lambert st rose catholic priest saint lucia
lambert st rose catholic priest saint lucia

Catholic Priest, Lambert St Rose, launched his third publication yesterday declaring that “we are all aware that we are presently living in a dysfunctional society.”

St Rose launched his new book – Our Father Prayer and Praxis at the Archbishop’s Office in Vigie.

The clergyman expressed the view that the publication would be a catalyst for a new wave of consciousness for the society.

St Rose felt that the society is clamoring for a “new soul” at this time in its history and is in search of a genuine spirituality that will bring about the new paradigm of a new social justice and level of consciousness.

He explained that ‘Our Father Prayer and Praxis’ is an anthology which makes a distinction and relationship between the ‘Lord’s Prayer’, spirituality and social justice.

“It is nothing short of a curriculum – a manual for the complete transformation and the transubstantiation of  the human person through prayer and grace,” St Rose told members of the media at the press launch of the book.

The Catholic Priest said:

“Humankind through their continuing relationship and communion with God or the dialogue with God and Christ are meant to  experience a radical but not  superficial transformation – a transformation that is so profound that humankind become collaborators with God and Christ in transforming and recreating the face of the earth.”

He stated it means that every man and child in communion with God becomes an agent of change and transformation at every level.

St Rose said the book takes a deep look at ethnic prejudice, partisan politics, economic inequality, exploitation, cultural indifferences, demonic activities and all issues  which serve as serious indictments towards achieving quality spirituality and brotherhood for which persons pray using the ‘Lord’s Prayer’.

According to St Rose, the book asserts that prayer must never become “useless prattle”.


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