Politically incorrect and sane

by Dr. Andre R. L. Matthew MD

Concerned Citizen

Many in attendance at last Sunday’s protest march, were disheartened and stunned. Fear mongering, calumny and character assassination were in abundance. Disappointingly, in this era of tribal politics, this seems to be the new norm.

For decades, many learned and talented citizens have cowered from national service, fearful that their sins would be exposed before a national audience. Fellow St. Lucians, how can we build our nation, while destroying each other? Remember, we the people, are Saint Lucia!

Political party leaders, it is within your mandate to repudiate hate! A battle of ideas, opinions and perspectives, respectful of human dignity, defines the healthy politics our island nation desperately needs. Dear Honorable Prime Minister and Honorable Leader of the Opposition, insist that party members use political platforms, talk shows and press releases to edify, inspire and educate. In so doing, we will advance national pride, community, love of neighbor; and make St. Lucia, the Helen of the West Indies, once more.



  1. Andra Matthew it seems you have an extremely short memory. You forgot John Compton had the police to shoot two banana farmers in Dennery. IsntI that hate. Chastanet refused to have a good hospital for the nation. Isn’t that hate? Common Andre

  2. You have absolutely NO moral compass to speak to Saint Lucians on any matter whatsoever. You are one of the most despicable doctors to exist on this island. Your attempts at undermining the SLMDA, a body which you are part of is the heights of dirt and filth. Your attempts at fear-mongering in this article WILL NOT WORK. Saint Lucians have spoken loud and clear and will continue to speak and PROTEST AND MARCH and ain’t a damn thing you can do about it. I understand your worry because your gravy train is about to dry up.

    • Shorna, why does he not have any moral compass ? Is it simply because he has different views. As a result, you speak with such strong & hateful words: dirt, filth, despicable Hatred for political parties and its members on such a small island can never be a good thing

  3. The hospitals in crisis long before Mr Chastanet got there. The current administration trying to remedy the ills. There are a lot of things to correct. The current government have not done one term in government yet. Let the government work their way to get the job done.

  4. Dr. A.R.L.M (MD) Didn’t this party knew about this country’s problems? Why did they told us all this crap, and now they can’t deliver?Why are they treating us with mépris, calling us names etc,? Tell me something; Are you a Dr. or a preacher? So now you trying to become the savior of the UWP; well they do need one, hope it’s not too late!

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