Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Registered Saint Lucia Ganja Cooperative Expected In April

Ganja advocates will be meeting on Thursday to advance plans for a Cannabis Cooperative, the Chairman of the Cannabis Movement of Saint Lucia, Ande ‘Pancho’ de Caires has disclosed.

The meeting will be held on Thursday at Union with representatives of the Cooperatives Department of Ministry of Agriculture, de Caires told St Lucia Times.

He expects that the cooperative will be registered in April, 2019.

“We will be ratifying the bye laws of the herbal cooperative so that we can get it registered,” the Chairman of the Cannabis Movement explained.

De Caires said the intention is to avoid the development of a ‘plantocracy’ which would allow foreign investors to pay labourers minimal wages for their work on farms.

“Once the bye laws are ratified then we register the cooperative,” he told St Lucia Times.

“This is a big step in the process moving forward because the cooperative will be a big part of the cannabis act,” de Caires stated.

“Everything comes through the cooperative, so if you are growing commercially for the extraction plant, then all the cannabis growing would have to come through the cooperative and this makes it easy for the government because all co-ops are audited,” the Cannabis Movement Chairman noted.

He asserted that because all the transactions will be audited, it would be easy for the government to collect taxes.

Following registration of the cooperative, the plan is to begin a membership drive that will target persons who are presently making a living out of marijuana, whether they are planters or sellers.

The government of Saint Lucia is yet to announce the legalisation of marijuana, but the Cannabis Movement believes that the authorities are heading there.


  1. Well at least the young people will not be exploited by Guardsman Security Company working at the Owen king hospital for 4:25 cents with 12 hour shifts that adds up to 51 dollars a day isn’t that exploitation

  2. Yeah Aaron told me ganja would be legal in st Lucia by April…seems that is true

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