Thursday, September 29, 2022

Richard Frederick: Political Divisions Hindering Development

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Housing and Local Government Minister Richard Frederick has indicated that political divisions are a stumbling block to Saint Lucia’s development.

The Castries Central MP spoke Thursday at a ceremony to unveil the ‘Alex Bousquet Corner’ dedicated to the memory of the late Daher Broadcasting Service (DBS) reporter who passed away in October last year.

“In this country, ladies and gentlemen, we are usually averse to giving jack his jacket. Everything in this country is hinged on political allegiance or political loyalty,” Frederick declared.

“If one is not a member of your party you shoot down his or her ability,” the Minister asserted.

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But he explained that should not be the way.

According to Frederick, those divisions hinder development resulting in ‘square pegs in round holes.’

He recalled that although Serenity Park in Castries was his brainchild, politics reared its ugly head while he was away from the political arena.

Serenity Park, Castries

The MP referred to a decision to remove a plaque at the park that ‘simply said’ he opened the facility, which had not been named after him.

“We can, as a country, do better than that,” Frederick declared.

Serenity Park officially opened to the public on May 15th, 2011.

At the time, Frederick was Minister of Urban Renewal.

But In February 2019,  under the United Workers Party (UWP) administration, the facility in in Castries was renamed the Sir George William Mallet Serenity Park after the late former UWP Castries Central MP and former Governor General  .

The renaming saw the unveiling of a plaque with the new name.

Frederick, who at the time had taken a respite from elective politics, was reelected as MP for Castries Central in the July 26, 2021 general elections running as an independent candidate.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre whose Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) swept to power in the elections, invited Frederick to join the cabinet.



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  1. Look who is talking!!! Say no more! Who is he fooling seriously??? Boy you and Hilarious are in the same camp! the only difference is people know exactly who you are, but Hilarious will hide behind anyone and everyone. First KDA now Pierre and all the other goons that will help him land where he think he should be!

  2. It is so sad when I listen to politicians. Yes it’s true what RF said. He knows that and why can’t he help bring the change that is needed. Why were the councils made up with only one member from the uwp camp. Curious as to whether directives were give. By him. I supported Slp because I thought they were a party of love u it’s and for stlucia but I learnt differently. Everything that they do now speaks a different language. Just say something g that they do t like and you are doomed. I welcome changes to bring everyone together to work for the betterment of st. Luci. I am tired of if Slp is I. Power is jobs for the boys and their supports and if uwp is I power it’s job for Their boys and their supporters. People like me that will not vote any more unless I see actual changes and not lip service will be punished but the. Again who cares because even if you support them you will be punished. Stlucia. Let us turn our eyes away from politics and turn it towards god because when god is ready to move and make miracles happen for you no political party or leader can stop it whether they want to. Let’s leave I. Love and for us on our god who is our leader. PeCe and love

  3. RF you should be the last person to talk about political division because you’re the biggest culprit…prior to election on your show you had all kinds of documents bashing chas and fresh start saying how corrupt they were…how things was done illegally…although they prove you were wrong you never acknowledge or apologize…some lucians hate them because of you so before you come talk about peace share the truth.

    • Don’t forget in the process of dividing us with all his propaganda he has cost so many St Lucians their livelihoods. The Fresh Start contracts that were employing hundreds of young St Lucians being decently paid will be picked up by Rayneau who employs a meagre number of people and pays them peanuts.

  4. The Putin and Trump of division in St Lucia is now saying division hindering development. I’m so happy that he could see himself in all the development that was hindered in the past 15 years in this country. This guy is such a hypocrite, I don’t know how Central Castries people ever put their trust in him. Like Sir John I never supported him because I saw the same divisive and destructive character that the US government saw that would take St Lucia to its knees.I thought the people of central made a collosal error in voting him in 2005 and 2011 but I honestly thought that Pierre made the worse mistake any SLP leader have made, could make and will ever make. Stanley had that seat wrapped up for the SLP and Pierre allowed that divisive, destructive, destroyer to resurface on the political scene. I will not vote UWP for now or the foreseeable future but I can never vote for an SLP candidate to work in the same government with this Richard.

  5. Well see who is talking division in politics; the one behind the curtain pulling the strings for the puppets; big money being spent, guess for what? why did the Queen jump and for how much, he himself said ‘I went for the higher bidder’ so who was the bidder and how much he bid for? a Ministry + cash, that’ll do it.
    I am surprised at Dr. Kenny Anthony who seem to be complicit in that, not making noise and demanding the continuation of construction – all because of political division. Why pour good money into a decrepit old tomb, built without foresight, without a Vision and the blindness is killing. V/Fort needs that new Hospital, common Kenny:- don’t let R.F. get away with that nonsense.( fooled the people of Castries, and now V/Fort, shame)Father God do something.

    • Absolutely nothing. That’s why we voted her a$s out. You simpletons should understand that most of us dont blindly follow party, We will keep voting them out until they get it right. Ever wondered why Kenny Anthony stated he won’t serve in a cabinet with this guy?

  6. I hold no dossier for RF and I have no affiliation and or loyalty to a party. I vote for the party who’s policies are most aligned to my ideology.

    That said RF is spot on correct and I will add the following, that politicians over decades have capitalised on the blind loyalty for a party.

    Lucians this needs to stop because in my humble opinion this a major factor contributing to our development or lack of it.

    • The craziness of St. Lucians, which I alluded to, above:
      Playing the political musical chairs game, over and over again, every 5 years, and expecting a different result!

  7. This from the hypocrite who riled up people for over 10 years causing hatred and division based on lies, exaggerations and deception because of his personal vendetta against the former pm. This man who has the likes of a business owner as his attaché. Where your friend you used to go on the piton with you….the same one who was ready to fight for you by the market. I hear you and SLP give him a big kick. The SLP is losing its base because people have realised that they were used and lied to just because the greedy cabal wanted power. If you can treat your own people like animals……many of whom politically exposed themselves, put their livelihoods on the line, were subjected to victimization because of de party just so your can put your FFF to reap big pay out and forget those who went all out, how is that not causing division? The whole construct of the SLP is elitism ……… use one set to do the hard work to win so they can bring out their elite to eat and get fat. This government and not politics is the biggest cause of the division in this country. Even among their executive there are tiers where some are more entitled than others…..SLP and RF is the epitome of division.

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