Re-opening of Schools post Tropical Storm Isaac

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Press Release:–  The Department of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations in consultation with the St. Lucia MET Services and the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) wishes to inform the general public that schools will reopen for normal operations tomorrow Friday 14th September, 2018.

We are indeed extremely grateful that the country has been spared any calamity as a result of the storm’s passage. The Department of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations along with NEMO urges everyone to continue to make the necessary preparations and to always stay informed of weather conditions during this hurricane season.

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  1. You people must feel like idiots for repeating this nonsense again. Next thing I expect to see is that you all close all schools for the entire hurricane season as a precaution. We’re in 21018 for heavens sake everyone could see there was no problem. Do you people know how much the country has lost as a result of that stupidity

  2. We’re paying millions to operate a met office here only to be told garbage every time get rid of the department and all the fools in there and listen to the weather channel

  3. paying millions? You probably not even paying any taxes but you talking shate.nobody can predict mother nature better to be prepared than to ignore and regret.

  4. James you maybe don’t have any children I was happy this happened should no that any little rain the city gets flooded a lot of those children must pass through the city to get home you no how worried is parents just be not knowing if our children safe one day can’t prevent a child from.learning so think again as a concern parent

  5. Asd! The Christmas Eve trough.was there any storm warning?where the hell were you?so many weather systems that took us by surprise.when we can prepare,just do it.youll people are sick with you’ll comments.

  6. When they announce storm St. Lucia nothing happens, when the storm coming they not seeing, i agree with James close the dame met office we will listen to the weather channel

  7. Precaution is better than cure. Educate y’all selves about how the weather operates before you come n talk shate. I swear uneducated people always fast to talk. Let me give y’all basic info.. Hurricane can change it spend ,strength and the place it heads too at one point it will head north west a few hours it might change to north south. This is something that no one can control ok . All we can do it Marco it n report every move it makes ok.

  8. Where is the rain up to now still waiting met office always predicts wrong weather forecast for instance the Christmas eve trough….useless

  9. I can’t understand why all this ridiculous comments here … You’ll should be thanking god that nothing happened here because we need to adhere to those warnings seriously

    • We are thankful that nothing happened. We are also upset that we are paying people to do a job, that they are not doing properly.

  10. Wow!!! There goes the rain bravo to the met office they did it again….predicted rain on Thursday wasting tax payers money on a bunch of fools which knows **** about the weather…..

  11. The met office is just a waste of tax payers money….look the rain now didn’t see that one coming….just as they didn’t see the Christmas eve trough…..bravo

  12. Wow!!! There goes the rain bravo to the met office they did it again….predicted rain on Thursday wasting tax payers money on a bunch of fools which knows **** about the weather…..

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