value to the customer experience and producing content that resonates with all segments of the population.

As a valued fixture in local radio, the company is currently preparing to observe its 58th anniversary of broadcasting at the end of the month. The company formerly launched its new brand identity on February 7th, 2019.


  1. RCI what a bunch of amateur clowns You have no idea what a radio station is all about.You cant have a clown screaming all morning and selling his trash and at the same time squezing his gonards .Then getting into a religious fit.You trying to help in educating and stimulating our population in absorbing a higher level of culture,by putting a monkey on the mikes all morning.? First you have to teach all your radio comentators the English language,then only some can learn how to talk on a mike,the tone the pitch the sequence.Have you ever thought of that,theres a couple of schools,were you get a degree,make use of them,you are killing St Lucia

  2. You see what you get,you dropped Timothy,and your ratings went to the dumps,this is called disaster.The most well known radio comentator news broadcaster,you thought you had the upper hand ? wrong ,we the radio listeners we control the dial.and your pockets are going to suffer,our money is moving to another radio,

  3. RCI will soon realise that it cannot re-brand without Timothy because he is a brand by himself. I will be one of Tim’s first callers on Real FM on Monday.

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