Religious Leader Says ‘Handshake Incident’ In Parliament ‘Distasteful’

Outspoken religious leader, Seth Ampadu, has described  as ‘distasteful’ an incident in parliament Wednesday night in which former Prime Minister, Doctor Kenny Anthony, did not accept a handshake from Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet.

Chastanet had earlier shaken hands with opposition MPs.

A video recording of the handshake incident has been making the rounds on social media.

Superintendent Methodist Minister, Seth Ampadu, who this week preached a message of reconciliation in his Easter message, described the development as ‘very unfortunate.’

“Leaders are there to bring the people together,” he explained.

According to the Methodist Minister, parliament is the heart of the nation.

“If this incident happens in parliament where everybody is watching, it is very distasteful,” Ampadu asserted.

“As a church we are praying for our leaders to unite the nation, but if they continue to behave this way then where are we going?” He told St Lucia Times.

According to the outspoken clergyman, politics should not divide people.

“The fact that we have different political ideologies – it does not divide us. We need to understand that we are one people. We are Saint Lucians – we are representing the people. So we may have our differences as political leaders, but we should not go to that extent that when someone is going to greet you you just turn your back,” Ampadu observed.

He noted that observances marking Easter are underway in which the churches are calling for unity.

“If this thing happens, then what kind of signal are we sending to the community?”

“We are appealing to our leaders that they should show an example to the people so that the nation would unite since we can see clearly that the nation has been divided into these two political parties. But let us understand that the nation was there before politics, so politics should not divide us,” Ampadu declared.

Just Tuesday, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet posted a photo of government and opposition MPs on his official Facebook.

MPs pose for photo

The post attracted a number of positive comments.


  1. It is sad. Kenny Anthoney is too and has always been childish…Ask some of his former classmates at Vieux Fort Secondary…Thats why some of his hacks believe he is a god… Mr. Pierre has shown CLASS….disagree but don t destroy

    • O R P supporter, on the surface your emotional and name calling comment would appear to be ok. However, a deeper analysis (don’t know if you capable of it) would tell you that when you disagree with a person’s bad behaviour you can choose to be civil about it (like accepting their handshake though you feel disgusted deep within) or display your outrage with their behaviour (e.g. by refusing their hand shake). Kenny Anthony chose the later. Now what’s wrong with that? He has a right to choose any reaction in keeping with how he feels.

      • As a leader being in the public eye that is not the smartest action take particularly if you have a genuine interest in the benefit of the country, granted different leaders have different styles, that kind of an action breeds discord not just amongst the members of parliament but the very country men who look up to these individuals. Regardless of your disagreement or dissatisfaction with the performance of an individual you should consider the grander effects of a simple action on wider society. For the sake of Saint Lucian unity and comradery on the comman mans level actions should be well considered beforehand or one could just end up playing into the plan or strategy of another.

    • What is more arrogance, Jojo, not shaking a man’s hand or your minister bringing the country into disrepute and you send him on leave with tax payers money?

  2. Kenny is the reason why we so divided in this country. Making statements such as he will asl investors not to invest in St. Lucia, Election against the Chastenents. Like seriously. Bldg a hut on his own private property with state funds. As long he with SLP I eh go support them. The man childish and his actions are exactly what I try to preach to youths playing football with me. Battle on the field but after we are comrades. Be mature and peaceful. Awah. SMH to anyone who supports this guy.

    • It’s not just Mr Anthony, our history and culture propriet such negative feelings. Due to the fact that we are so divided as a nation, our political leaders feel quite comfortable and often even feel it necessary to ack like this. As much as i do not like the action and think that he should or could have done better than that, until we as a nation do not decide to become more united, our leaders will continue to act in an immature manner

  3. I think religious leaders should not comment on political affairs in the country. Keep the state and church separate please

    • Thank you well said Religious fanatics Religion and politics don’t mix that’s why there is a separation of church and state in most first world countries. NOT ST LUCIA

  4. If you don’t respect or like a person you are not obligated to shake that person’s hand. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill

    • Dr. Anthony does not represent himself in the house. He represents the people. It was very distasteful when he did not shake the PM’s hand. If you do not want to shake his hand on the streets then that is a different case. That’s why people are ready to kill each other for those damn politicians.

      • So you agree that Mr. Raymond should resign from his position as a senator due to him representing us the people of Saint Lucia? You can’t have it both ways….

  5. Thats all you all concerned about? There are more indecent acts in parliament you all should comment about that one alone capture you all attention. Choops tan. Kenny is human.

  6. The sad thing about us as a people is that morality and right or wrong is decided
    on whether you are red or yellow, it is even worse when we as a people cannot see this action
    by Kenny Anthony as being distasteful as described by Mr Ampadu, but we rather cast aspersions
    at others to justify a wrong…shame on all of you

    • Is cheating of your wife worse than not shaking someone’s hand? The same way people supporting mr. raymond people are supporting mr anthony

      • No Side, Ryan’s point is that it is hypocritical of you, sections of the media and Ampadu to be making noise about a hand shake while we are quiet about a minister who almost compromise the entire government and country by compromising himself for sex.

  7. He shaked Richard Frederick hand but he cah shake Allen hand. To me Allen has more reason not to shake his hand. Kenny is a sad sad man. he should forget politics and focus on his family gradchildren etc. These are the things that will make you happy. He has a lot of hate in his heart and he was the one who caused himself to lose the election. The problem is he feels like the people of St Lucia made the wrong choice and Allen Chastanet is occupying his sat. Kenny does not even realise the damage he has done to our country when he was prime Minister. Only now St Lucia starting to raise up again. And you so big you cannot shake the man hand. Humble yourself gassa!

    • Wrong! he can shake Richard’s hand even though they were the most bitter of political rivals for one main reason. PM Chastanet is using his position to enrich himself, family and foreigners look at the recent Wepay scandal? Who are the directors his in-laws not mention the conflict of interest of the CIP CEO being a director of a business he brought into the country. Only a small section of St.Lucia that raising up on the taxes of the rest.

  8. Kenny is more sour than a young grapefruit. His dour behavior in the House should raise red flags about his mental health and capacity to cope. A handshake has sent him into a tailspin. He forgot that he was a representative of the people. The guy needs yoga, Prozac or something… maybe chichima.

  9. The so called biblical ministers are conspicuously silent on the scandal involving the Minister in the Ministry of Finance. It is tlamentable that people are upset over a handshake but silent while foreigner and state officials rob the country’s coffers.. They concerned over wrong messages to youth but covertly support corruption. Damn hypocritics.

  10. Ampadoo needs to shut his c$#&..

  11. Nothing like so called religious leaders pushing their political agendas under the guise of goud christian behaviour.. No word yet from you on the pastor who prays nor on the nude minister. Ironically both are from the same church.

    The fruits and assets of the country are bring robbed and handed over to friends, family and foreigners yet you’ve made no mention of the commandment that speaks to stealing.

    It’s little wonder that churches are losing its congregation. Fake selective morality and corruption are given the blind eye. Whilst you’re at it please call on the teething guy. I’ve no doubt you won’t because enriching yourself at the expense of your congregation is your full time job.

    Go back to your country…. Africa is the most corrupt continents in the world. Hypocrite.

  12. A man is destroying your country your home, his stealing from you his abusing your kids I’ll treating your pepole family.starving them ignoring them.doesn’t give one **** about their health care situation he only check for foreigners that’s on make serious profit margin’s n getting tax exemptions 200% kill native business n u would shake his hands.GOD fogives I don’t! Y would he want to shake his hands.pastor stay in your spiritual lane stop trying n mirror the Pope stay out of dirty politics.I feel sorry for all Lucian’s that don’t have a next country they can run 2 make some paper n pop back home or ppl overs giving them some help.

  13. Ampadu, i believe you should write more of spiritual things, please don’t try to bring politics into our Churches; If KDA’s green behaviour in the house is not pleasing to you, please don’t bring it to the Church, for it may be damaging to Christianity, and may keep people out of our Churches. Politics and Church don’t mix, politics today have no meaning, there is nothing Godly in politics, it has lost it moral values. One may agree or disagree with Kenny’s action, but remember they are power fighters together! and we are not!

  14. We don’t like each other, why pretend in public? No hand shake, no hypocrisy! Dr Anthony did nothing wrong now let’s move on and deal with the affairs of the country.

  15. If someone in your neighborhood tries to rob you and the next day sees you and says good morning, would you greet this person.

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