Friday, September 30, 2022

Richard Frederick: ‘Don’t Challenge Me Timothy Mangal!’

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Housing Minister, Richard Frederick, took to Facebook Thursday to hit back at former National Housing Corporation (NHC) Chairman, Timothy Mangal, in a continuing controversy over land deals about which the Minister had raised questions in parliament.

Mangal has challenged Frederick to repeat corruption accusations he made in parliament, outside of the immunity of the House.

However the Minister declared that he has encountered ‘lawsuits galore’ but no court has found him liable to pay for defamation of character.

“Timothy Mangal here I am, I am saying again that Fresh Start entered into an agreement with the NHC courtesy Guy Joseph to develop land at undetermined prices, the proceeds of which had to be deposited into a joint account and 80 percent would have gone to Fresh Start, 20 percent would have gone to the government,” the Housing Minister asserted.

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Frederick reiterated that there was an attempt to register a deed that would transfer sixteen NHC land lots in the Trouya area in the name of a company owned by Mangal and his wife.

“Call it what you want, say what you want, but I have now said it outside parliament,” the Castries Central MP asserted.

The Minister explained that to date, the deed is at the land registry pending ‘supposed’ registration.

“You don’t mess with me Timothy Mangal – challenge me to say it outside parliament,” Frederick said.

He noted that  Mangal and former Housing Minister, Guy Joseph were enemies who fought each other.

“Everybody thought that you were renowned enemies, but we didn’t realise that you all have the same kind of hair on your heads and so now, you all are together, you all are doing whatever is necessary. And yes, I spoke of unjust enrichment. Timothy Mangal, how on earth if that was your land Timothy Mangal, would you give it to anybody under those conditions? I challenge you to tell me yes. Sixteen lots – sixteen lots from NHC to a company, Marigot Depot Limited, owned by you and your wife and you all will pay after you sell the houses at $15 a square foot?”

According to Frederick, people voted for him to represent their interests and ensure that whatever he does or says can be substantiated.

The Castries Central MP urged Mangal to behave himself, vowing to keep the matter at hand in the public domain.

“The deed is there – the agreement is there,” an impassioned Frederick, who admitted that he was ‘fuming’ and ‘unhappy’, stated.

He also declared that he is not being racist.


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