Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Rigobert Says Education Must Be Given The Highest Priority

Saint Lucia’s Education Minister Doctor Gale Rigobert  has declared that in order to realise the transformation in this country’s economic fortunes and attain the social conditions necessary for lifting Saint Lucians from the current state of decay “in which we languish, we believe that education must be given the highest priority”.

“As a Government, we see education as providing the platform to enable all citizens of Saint Lucia to attain their full human potential,” Rigobert stated in a post on her official Facebook page.

“Education constitutes an investment in our people, in our future, in our human capital towards the creation of the new Saint Lucia which we are committed to building. We recognise education as a basic human right, a fundamental ingredient for tackling the problems of poverty and the foundation for achieving the wider political, economic, cultural and social goals that we have set for our country,” the Minister said.

She explained that to prepare students to participate meaningfully in this new global environment, institutions of learning must themselves embrace change and keep looking for ways to improve and remain relevant.

“We are therefore introducing and enforcing standards throughout the education system,” Rigobert noted.

She said these include standards for school buildings and infrastructure, policy administration, school supervision, curriculum delivery, teacher preparation and student performance.

The Education Minister’s post on her official Facebook page also appeared on the official Facebook page of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.

“We see Education as a key pillar and an investment in our people, in our future and in our human capital towards the creation of the new Saint Lucia which we are committed to building,” Chastanet observed on his page.


  1. Sounds well and good … the reality though? Tough to follow. Educate and empower the teachers first and foremost. Talk and action are two different phenomenons.

  2. Madame Parliamentarian, shall I say that your goal to improve the educational standards are indeed noble. However, to achieve such, consideration must be given to the quality of tutelage offered by teachers. Are Teachers well qualified to deliver their chosen subject(s) to students? Then, there is the issue of the learning environment. Are classroom temperatures conducive to learning? I would image that if classrooms are too hot – which I am certain many will agree, they are – then learning becomes a challenge. Therefore, cooler temperatures in class are more suited to active learning. Another consideration is that of hunger. Are students starting their day with the sustenance of a healthy breakfast and Lunch, whether provided by home or the Government? I would assume these have been considered by the Ministry of Education. Yes, of course, these comes with a price but the reward will be far beneficial to Saint Lucia in the longer term.

  3. When people wake up and see the queen does not own islands, education, or our past as Americas people! We must wake up to Respect our mothers, mothers, mothers, mothers of kept our culture in tact on the islands for us to Live today!

  4. Gale shut your hypocritical mouth…you stopped the laptop programme, school feeding programme is a mess. You are only talking now because you are seeking all those direct awards for your family…your brother to be precise. Only when there is personal benefit y’all see the need to do projects so y’all can siphon money into y’all pockets and that of y’all families. Greedy joes all of you.

    • Check wat percentage of children have phones more pricy than lap tops way before they get to 12. We all know why they were given it’s gifts for votes but way better shud have been done with that money.

  5. Minister helping her family,making sure Mega gets all the monies and contracts,she buying dump trucks for Dam dregging work.There is a name for all this corrupcion

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