Republican Uproar Over FBI Raid On Trump Home

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Furious allies of former President Donald Trump are demanding an explanation for the FBI’s raid on his Florida home, Mar-a-Lago.

The FBI and Department of Justice have yet to comment on the search, which Mr Trump disclosed on Monday evening.

It is reportedly linked to an investigation into his handling of classified and sensitive material.

It was the first time a former US president’s home has ever been searched by law enforcement.

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Reports suggest the FBI activity is connected to an investigation into whether Mr Trump, a Republican, removed classified records from the White House and took them to Mar-a-Lago.

Several boxes were taken away, an unnamed law enforcement official told CBS News, the BBC’s US partner, adding that no doors were kicked down and the search had concluded by late afternoon.

Republicans have depicted the search as politically motivated, with leading figures demanding a briefing and explanation from Attorney General Merrick Garland, the head of the Department of Justice (DoJ).

Mr Trump’s former Vice-President, Mike Pence, who has subtly distanced himself amid speculation they could both launch 2024 White House runs, called on the attorney general to give “a full accounting” of why the search warrant was carried out.

“No former President of the United States has ever been subject to a raid of their personal residence in American history,” he wrote on Twitter.

Mr Trump’s allies in Congress, meanwhile, vowed to launch an investigation if they win back control of the House of Representatives and Senate in November’s mid-term elections, when the balance of power in Washington will be decided.

While many Democrats welcomed the raid, others joined calls for the Department of Justice to provide more information. Some aired concerns that it could boost support for the former president.

“This could be very useful to him as many people rally around him during this time,” Dave Aronberg, the state attorney for Palm Beach, where Mar-a-Lago is based, told the BBC.

“Trump will use this to regain his martyr status.”

Source: BBC News

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  1. @nudge, I did some research hand found no evidence of Merrick Garland being Epstein’s lawyer. He has been a judge and has been considered for the position of Attorney General since 2016. Please provide your evidence.

    • Genie-ass Seinfelf, tell us who or what is Merrick Garland? Where or when did I say Merrick Garland was Epstein’s lawyer?

      You don’t even get a “nice try” for your squirmy BS!

  2. The judge who signed the warrant for the raid on Trump’s residence was Epstein’s lawyer! For the ‘good’ job he did in keeping Epstein’s clients’ names (think Bill Clinton & Bill Gates, for starters) out of the trial transcript, he was rewarded with a judgeship!

    Now he has been asked to sign a dodgy warrant, so that both the Republicans and Democrats can be protected from the revelations of their violations of the law in the documents that have been declassified by Trump; but more importantly, to prevent him from running for the US presidency in 2024! I will put up the link in a reply to this post.

  3. Once again, as soon as I saw the source of the article (BBC News), the alarm bells went off!

    The title of the article has nothing to do with the body of the article. The “furious allies of former President Donald Trump” remain unnamed & uncounted; “[t]he FBI and Department of Justice have yet to comment on the search”.

    Then, we have these phrases: “[i]t is reportedly linked”; “reports suggest”; “Republicans have depicted”; written without specific names or links. In essence, the report has as much substance and truth as the Russiagate scam run unsuccessfully by Killary Klinton.

    Here is someone who has knowledge of how the FBI operated in the past, and how they operate now. He tries to tell us why the FBI is keeping mum about the details of the raid – they were suckered by the circus ringmaster Trump again!

  4. this is BS you republicans dont need no excuse why the fbi raided this guy. The FBI has raided so many people and took their stuff so what happen the big shots cant get raided to?


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