Thursday, January 23, 2020

Relative Concerned Over Graphic Images From Fatal Accident On Social Media

The aunt of one of the two young men who died after the motorbike on which they were travelling collided with a car at Richfond, Dennery, Saturday night, has expressed concern over the posting on  social media of graphic images from the accident.

“My concern, I don’t know if it is government – I don’t know which institution; I don’t know if they have to amend the law. I find when they have those graphic kind of images, people need to respect people’s loved ones,” Alymphia, the aunt of the late Dexter Smith said.

Dexter Smith

“They need to put some kind of order when it happens, that the police would just cover the body until the doctor pronounces them dead or something, but those graphic images – I think it is unfair to persons with their family all over the place like that,” she declared.

The aunt said some persons actually found out about the accident as a result social media where photos of the accident victims on the ground were posted.

According to reports, Jayvan Louis and Dexter Smith  were on a motorcycle which collided with a car travelling in the opposite direction.

Jayvan Louis

Emergency officials said both young males were in an unresponsive state when they were transported to the Dennery Hospital and were  later pronounced dead.

The driver of the car sustained what appeared to be injuries that were no serious and opted not to be transported to hospital for medical attention, according to the officials.



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  2. madam u ever hear thts against the law .
    u can kindly ask stop circulating those pic..its not against the law .

  3. My heartfelt condolences to the families and friends. Such a tragedy. As distasteful to the family and friends I’m only hoping that many lives could be saved by seeing the reality of the carnage in our beautiful Island. I am truly sorry and keep hoping it would end .

  4. There is nothing to know; this is the way, you people do it, so don’t complain! the screen!

  5. If they didn’t want their photos to circulate they would have stop playing the ass on the road without helmets you can’t control what by standers will do blame thair stupidity instead of blaming the bystanders for putting it on social media.

  6. Those young riders don’t listen where are the helmets I’m not saying the accident is their fault but protect yourself the bike isn’t safe god I feel so sorry for their family is now guns and bikes killing our young youths and I agree show the accidents but the the lifeless pics that’s a tourcher for the family esp. A mother

  7. people talk like a helmet will save the lives off all riders regardless of what incident they get into whether it be a fall or collision. That’s just plain and simply stupid to think a helmet solves all issues. they need to ride with discipline, take their time and analyze before any move especially with the increase in vehicles on the roads these days, extra care should be taken by all.


    One may not be ‘…insensitive,’ but this is the ‘…age of information and technology.’ How are the people to see and know of the dangers that exist when using the roadway? What relatives seemed to be ‘…concerned over’ is what others shall see and be ‘…Fearful of.’

    If ‘…reckless, dangerous or careless driving’ is to be reduced, then all road users, ‘…pedestrians; …pedal cyclists; ….motorcyclists and motorists,’ shall, ‘…walk; …ride and drive with with due care and attention.’

    If these cannot be done sensibly, voluntarily and safely, then enforcement of the law dictates some degree of rigidity.

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