Wednesday, August 17, 2022

‘Rent To Own’ On the Cards For CDC Apartments

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Housing Minister Richard Frederick says a ‘rent to own’ initiative is in the works for the CDC apartments.

“Basically we’ll be rolling out the rent to own where you actually rent the apartment and you own it after a period of time,” the Castries Central MP disclosed Monday.

Frederick explained that the process of conceptualising the programme is underway.

“Once that is done it will be about empowering our people once and for all,” he said.

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In October last year, Frederick announced a waiver of outstanding debt owed by all tenants of the CDC building units, whether residential or commercial, until the end of September 2021.

At the time, he described the measure as ‘another act of utmost goodwill’ that would put approximately $4.2 million in the pockets of Saint Lucians, in keeping with the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) election ‘mantra’ of putting people first.

However, the Minister noted conditions attached to ‘this gratuitous deed.’

First, all tenants would have to pay rent for October and November and sign a new lease agreement.

And in January 2022, the government would start afresh, requiring tenants to sign new leases.

On Monday, Frederick explained that the rent waiver programme was going well.

“We have collected an unprecedented sum. We have collected more money than we actually expected,” the Minister told reporters.

He said everyone seemed to be complying.

“They are happy – they have embraced the whole idea, and so things are running very smoothly. I am pleased about that,” Frederick expressed.

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  1. Should you put New Wine in used up old Wine-skins, or should you not use newer Bottles? these old CDC Buildings have had their days, ready for the wrecking crew. First that Minister saw it fit to give freeness to delinquent renters. Then try another tactic to sell them out to those who can qualify, knowing very well, if the majority can’t qualify because of the obvious – then in comes the Dragon – the Dragon has all the ‘Cards stacked in his favour’ $$$millions. Now, we started with Jufalli and corruption, and you thought it was over? that unloly trinity must go. I don’t mean the rest of the SLP members, just the unholy Trinity. Soon after the construction of Block C.S. at the very top of Jeremy St. we moved in. Most of the construction of these buildings, was faulty and rushed because of the demand after the great Fire. Generally the Soil beneath these heavy Concrete Buildings, was/is poor. Cracks began to show up at Block C.S. so at one point, it was demolished, also the one right opposite it.
    My question is, are these two the only ones required to be demolished? a critical Structural examination of all of these buildings is necessary, before the next ‘Big One’ or else it could be worse than the needs after the great Castries fire. Someone with lots of money have dreamed up a bonanza. One way or another the combined millionairs of the unholy trinity may just get richer.(BEHOLD, A PALE HORSE) The rider is not a friendly one. Watch out St. Lucia.

  2. After I pay rent (purely maintenance fees) to the government, I will now own the apartment – can, or will, an insurance company insure it for me? At all? Bear in mind, I will also need to pay the government “HOUSE AND LAND TAX” – YESS!!! Oh my goodness!! What an entanglement …

    RF thinks the peasants are just that – peasants!!

    THINK people before you fall into that DEATH TRAP!! Buildings deteriorate, they do not appreciate. I better talk to my auntie now (she is a CDC resident who NEEDS to move!).

  3. facts they can find money to build horse racing track but they can’t house their people? Buildings have a life of 50 or so years after which they must be demolished especially if they were not well maintained like these are. And those buildings are very old and definitely not up to code. This is a safety issue for the occupiers. Would you rather be reading this news story: Thousands Missing and Feared Dead as 65 Year Old CDC Buildings Collapse. or Seven days after collapse of buildings the clean up effort is stopped and thousands are recorded dead.

  4. I think most of those people there are smart enough not to fall for this. Imagine owning a property of questionable structural integrity in a run down city in a disaster prone area no insurance company will touch. Sure seems like a smart investment to me.

  5. Everybody saying that the buildings should be demolished where are we suppose to get the finances to build these modern high rise buildings? We need to be realistic, until the country’s economy is in a better place, we to work with what we have.

  6. Shows you the lack of mind and vision of this mongoose gang. SLU will be a pit by the time y’all done.

  7. But really what are these old buildings worth? I thought we were looking to demolish these eyesores in the middle of the city. Wow. Is this progress?

  8. I thought they would demolish those buildings and replace them with high rise buildings, due to limited space in the city.and. The idea do not support future development of the city. We couldn’t be satisfied with p the way it is.

  9. So. SLP has no plans to develop the city any further. These buildings will stay there forever. Jeremie street should be a thriving commercial hub, and not littered with rum shops, old apartments and gangs. These guys have no plan for this country. So sad

  10. Excellent ! If you own it you will have maintain it…but if you are selling it you must sell it back to the government (the owners of the land) just like a Condo. Hmmmmm$$$$ I wonder if Highgrade can buy two. can’t stay lock down forever Jazz, Carnival, and in between yes I. Jackass like Suzanne that why you will never have .

  11. Great for the people living their, we need more of this…there are soooooooo many empty buildings and homes that can be turned over for more shelters of every kind. Homelessness in St. Lucia is Deplorable!

  12. @engineer, too bad for those who will not take this and other potential possibilities into consideration before plunging into this idea.

    Instead of RF trying to appeal to the malaways in an effort to look down on them, why don’t he give consideration instead to High Raise updated City Apartment Block. Raise the City standards instead of the myopic backwards thinking.

  13. Aren’t those old buildings due for demolition? Those things have been up for more than 6 decades and have gone past their live by date. Are we waiting for any earthquake to do the job.

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