Relatives Of Man Found Dead At Laborie Police Station Say ‘Something’s Fishy’

Relatives of a 32 year old man who was found dead at the Laborie police station Saturday afternoon believe there’s something fishy about the incident.

They have identified the deceased as Shem Sinaise of Laborie.

A relative told St Lucia Times that the body had already been removed when family members were summoned.

The relative disclosed that Shem had been arrested on Thursday after a report was made to the police that he had stolen valuables from his brother after breaking into their mother’s house and had also fought with his sister.

“He almost killed her,” the relative recalled.

It was explained that the family was not informed that Shem was in custody until the following day, Friday.

The family member told St Lucia Times that according to information received by the relatives of the deceased, he had asked to use the washroom at the police station.

It was reported that after Shem did not exit the washroom, a check was made and he was found hanging.

“It happened after five yesterday,” the family member stated.

It was explained that relatives were informed after 6.00 pm.

The family member expressed the view that Shem did not commit suicide and that there’s more to the story.

The relative expressed the view that something fishy is going on, since the body was removed before family members arrived on the scene.

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that an investigation is underway into the death.

Police have not yet issued an official statement on the incident.




  1. Freemason you dont live in st.lucia. you just as bad heard you were wanted here ive figured out who a few of you people are.

  2. Anytime you get arrested the police takes everything from your that could harm you like your belt anything that has strings that could harm you or hang yourself something don’t make sense

  3. I Hope He look for the Assistance of the Criminals and not the police if anything goes wrong with Him.or His Relatives.They always have Negative things to say about the police .

    • Seems he had already chosen his profession. He BROKE INTO his mother’s house, STOLE his brother’s valuables and almost KILLED his sister. Is this the criteria for the above mentioned professions? Hmmmmm

  4. Family members too hypocrite..why call police for him to have him arrested…yall know what he used to do…don’t blame police…blame y’all for not helping him
    He had no one to turn too
    Felt helpless
    Noone knows what he went through before taking his last breath or the pain he felt
    Show your family members supportive
    Drop the baggage in 2019 and start loving one and other
    It’s just sad the number of ppl who take their life because we never see it fitting to reach out to them
    Why didn’t the family member find out from him the reasons for his behavior instead of having him arrested
    He needed help and y’all tossed him aside
    Now y’all want to be concerned by putting on a comedy show
    Shame on y’all
    I’m out

    • Long bag of hot air balloon talk….you discuss everything but the issue at hand of a young healthy man wounding up dead at a police station…thats like 2 in one week….don’t forget cocoa still haven’t been found or seen.

    • Ignorant does it change the fact that the death is still fishy…so what let him kill his sister? Ridiculous comments

    • If u knew all what he was going through so why u didn’t offer him the help.were u there when the family members offered him help on several occasions and he refused it? If u was concerned so much why u wasn’t supportive?

  5. This seems fishy what items would there be available for him to have hanged himself..smh does not add up…this is really the custody of “police officers” and this happened?? Smh…hmmm

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