Relief Supplies Reach Mabouya Valley After ‘Much Lobbying’

Dennery North MP Shawn Edward has confirmed that relief supplies have reached the Mabouya Valley ‘after much lobbying.’

Edward gave the confirmation in a message  Saturday on the official Facebook page of the opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) with accompanying photographs.

“After much LOBBYING, Nemo supplies finally reached the Mabouya Valley. The Dennery North Disaster Management Committee will distribute packages tomorrow Sunday 5th April, 2020,” the Dennery North MP wrote.

“Thanks to all who made it happen! “Going all out for my people all the time,” Edward declared.

The MP has earlier complained that his constituency had received ‘absolutely nothing’ in regard to relief supplies from the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), although thousands of packages had been distributed in communities across Saint Lucia.

Good morning Shawn…good you for looking out for our people in the valley..keep up the good works..I know you and the people with you is taking a big risk..please be safe all of you,” wrote James Martyr in response to the MP’s Facebook post.

Lucia James on the other hand, posted an image of a cartoon character applauding.

Sharon Terrell posted:Thank you you’ll!”



  1. Hon. MP for Dennery North, great job. Part of your responsibility is to speak out on behalf of your constituents when you aware that they are being discriminated against. It also shows that you are a decent man because when the situation was corrected you stepped up and informed the public.
    keep it up and don’t worry about the negative responses that same gave.

    For Tessa, who commented under the previous article – my response to you:
    TESSA, where do you leave. You mean you are not aware that there are people who actually live below the poverty line in St.Lucia? How would these people who when they have breakfast don’t know if they will have lunch expected to stock up for a week?
    You mean you so damn that you cannot see that PJP as Leader of the Opposition addressed the nation on behalf of the entire opposition generally but that Shawn is now addressing a matter of his particular constituency?
    Now, check your stupidity again – claiming that MP is out begging for packages for constituents. You mean you cannot see that he is asking that his constituents receive their share of what the state is providing. Since when asking foe equity and fairness is begging?
    More stupidity – “My ppl we can do better . Let’s try I know we can.” TESSA, the need the means to do better.
    Now next time try to do better by posting something that at least appears to have been given intelligent thought. Don’t be too desperate to push your partisan line because it makes you look very, very, very stupid.

    • Man…your recurring baseless comments suggest that you are a special kind of stupid. One day your name must leak to expose your coward self!

    • What an insensitive and callous remark. May you remain Covid-free though you may have bad karma. Sigh!

      • These are able bodied individuals with their hands outstretched every opportunity they get. If you can’t see the problem with that then I feel sorry for you.

    • Pay your attention you **…there was lots of money sponsored by monetary funds from intetnational counterparts for this gesture…i just hope this thing don’t persist that your tax monee run out and even you might have to beg shierr peir!

  2. These jokers tell more lies than the bible. why would anyone have to lobby for relief that is already being packaged for delivery? You hear lie.

    • Andrew…have you done a psychiatric assessment like we have advised you to do? You can’t possibly be commenting on every article on this site sir!

  3. Those politicians must have their 15 minutes of attention…..they are there for their money..not people. They also breed laziness…many of those young hardbacks should go and plant food…they love handouts

  4. I’m wondering why Nemo is giving out all that food out do you have a hurricane in the country? Only in st.lucia🇱🇨🇱🇨🙏🙏God bless you all easy life.

  5. Only because our politicians has divided this land, believing that you all earn the people, and it has been so for a long time and it is geting worse; So mr Edwards, even if, that is not true, that is what you politicians has turn the people into!

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