Reinforcement Of COVID-19 Tourism Protocols After Visitors Enter Restricted Area

Press Release:-  The Ministry of Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, Culture and Creative Industries and the Department of Health and Wellness wish to thank the public for their vigilance having been made aware of a situation where two visitors made their
way from a recently reopened resort into an area restricted to them.

The Ministry of Tourism commends a vigilant resident who reportedly, under physical distancing protocols interviewed the visitors and alerted the relevant authorities.

The guests, at the time have since returned to the resort and the management have beefed up security measures.

As with the reintroduction of travel, many processes were put in place to ensure the health and safety of our nation and at every juncture, this remain of paramount importance.

Following this incident, further security measures have been implemented, and protocols reiterated across the sector.

All visitors and returning citizens to Saint Lucia must obtain a Negative CVOID-19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test at least seven days prior to travel and must also complete a PreArrival registration form.

As part of the entry requirements to Saint Lucia, all arriving passengers are required to adhere to protocols including temperature screening.

Visitors and the general public must note that during Phase One of the reopening of tourism, a confirmed booking at a Covid19 certified hotel must be presented upon arrival.

The public is also informed that except for coastline water-based tours, visitors are only allowed access to the services at the property. To date, Saint Lucia has received five (5) full international flights comprising returning nationals and guests.

Visitors are required to follow the local regulations in Saint Lucia, including the wearing of masks during on-island transportation and when in public areas on property.

Visitors are advised to also check with accommodation properties regarding COVID-19 protocols, individual hotel safety and wellness policies.

In keeping Saint Lucia safe, the Government continues to monitor global health updates and adjust protocols in an effort to mitigate the possible spread of COVID-19 for visitors and Saint Lucian communities.

The Ministry of Tourism thanks the general public for their support as we navigate this pandemic and work tirelessly to secure lives and restore livelihoods.

While we anticipate that heightened security measures will enforce the rules, the public
is reminded to contact local Health Authorities at (758) 468-5300 should the need arise and to report any infractions.

For more information about Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 response, all protocols and details of requirements prior to entry, please visit t .


  1. the mark of the beast fully being implemented by that white man. did chastanet give lucians overseas money to pay for some infected taxi and to then stand in infected long lines of people to go for corona test? these games will be UWP DOWNFALL. U WATCH. No country who have opened up to tourism in Europe is asking for this. this is ridiculous!

    • Please stop spewing foolishness…”the mark of the beast fully being implemented by that white man.” along with the rest of everything you wrote. You wouldn’t even know the mark even if it slapped you in the face with your level of thinking.

      • i see nothing wrong with what is said. there are billions to be made in giving the world a vaccine. Fauci, Gates, all of them involved. i think u should be getting yourself educated because like most lucians lots of things are beyond your grasp. they are using your foolish PM in their grand experiment with the virus.

      • uhear, just so we are clear- definitely NOT my PM. Agreed that there’s billions to be made and trust me…it is not beyond my grasp at all. I’m saying this just may not be it…it will be worse than what is currently happening— this is trial version.

  2. This is absolute nonsense a test 10 days before arrival this is a glaring loophole at least do a test of visitors here upon arrival and have them quarantined for the 2 days it takes for the results to come back in

  3. We are already taking a huge risk opening our borders especially to people who are known to have an entitled mindset.We cannot afford to just say “o.k., don’t do it again” and turn our backs without penalizing them for their non-compliance. SLU should implement and let it be known loud and clear that visitors who do not follow the rules will be heavily fined and/or deported. Plain and simple. Visitors have just start arriving and already they are doing marjee? Why is our response just to make the work harder for the security and reiterate protocols while the rule breakers get to bask in the sun? If there are no penalties for visitors who break the rules, then they will always keep breaking the rules…(If there are fines and other penalties that are in place that I am not aware of, someone please educate me. Thanks!)

    • Que….you are absolutely right. All tourism officials are bragging about is the protocols that they have in place. Never have they mentioned the penalties for deliberately breaching the protocols. Again…if people are breaking the law under a SOE….then we don’t need it! Infact…visitors should be naturally concerned to be flying to any country that is under a SOE. This state is a water down version.

  4. So…all the guests wear no masks when they are in the hotels, but our Lucian workers must? And then they have no privacy to remove their clothing before going home? Just saying… modern day slavery in another form. And we’ve opened our borders to the sickest and most ignorant people on earth…

  5. Not sure who is the idiot who thinks a tourist will travel thousands of miles, spend thousands of dollars to be restricted to a hotel room and its facilities. Deluded clowns.

  6. So many viruses has come and go……vaccines have always been developed to fight them…and this one has the hallmark of the mark of the beast…smh

  7. Covid is just a common cold that has a 99.7 recovery rate…. This is just the American government spewing propaganda during an election year. They are trying to crash the American Economy to run Trump out of office… if the American Economy rash does does much of the world…

    This is a bogus virus that is stopping your tourism. If you don’t want to lose your tourist industry and then push back against your local government and tell them to allow tourist to travel outside of their resorts…

  8. Jake…………..utterly deluded crap.
    We have had friends die and many more sick from this “common cold” in the UK.
    I think you need to read the news from other countries not just the USA.

    • Juebag….. yeah I know multiple people that have died from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, The flu, car accidents etc.. does this mean we should outlaw people from choosing what they eat or driving???

      Covid is here to stay…. we will not have a vaccine that will cure this virus anytime soon. Heck, the flu has been around for 70 years and we still don’t have a vaccine that is more than 30% effective for that…

      If we crash all out of economies out of fear for something less than .5 percent of the world’s population has and that has a 99.7% recovery rate, then we will be doomed from much more negative long term effects.

      So tell you what…. you stay at home with your silly mask and and do what you do best, yell at your husband or something…….

      • Jake, so just because there is no vaccine or cure at this time, we should just shrug our shoulders and go about our lives as if this isn’t serious? Come on man…You can downplay this all you want but the fact is that the US has over 130K deaths registered from Covid 19 which almost the entire population of Saint Lucia… The US as a first world nation is not handling this crisis well and we here cannot afford to follow in its footsteps because we do not have a tiny fraction of the medical equipment, personnel or infrastructure to adequately deal with a significant outbreak. We also have a vast number of people here that are in risk groups therefore we cannot just take your suggestions and apply it here. Saint Lucia is not the US. We will keep our masks on and follow the protocols to keep ourselves and others safe and not put ourselves at risk for the US dollar. And your last sentence to juebug…really? It was unnecessary and uncalled for. Please take some time to self reflect and heal your internal wounds before projecting onto others.

  9. We playing with fire,they were told they could not leave the premises,send them back home to the taxi driver just cancel his taxi permit,and publish his name we all need to know who these characters in our society are.

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