‘Red Ants’ Jailed For Phone Snatching

Josiah Antoine, alias ‘Red Ants’, has been sentenced to six months in prison for snatching a mobile telephone from a non-national, the office of Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis has announced.

A release from the Mayor’s office said Antoine was also fined $500 for possession of a dangerous weapon when he appeared in court at Gros Islet on Wednesday.

‘Red Ants’ was pursued by public spirited citizens last week Tuesday after shouts that he had stolen the visitor’s mobile telephone in the William Peter Boulevard.

Police officers on patrol eventually apprehended him near the Castries Market.

The accused was subsequently charged by the City Police and taken before the court, where he was remanded until April 10.

The stolen mobile telephone was recovered.

Castries Mayor Peterson Francis was quoted in a release from his office as praising the City Police for the big role they played in getting the accused convicted.



    • U leave Gros islet town to come Castries and pull dong hit ,you see what stealing doing ,that’s not ur first time smh.

      • @Sue Sear…you are totally obsessed with the security guards’ wages and working conditions! How stupid are you? It is a job that does not require much skill or training. What do you expect? You need to let it go !

  1. and if it was a citizen what would he have gotten ?? Certainly not six months. The sentence of six months for my tax dollars to feed and house you is too much time. Two months sentence and twelve weeks community service would have been just fine. Here is your community service. Go and clean behind the market go clean the streets and go learn a trade report to central for the twelve weeks every Mondays and Fridays between the hours of 9 am to pm any breach of these protocol gets you an additional year in prison .When the government not providing Jack for young people lock them up and let them out what you think going to happen

  2. I say 10 years in jail tourist are still coming to saint Lucia he won’t be around to try it again.thoes are the ones spoiling the country’s name and shaming people.

  3. Red ant why don’t you apply for a job at Guardsman security company they pay 4:25 cents and you only have to work 12 hour shifts the salary won’t give you house car and land but you can buy food

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