Saturday, August 13, 2022

RCI Staff Disgruntled Over Pay, Other Issues – NWU Seeking Urgent Meeting With Management

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Disgruntled staff of Radio Caribbean International (RCI) downed tools on Friday morning as the National Workers Union (NWU) sought an urgent meeting with management to discuss pay and other issues.

“The employees are disgruntled as it relates to outstanding matters we have been attempting to talk to the company about and getting some resolution,” NUW General Secretary Johann Harewood explained.

The union official disclosed that the NWU had been discussing the issues with the company since late last year, with follow-up meetings in January and February this year.

According to Harewood, a follow-up engagement with RCI and its representatives was to take place within two weeks.

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He told St Lucia Times that the union has been trying to get hold of the company representative it met since the February meeting.

 Still, there had been no ‘positive feedback.’

“You have had a situation where people’s wages have been cut sometimes on two and three occasions between 2020 and now and there is no certainty in terms of where they go forward. Their commitments, their bills, their financial situation has not improved and given the situation of the rising prices of goods and stuff they are in a worse situation,” the NWU General Secretary lamented.

Harewood said banks are constantly calling the radio station employees, some 12 of whom the NWU represents,  regarding repayment of car loans and mortgages.

And the NWU official asserted that the situation represented a daily psychological burden for the employees, while the management of RCI has given no definite indication regarding the way forward.

“They obviously cannot continue under that kind of financial duress,” he declared.

“We have requested a meeting with the company and we are going to make ourselves available as early as today to meet them to discuss the way forward. We hope the company in good faith will understand the urgency of the situation and meet us as quickly as possible,” Harewood expressed.

St Lucia Times has so far been unsuccessful in attempts to reach out to a company representative for an official comment.


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  1. That union called the NWU with Mayers,harewood and Menard is a useless private sector union as they have never fought for a minimum wage for the workers in the country but I am sure that they does earn 15 thousand a month each one of them

  2. Wow, just wow!!! When a Jonny come lately commands a the highest salary and seasoned radio personalities are asked to to a pay cut what more can you expect? A hahaha RCI why I I 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  3. Let PJP pay you’ll. You’ll do enough Souse for SLP during elections.

    But on a serious note…the management of RCI sucks! We don’t expect any better…St. Vincent?!!??? Pay the people their danm money

  4. lol they should put that soaps on Let la . Iwaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but on a serious note that’s how these employers do and when the union reps want to have a meeting the representative of the business place always gives some cock and bull story to not have the meeting, its high time this crap stops and they end up losing a bunch of good workers.

    also there is always a soucer employee that is against the union, how can you be against something that fighting for your behalf? these people dont care about you all they care about is that you do their job, they can fire you at anytime they wish. Apart from the pay cuts it sounds like a similar situation with that company that sells water up north on your way to pigeon point

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