Saturday, October 19, 2019

Rehani Isidore Charged In Airport Bomb Hoax, Attempted Suicide

Press Release:- On Wednesday February 20, 2019 about 6:00am, law enforcement officials responded to a report of a bomb threat at the George F. L. Charles Airport in Vigie.

On Wednesday, March 20, 2019, Rehani Isidore of Bishops Gap, was arrested and charged for the offences of Bomb Hoaxes and Attempted Suicide, in relation to this incident.

He was escorted to the First District Court where he was granted bail on two counts of Bomb Hoaxes, in the sum of $2500.00 each, cash or suitable surety and on his own recognizance for the charge of Attempted Suicide.

Section 362 (2) of the Criminal Code states;

Bombs, hoaxes, sending messages or articles to alarm or injure other persons

(2)   A person who communicates any information which he or she knows or believes to be false to another person with the intention of inducing in him or her or any other person a false belief that a bomb or other thing likely to explode or ignite is planted in any place or location is liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for 5 years or on summary conviction to imprisonment for 2 years.

Section 94 of the Criminal Code states;

Aiding and abetting of suicide, attempt to commit suicide

A person who—

(a) aids and abets the commission of suicide by any person, whether or not the suicide is actually committed is liable on indictment to imprisonment for 20 years;

(b) attempts to commit suicide is liable on conviction on indictment to imprisonment for 2 years.



  1. Why would bail be granted to an individual who is obviously suicidal? Does it not mean that this person needs help and if they were to be out there on their own, that they can indeed finish the act by killing them selves? Just a thought

  2. I would just love to know what event triggered this action of his,and what was the motive,behind his action.The rest dosent matter to me

  3. Oh the hipocracy of the media. If this guy was a regular st lucian it would be all over the news, including any possible rumors surrounding the incident. But this a news person himself allegedly committing a crime and possibly attempting suicide and you hear nothing. I wish they give other families the same amount of privacy they have given him. It’s only when it hits home does it really sink in.

      • Did you hear this on hts,dbs,mbc, or choice news. Did you see any photos of the possible toxic substance he ingested. Did you see them interview the family or even do a clipping near the police station where he was kept. This is what I’m referring to.

  4. Its so sad that a promising young journalist would fall out of grace … I wonder what was his motive for creating a hoax … I pray for him and his family

  5. He have live by example why .Life imprisonment without parole .Too stupid .That’s the first time He’s being Caught

  6. Only for Rehani all that Law quoting.. May God help him.. They are really after this young man.. Since he asked Chastanet a question.. SMH.. Justice for Rehani…

  7. @ blessed

    Finally someone said it. These ppl are after rehani. Period. He is only guilty of making enemies in the wrong place. So many bomb scares hv happened in the past yal never make any arrest. But 2019 yal so hi tech. Miss me with that.

    • Ikr they are so many threats only that one could have been traced.smh.ull get they this my friend

    • Maybe after so many bomb threat, inly rihina was stupid enough to get caught. There are many fraud xases, ppl go unsuspected, then one is caught. Since when is it an indictment on the police to get it right once out of ten times.

  8. I feel such empathy for you Rehani, as we all have been guilty of poor judgment, particularly in our youth. I know I can speak for myself on this one. Although it is rather unfortunate that his may have ended your career, I am truly thankful that your suicide attempt was unsuccessful. The Lord has a plan for your life my dear so keep your head up and be strong. Never ever give up, for as long as there is life, there is hope. Don’t worry about the self righteous critics. They too will have to answer to their Creator some day, and your sins are no greater than theirs’ I assure you. Remember that in life, everything is fleeting and transient, including your once promising career path. The only thing that truly matters is our eternal salvation. If you have not already done so, I urge you to get on your knees and cry out to your Heaveny Father. He is waiting to welcome you with open arms and will never condemn you, for His mercy, love and grace are everlasting. This too shall pass. God Bless🙏🏽

  9. Speculations on some comments when boom scared are announced people get panic work disrupt people are in fear no one ever get caught but today one get caught people still have negative things to say my God where are we good hooray.. do bad have mercy. crying for the law to be inforce ..inforce it there’s some wrong in it I do believe that saint Lucia have the worse type of persons in any sercomstances there’s no hooras any more. God has nothing to do with saint Lucia anymore. Wow

  10. I heard that it was his child’s mother leaving the island and she was to be on the flight. Hence the reason he called the bomb scare. I’ve worked with this young man and he has always been in toxic relationships with domestic violence. But when you speak with him on see him on the streets this is far from what you see. His twins mom can tell you first hand the abbusce she has taken from this young man, mentally , emotional and physically. However no one deserves this but we must take responsibility for our actions.

  11. Still no word from the Media Association and its president? They still waiting on the details to report? They still want the public to stay away from the facts, I mean rumors? The Media Association is a farce.

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