Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Relative: Deceased was ‘troublesome’

A relative of Moses Clovis, 49, whose body was discovered on a beach in Vieux Fort on Sunday, has described the deceased as ‘troublesome’ but told the Times that his family did not expect that he would have died in the way that he did.

The relative, who spoke on condition of anonymity, disclosed that according to information received, Clovis was stoned to death by a group of youngsters after he ‘touched’ a young lady.

“That’s hearsay – I cannot confirm it,” she told the Times.

She could not say whether Clovis, who was also known as ‘The Mole’ was in the habit of ‘touching’ females.

The relative explained that the deceased has been plagued by mental illness for some time now and was on medication for his condition.

“Sometimes he would break down, walk up and down the street – it has been happening for years,” she said.

The relative said that Clovis was last seen on Sunday morning.

His body was discovered on Boriel Beach at around 11.55 am on Sunday.

Law enforcement officials have said that some youngsters between the ages of  12 and 17 were arrested in connection with the death of Clovis.

The group includes three females aged 14, 16 and 17 and two males aged 12 and 14, according to information obtained by the Times.

All are reported to be from Pierrot, Vieux Fort, where the deceased lived according to reports.

The death of Clovis has pushed to 26, the number of homicides so far for this year.






  1. youngsters what is happening to our country ,yongsters or not they need to pay for their crime

  2. Having such bloodlust at a young age, it seems our crime situation wont improve in the future

  3. Lord we no your time near but we as u to lay your healing hands on our country stlucia

    • GOD healing hand “is” on Saint Lucia:
      it is the people who need to focus or refocus on GOD!
      GOD has given us all we need to live righteously; “GOD is awaiting, all who is willing to come to HIM, “how about it!”

  4. People come out and say y theses kids stone the Mole to death, we all know hr was Hiv positive and for years now hehas been roaming the streets spreading this virus, and the kids knew that he has the virus, am not condoning wht the kids did no never¡!!! But for a long time now authorities knew about his condition and no one gave a damn about him going around spreading that virus offering young children money to sleep with him, persons we’re not able to go for a morning walk without the fear of having to meet with this guy we were terrified when going for an early morning jog that The Mole might be in some near by bushes waiting to try and rap one of us, he was a menic to society nothing last forever karma is a bitch he had no right to touch anyone that was a habbit that he had good riddins May his soul RIP

  5. Y isnt anyone saying he had Hiv that is y when he rfuse to stop touching the young lady theses young people stood up for themselves but they did it in the wrong way help theses kids lord. Am sure they never meant to take his life buy now they have to suffer the concequences of their actions help them lord

  6. They don’t need to pay for their crime ,they made moses Clovis paid for his crime of raping young children and he have HIV AIDS

    • Who u calling crazy niggers.. if was one of ur kids he attempted to give aids u would be singing a different song.. stfu idiot

  7. My goodness this is what it has come down to. Throwing stones until dead? I have to make a quick cancellation call to my travel agent. Too many crazy Niggers on that island.

    • Just dont pay for the flight if you already booked it. By the way I hope you Don’t leave in North America or the UK where the REAL crazies are crashing planes in buildings killing 2000+ , Remember that ariana grande concert where the suicide bomber just attacked couple weeks ago? Stay in your “safe” countries ok. Last time i remember we had no mass killing event in st. lucia where we had to check in as “safe” on facebook. Disrespectful (Words deleted)

    • Well goodbye and never come back to the island where someone may be terrified of getting touched/assaulted…
      if anyone pushed themselves on me in a sense I feel like I’m going to be raped best believe one of us will probably not breathe again!

  8. There’s no niggers on island we’re negros a nigger is an African slave no slaves here

  9. Call your Travel Agent.
    See who will be the first “NIGGER” to land.
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  10. Everyone keeps saying he has aids but how many can go have a blood test and it comes out negative.please st.lucia is known for low birth control..babies having babies women sleeping for money..condoms too expensive everybody doinf flesh to flesh everybody sexing everybody married single or not..look at yourself…..are you 100% sure your not Hiv positive because many forget aids can be spread orally too.why

    • People please stop all these negativity its time we love each other and stop pin pointing one another rather let us support both families instead of discreminating

  11. It’s a shame no one should have to die this way but things​ like this will always happen when you have mentally unstable people out on the streets. Get those people off the streets cause they know very well what they doing. I remember as a child my mother moved to capital off Castries as is called and there was this mad man and every day he would sit and wait for women and children passing and would send stones at them for no reason but he never threw one stone at any of the men and I know that because I watched him every day from my window and one day that man hit me with a big Stone on my leg and I was about 7/8 and the police did nothing about it and am now 30yrs and police officers still don’t know what to do with those guys. There should be a place where these guys can stay permanently get the help they need and stay away from other people and the family can visit them there. As for the family that doesn’t want their love one’s locked up let them be held responsible for whatever​ damages or harm that​ they inflict one someone or on someone’s property

  12. Please teach our kids to do right. Now he has lost his life but the kids also so sad.
    Stop the Violence.

  13. Money for sex listen to yourself..this simply means they were willing..they agreed…im not giving him rite to spread his HIV however my answer to him will be no and a slap…i hear ppl saying it’s his judgment .who are we to judge…let God do the judging why didn’t the authority do something to stop him if they knew…the kids are wrong..will always be wrong ..i feel very sorry for the youngsters ..we need to pray for our nation.

  14. Wow….now in v/fort when u have aids…u will be stoned to death…i guess the v/fort so called educated smart people…have a portable aids test kit under their arms…testing everyone. I guess …I have aids was tatooed on this guy for head…why was he not reported…to our so called police force…..I’m sure he would be shot…in apprehending him..then again welcome to st.lucia where anything goes…

  15. Thats a way to die lash of stone in your head and ting they coyld a plock h.instead of killing him if he was trying to assault them (Words deleted)

  16. I feel for these kids being locked up for crap. this man was a menace. religiously the man stalked nursing staff at st Jude hospital every night with a hammer in his haversack. the man followed unsuspecting victims trying to rape them. The man knew he was infected and intentionally spreading his disease, both men and women were his victims. he raped a male relative and gave him HIV, people were to embarrassed to speak about it. Women who did not accept money for sex he offered to marry them and take them to his home. the others who rejected his offers he raped or attempted to rape them. lessons to the rapist one down many more to go. An eye for an eye if giving young women HIV is not killing them then you’ll he deserve to die. (Words deleted)

  17. him being HIV positive and harassixoxog young girls still should not result to this yes he’s dead but are these kids at peace with themselves? we must NEVER condone the ugly things happening in our Helen ppl often say u do me I do u back and the peace of mind we lose it….so pls my ppl let’s pray more especially for our kids..xoxo love

  18. How do you know if he has aids?did any of you guys see his test results?has anyone reported rape by him?so if he was such a menace or rapist then how come be was not reported not even once?so many of you have aids because​ you’ll sleep around with anyone​ be it man or woman.he was mentally unstable but it can happen to anyone.Since when do we kill people for touching others.If such is the case then minister of corlock n braying pastor and twin Pastor should be stoned?Is that how we raise teenagers?

  19. “Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say, “I will take revenge; I will pay them back,” says the LORD.

  20. For who among men knows the thoughts of a man except the spirit of the man which is in him? Even so the thoughts of God no one knows except the Spirit of God.

  21. For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.

    No one knows the truth except those kids, the dead man and God!!!!

    But let justice roll down like waters And righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

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