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Richard Frederick: Renaming Serenity Park An Attempt To ‘Erase History’

The man whose brainchild Serenity Park was, received recognition Wednesday evening during a ceremony to rename the facility.

But he is clearly not happy that the park has been renamed.

“I would like at this point to acknowledge the contribution of Mr. Richard Frederick, whose dedication to national service was the reason for the establishment of this park,” Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, told the ceremony to rename the facility the Sir George William Mallet Serenity Park.

But  Frederick said during the HTS Evening News Wednesday that the renaming was an attempt to erase history.

Part of audience at renaming ceremony

“In doing so, they want to totally obliterate the name Richard Frederick from the political landscape of this country,” the former Castries Central MP told HTS.

Serenity Park, located in Sans Souci, Castries, was officially opened on May 15th 2011.

Then Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy, Richard Frederick, who was then a cabinet minister and Stephenson King, who was Prime Minister at the time, were among those present.

But Frederick was not present at the renaming ceremony on Wednesday at which Acting Prime Minister, Guy Joseph, other government ministers and members of the diplomatic corps were among those in attendance.

It was reported that the former Castries Central MP was not invited.

“The park is my brainchild. Sir George never represented Sans Souci. Why not Constitution Park where he represented?” Frederick asked.

HTS reported that the former Castries Central MP was not opposed to the government recognising Sir George.

But he asserted that to rename Serenity Park after the former Governor General was “totally unwarranted.”

Frederick said this was so for two reasons.

He recalled that the park was named following an intense competition that attracted hundreds of entries from schools in Castries Central.

Frederick told HTS that a committee decided who the winner of the competition was.

Verlina Joseph of the R.C Boys’ Infant School, who eventually came up with the name ‘Serenity Park’ was publicly acknowledged by the Mayor of Castries during the renaming ceremony.

Richard Frederick said the naming of the park had nothing to do with him.

“In fact, I was asked if I would like the park named after me because it was my brainchild. I said ‘No! Let the children – let us take a participatory approach and let the children of Castries Central be involved in the naming of the park.”

According to HTS News, the renaming of the park after Sir George Mallet would be short lived, if Richard Frederick has his way.

“I am not too worried about that, but one thing is for sure, whatever plaque is placed here today, will be replaced by the former plaque,” the former MP asserted.



  1. Yeah they erasing you … you don’t get it … I was surprise to see you aligning with labour for brief period last year. You forget they are the reasons why you can’t go to America, Richard you are surrounded by snakes soldier . Move yourself ….. and you Allen want to see your back from inception ……

  2. With the number of attacks on tourists and nationals at the park, I for one believe it should be shut down.

  3. Richard you hurting ? tell us something,you were the designer of the park we all can agree with this.but we paid for the park it was built with our money right ? So you think you own the park ? Well,well ,well se la vie.

  4. I don’t see renaming the park has anything to do with erasing history or removing him from the landscape
    Richard Fredrick is just looking to be relevant cause they have pulled the rug (sorry) plug under him
    It’s our money that paid for it
    The money didn’t come from your pocket
    By your argument
    Did sir John represent the millet area where the dam is built
    Did sir John represent vigie or la clery
    Did Victoria represent the people from last toc
    Your argument is flawed

  5. Correct me if I am wrong please , but I was under the impression that the park was conceptualised by the Lions Club of Castries

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