Regional Solution Urged For Youth Crime, Violence

A regional solution has been urged for youth crime and violence in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

The solution was proposed at a two-day conference aimed at examining and redefining violence prevention solutions as they relate to youth violence and prevention in the Caribbean.

Addressing the conference  that began Tuesday in the Guyana capital, Georgetown,  CARICOM Secretary General, Irwin LaRocque, was quoted by CMC News as saying that it is a regional problem that demands a regional solution.

LaRocque told the conference that has brought together leaders from youth movements, governments, civil society, development organisations and academia that crime and security is an issue that is having an impact on all the 15-members of the regional integration grouping, CMC reported.

“It is a regional problem that demands a regional solution.  It not only requires the full co-operation of all our countries but also all the stakeholders within the member states.  The multi-state, multi-sectoral response to this challenge is vital for us to succeed in defeating it,” LaRocque told the opening ceremony.

He said a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 2012 Caribbean Human Development Report on Citizen Security, noted that crime and violence impose high social, economic and cultural costs.

Crime and violence are development issues and the report recommended that a model of security for the region should be based on a human development approach with citizen security being paramount, he added, according to CMC News.

The two day conference is intended to design’ transformational youth-centred action’ to combat crime and violence and address constraints that youth activists face in improving safety outcomes in their communities, it was reported.


  1. Where is the action plan, the specifics, following the two-day conference on transformational youth-centered action? There are so much talk and so little actual work being done to correct the growing problem of violence and crime in the Caribbean.

  2. Are the SG and CARICOM interested in Free and Fair elections in CARICOM member states? Citizens of Dominica, for example, have been pleading, advocating for Years for electoral reforms, namely, cleaning a bloated voters’ list, (Pop. about 70,000, but 70,415 on list to vote?) equal access to state-owned media, campaign finance legislation. Foreign observers from the Commonwealth, OAS,and others have also recommended those reforms years ago. Citizens are rightly calling for the Electoral laws and Constitution to be respected, so that democracy could prevail, with Free and Fair elections being one of the pillars. History is replete with events, where Gov’ts are stubborn in not implementing necessary reforms to the Nation’s electoral process, and many irregularities, illegalities occur, thus resulting in Crimes, violence, turmoil CARICOM need to speak out about those deliberate irregularities and manipulations to steal elections. CARICOM is aware of the Dominica situation, but has not addressed that troubling situation.

  3. Total waste of time, unproductive, no solution, no action plan, no results meeting. I hope LaRocqe used his personal fuds to pay for this waste of time meeting.

  4. @Not news worthy and @Monrose … probably the news item is so badly reported, that they did not specify the how, the when and where in proper summary form. They only took a few statements which show no plan, or anything.

  5. Every time an individual looks to better him/her self .We get shoveled aside because of minor details.Which the leaders or pervious leaders neglect in their portfolios and oaths! Leadship is the ability to Vision thé situation and make decisions that the other individual wouldn’t.Thats how our country will elevate it’s youth.for example a man gets arrested for procession of a marijuana stick instead of encourage him to go and do better,we cripple him by leaving that stain on his police record disabling him to get legal employment! These are the tough issues the youth of today are faced with St.Lucia how are we as leaders going to fix them?

  6. After reading this article twice, i could find no solution proposed? I hope it was not just another meeting for people to get a free trip and per diem to buy duty free rum and perfumes for their significant others ?

  7. (Youth activities,) written in your article. Sir, according to what i just read; i find it’s a shame for the 15 member state CARICOM to have such an article posted on their behalf! talking about solution when you have none; what solution are you talking about? the time for talking is up; now is action time!

  8. Every year you get thoiusands of students finishing school.Ther is only work for a few lets say 20%,were do the rest go? if they were to follow studies they need money to pay,the courses.We dont have vocational schools,is the street the best thing we can offer them for their future career.Lot of talk no solutions

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