Reduit Home Burglarised, Items Of ‘Sentimental Value’ Stolen

A Reduit family is appealing for public help after their home was burglarised Friday.

They estimate that the crime occurred between noon and 3:15 p.m.

“All of our jewellery and family heirlooms were taken,” a message posted on social media disclosed.

Family says stolen pocket watch was similar to one in this photo

According to a member of the family who spoke to St Lucia Times, the items had great sentimental value.

One of the items is a watch that has been in the family for over 100 years.

According to the social media post, some of the stolen items had the names ‘Simon’; ‘Tara-Jane’; ‘Deryck’, ‘Collier’ and ‘Athena-Jane’ engraved on them.

Photo of one of the bracelets that was stolen

“These are items that are difficult to pawn,” the social media post said.

It was explained that the family believes that one burglar gained entry to the home by removing the mosquito net from a back window and somehow detaching burglar bars.

In addition to the jewellery, it was reported that $35 in cash and a modem were also taken.

A television set was left on the patio, leading to the conclusion that the intruder may have been interrupted while in the act and was forced to leave the item behind, a family member said.

A  partial footprint was also discovered on the patio.

The family whose home was burglarised has appealed to members of the public who have information about the items to call 485-5900.



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  3. Lets see if somebody picks this up the information about the items is good long ride abroad to sell these items

  4. These guys stealing are just the next wave of JOMBIES,they can’t do that in their old ages (if they even live that long),so what comes next in older age is maybe begging because let’s face it,these fellars have no future.

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