Remembering Victims Of Ravine Poisson Disaster

Press Release:–  In observance of the 80th Anniversary of the Ravine Poisson Disaster which resulted in the loss of many lives and properties, the Special Ravine Poisson Disaster Committee in collaboration with the Saint Lucia Archaeological Society has planned a series of events aimed at remembering the lives of those who perished and the heroism of the rescuers and survivors.

The activities planned for the week include the following:

  • Television and Radio interviews during the week of November 17 – 24.
  • Community gathering on Tuesday November 20th at 3:00 p.m. at the grounds of the Labayee S.D.A Church where we will hear from some of the survivors and other family members of survivors. There will also be a tour of one of the mass graves and visit to the base of the biggest landslide.

The erection of a 3 stone monument signifying the 3 landslides which occurred on November 21st and 22nd 1938 which caused all the carnage and destruction.

  • A formal ceremony on Sunday November 25th 2018, at 3:00 p.m. on the grounds of the Labayee SDA church (which is the actual location of one of the three (3) landsides). That ceremony will include re-enacting of some dramatic rescue scenes, a tree planting ceremony, remarks by Government officials and historians, unveiling of plans for a permanent monument and the lunching of a new book written by a son of a survivor.

The public is invited to join in this important observance and learn more of this historic event which impacted not only the Ravine Poisson/Bexon area but rather the whole of Saint Lucia.



  1. I think that there is the possibility for this to reoccur because the resident in this particular area of the island who own land in the Bar-de-lile mountains and forested areas have become squatters by building concrete houses, cutting roads and cutting the forest for farming purposes, while DCA and the powers that be do nothing to put a halt to the process. Our rain forests are diminishing as a result, likewise our water supply, If we do not take action, very soon when we open our taps only air will be let out. Mark my words!

  2. Ive heard stories growing up which were unclear about how many lives were lost and the date remained a mystery to me …I always wondered if there was a monument in memory of the ppl who lost their lives on dt day and 80yrs later it’s still being planed better late Dan never

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