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Updated on June 5, 2020 9:29 pm
Updated on June 5, 2020 9:29 pm
Updated on June 5, 2020 9:29 pm

Rigobert Responds To Reports Of Restricted Overseas Travel In Her Ministry

Saint Lucia’s Minister of  Sustainable Development has been responding to reports that either she or her Permanent Secretary have been restricting overseas travel by ministry personnel, even when funded by an external agency.

Doctor Gale Rigobert  also has responsibility for Education, Innovation and Gender Relations.

She told reporters Tuesday that there are times in the ministry, whether in relation to education or sustainable development when, because of the work load and the urgency of some matters that have to be dealt with ‘in land’, those matters have to be given priority.

“In fact, my own travel schedule is dependent on what is required of me in land as well,” Rigobert explained.

The minister also responded to a question of how the travel issue would affect Saint Lucia’s leadership as  the lead negotiator on several climate change matters.

“You know that any time a country holds a particular seat on any given body or any negotiating space there is always someone who deputises,” Rigobert  told reporters.

“Very importantly, the prime minister assumes the leadership of CARICOM in the first week of July and given his focus on climate change and his responsibility for sustainable development, it is important that we equip  the prime minister with all the relevant information he needs for the heads of government,” the minister explained.

Saint Lucia will be hosting the CARICOM heads of government meeting next month.

“We also have some important legislative matters that we need to move through with urgency and I know I have a very talented team at the ministry and we will continue to devote our attention to  these matters,” Rigobert asserted.



  1. Woman put ur **** an do what the people voted u to do for them in micoud north bcuz u haven’t done nun

  2. Ok, so our PM will be appointed head of CARICOM, a prestigious position to hold indeed! Saint Lucia will also host meetings which is a privilege in itself. Assuming that such meetings are to be held outside the capital, all road would obviously lead North. As delegates come in, they’re greeted by dirty barriers along the road north, bush growing between the same, roads marked seemingly by toodlers learning to etch or by someone high on lime juice, a heavily clogged roadway(this isn’t by any means a highway), small roads with hardly any sidewalk, dense bush growing just beside these same roads making it unsightly, hardly any space when met by a container truck or other heavy equipment, garbage lining the choc area and beyond, the list goes on and on and it’s too numerous to mention. These things aren’t nice when you’re gonna be host, people retweet those things. First off, our capital needs a serious facelift. I mean, thank heavens for folks like Mr Cheriki, else the City’s skyline would be lined by stall shops for buildings and infrastructure. It does pain me each time I travel to other Caribbean countries to see what they have and child boast. I need our leaders not just to want to be in power seeking a job, but have the country’s interest at heart! What’s the vision 2025 for Castries? Where are the new roads? What’s up with our manufacturing industry? It’s a shame. We should be doing more. People just only want to be in power with no vision to move forward.

  3. I agree that we have a no vision government fill with lack of vision ministers, but it has been so for donkey years; So what can you do for Sainte Lucia?

  4. They have to take the travel allocation from somewhere to fund the “Fly Minister” several flights

  5. Mr. Halaire. What you’re doing is so not right. You are already planting in the minds of Saint Lucians to get nasty – that is what you’re doing. You are wise enough to know this. Whether or not there were intentions, this is what you are instigating from very early in the minds of immature, hyper-sensitive and the not-so learned minds of our people. Please stop it, and start loving your country even when you’re not in power.

    • Did you tell that to the opposition in 2015 when they lie about the price of gas and organized an Orange march? When they claim they were the only ones who could handle the crime situation only for it to get worse under their watch ( highest number of murders in a year 60 in 2017). So stop with the peace and unity act it will not fool anyone. When you preferred party not in power the entire world is falling down.Now they in power the opposition should start loving the country by ignoring the govt mistakes and keep quiet

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