Richard Frederick Denies Using Obscene Language In The House

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Asserting that he is the target of a misinformation campaign, Castries Central MP Richard Frederick has denied using obscene language in the House of Assembly.

The denial came in the aftermath of a ‘hot mike’ incident circulating on social media, complete with sub-titles and an expletive at the end of the MP’s statement to the house.

Addressing the opening of a Bois Patat, Castries pedestrian access, the Housing Minister spoke to the issue.

“We were in the August Chamber and I addressed the people of this country from this Chamber. Not only did I not use any obscenity, but they were bold enough to manipulate what I said. They were bold enough to add obscenity to it and they were bold enough to type a script on the screen to make you believe that is what Richard Frederick actually said.”

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“They wanted people to believe what they wanted, not what I said. This ought not be ascribed to me. I never said those things or that word. But then again the 43 percenters took it hook, line and sinker,” Frederick declared.

“But you know what, like the Prime Minister said their attempt to manipulate the minds of the people through disinformation. In the process they forget the substance of what was said in the house. They forget the financial onslaught that this country had undergone under the Allen Chastanet administration,” the Castries Central MP stated.

He asserted that the records are there and disclosed that there will be a very interesting budget debate where there will be ‘revelations galore.’

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  1. It is not easy dealing with disgruntled and disgusting people who cannot accept their defeat.
    They have a very long time to be so sour and bitter. In the mean time, this government is doing exactly what the eltorate demanded at the last elections, take the bad eggs out and they spoke amass. Amen.

  2. Oh please stop now with your lies. Is this how you’re raising your kids. Little lier, but then again this is who you are and how you made yourself. All form lies

    When the truth comes out you try to lie to cover up and make yourself feel better. The devil himself does not even want to claim rf as his own.

  3. @ Americans are watching Yankees Doodle Yellow Clown… are one jackass America have nothing better to than to watch RF… .with all the scoundrels in the world is RF they want. Plain load of Russians AND ??? Was Putin amongst then ?? Ha ha haha ha…….what bothers you is the fact we are now tapping in the Russian market like Jamaica that was NEVER done during the Yellow Rain of terror. I even read in another publication where your ever so hated tourism Minister was stating how robust our tourism is doing. Well well well Black Bawy Fedee must be foaming at the mouth.

  4. I have not even an iota of respect for this filthy, loud mouth , despicable thug. He has no discipline, always berating somebody. He’s a proverbial empty vessel. Trust me, he is going to run rough shod over the weak, cartoon ish character that’s leading the country.

    Knowing his rotten, overly aggressive, obnoxious attitude, I have no doubt that he used the obscenity that he is accused of. Look at the last sentence of his statement. Instead of outperforming the defeated opposition party, he has threatened to soil the former ministers with all sort of vicious accusations.

    If I had an organisation, I’ll prefer to have an empty chair than to have RF and his loose tongue and foul mouth.

  5. RF so many people minds you manipulate with your disinformation the low IQ one’s example the NHC fresh start agreement the rental of chas office’s but never said was at a low price the roundabout rodney bay you never said government got it for free and the list goes on why didn’t you address the issue when the journalist questioned you about it all these lies only the truth can set you free I don’t need it from you because it’s on record…youths open y’all eyes old hacks alone getting position in this slp administration none of them are in their twenties nothing for us.

  6. He asserted that the records are there and disclosed that there will be a very interesting budget debate where there will be ‘revelations galore.’


    I hope you reveal to St Lucians, what was the purpose of the visit.

  7. Mr Fredrick instead u apologize and say this was not meant for persons to hear it was just an expression of ur fustration u prefer to make up stories about this. The clip was taken from your own government website. You are worst than a guilty man pleading innocent to evict a jail sentence because u have nothing to loose here but here you are 🤥 for nothing. smh

  8. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. This man is an embarassment… I remember him calling Chastanet an international embarassment but it turns out that he is the global, international, worldwide, embarassment of all times. He and the rover guy together with the heavy roller … national disgrace to what obtains as governance in this country. I’m ashamed of this government and my country.

  9. RF who the F@#$%&@ Cares ! In that house you have to cuss them Dutty Yellow Bungles sometimes NO APOLOGY or EXPLANATION NEEDED. just cuss them everyday if you can. Paragraph six sums it up quite nicely, that’s exactly who they are, that’s exactly what they are .

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